Costco Vacuum Return Policy: Ultimate Guide for Dummies

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Costco is one of the most popular electronics retailers in the US with a gargantuan yearly turnover of $217 billion in the last 12 months.

Costco stocks a wide selection of vacuum cleaners including everything from standard units such as those by Dyson and Shark to automated robotic units like the iRobot.

If you’ve recently purchased a vacuum from Costco but are underwhelmed by its performance or perhaps it’s developed a fault, then you might be wondering what Costco’s return policy is for this class of goods.

Returns policies vary from store to store so it’s always worth checking what the policy is for a specific store so you don’t come unstuck when looking to make your return.

To help you out with this, we’ve examined Costco’s return policy in detail and will show you how to return your vacuum and what to do if the returns window has already expired.

We’ve even looked at Costco’s competitors to see how their returns policies compare.

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What is Costco’s Vacuum Cleaner Returns Policy? In Short

You can return a vacuum to Costco within 90 days of receiving the product from them if purchased online or 90 days from when you purchased the product in-store. You will receive a full refund or you can exchange the product for something similar or for the same one if the first was defective.

However, there is an argument that you can rely on Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee (return any time policy) for vacuums as they aren’t specifically mentioned under the 90-day exception rule for electronics, but we think it’s safer to assume it’s 90 days so you don’t get stung as there seems to be some variation between store to store.

What’s the Process for Returning a Vacuum to Costco?


If you’ve purchased a vacuum online then you can return it to Costco by doing the following:

  1. Go to your Costco online account
  2. In the menu select Orders and Returns
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the return
  4. You can then either print off a returns label or arrange for the item to be picked up (although this is restricted to larger items)
  5. Drop your vacuum off at the USPS drop box or wait for the pickup


Simply take the vacuum back to the store where you purchased it from with your receipt and membership card.

Take the product to the front desk and they will deal with your return and provide you with your options.

What if I Don’t Have the Box and Package or I Have Used it?

You should still be able to make your return without the box and packaging but it might create more issues if you’ve lost key parts like the vacuum attachments such as the nozzles.

If you’ve lost key components or have questions then we find the Costco Online Chat Function to be helpful.

If you’ve got any queries, we recommend speaking to Costco chat and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

If you’ve used the vacuum, again this shouldn’t be an issue even if you’ve used it for the full 90-day period.

What About If I Don’t Have A Receipt: Will Costco Still Accept My Return?

We have never had any issues returning products to Costco in-store given that it’s a membership service.

They can easily check your purchase history through your membership.

This is the same online, there will generally always be a paper trail showing where you purchased the product from.

You can also prove your purchase by providing evidence from your debit or credit card provider.

Costco will also be able to trace the serial number of the product.

Do not sweat if you’ve lost your receipt!

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund When Returning a Vacuum to Costco?

If you complete the online returns procedure then expected to wait around 10 working days to see your refund back in your account.

However, you should receive an immediate refund if you take the vacuum to the store to be refunded.

Whether the money arrives back in your account that day will of course be determined by your bank and how quickly they process transactions but you should certainly see the money within around 5 business days.

You should note that it shouldn’t cost you anything to return a product to Costco.

For example, they don’t charge a restocking or processing fee as some companies do.

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I’ve Missed the 90-Day Return Window at Costco: What Can I Do?

man with broken vacuum

Negotiate with Costco

If you’re outside the 90-day returns window then there are a number of things you can do still.

Our first port of call is to speak to a representative at Costco. Either do that using their chat function or go into the store to discuss it.

There is an argument that vacuums fall under Costco’s return any-time policy but it seems to be interpreted differently depending on who you speak to and which store you purchase from.

Our starting point would be to explain that vacuums are not mentioned under the specific “electronics” or “major appliance” exclusions which reduce the policy to 90 days:

As you can see, they only mention major appliances and not specifically vacuums.

The best thing to do is to speak to a manager or someone with authority to make decisions.

Sell the Item

If you’re outside of the 90-day window and outside of warranty (see below) then you can still try and sell your vacuum.

Try the following:

  • eBay
  • Craig’s List
  • Online forums (mother and home forums will be best) (free)
  • Facebook Marketplace (free)

Even if your vacuum is broken, you can still often get something for parts on websites like eBay.

Use the Warranty

If your vacuum has developed a fault outside of the 90-day returns window then you should immediately check the manufacturer’s warranty.

We’ve had a look at this for you with some of the major brands:

Dyson1 year
Shark5 years
LG12-15 months
Bissell1 year

You can either contact the manufacturer directly or return the vacuum to Costco to discuss the warranty with them – they may be willing to make the claim for you.

Look at Your Insurance Policies

This one is often overlooked by people but be sure to check your insurance policies to see whether they cover damaged goods.

Many policies of home and contents insurance now come with insurance to cover accidental damage and even goods that develop faults outside of warranty.

You will usually need to pay an excess and your premiums will likely increase but it can still be worth claiming on your insurance, especially if you have an expensive, high-end vacuum.

How Does Costco’s Vacuum Return Policy Compare vs Best Buy, Target, Walmart Lowes, and Kroger?

We’ve researched Costco’s main competitors to see how their returns policies compare.

As we covered above, Costco’s return policy for vacuums is 90 days.

Let’s see how that compares.

Here is what we found:

StoreReturns Policy
Walmart 90 days from purchase
Best Buy15 days from purchase
Target90 days from purchase (plus 30 days if purchased with Red Card)
Kroger30 days from purchase

As you’ll note, Costco’s return policy is fairly standard and in line with other major retailers.

We generally find Costco to be a good company to deal with when it comes to returns as we found when we looked at Costco’s laptop return policy.

Only Target had a better return window but only if you paid with Red Card.

Kroger came bottom of the pile with a meager 30-day window as did Target with a similar 30-day policy on its vacuums.

For a class-leading returns policy, check out Kohl’s vacuum return policy which provides a lengthy 180-day returns window.


Costco provides a straightforward and flexible returns policy if your vacuum develops a fault or if you simply don’t want it.

Its 90-day policy is pretty bog standard against its competitors like Walmart and Best Buy.

You should have no issues returning your vacuum within the 90-day window even without a receipt or box and there won’t be any issues if you’ve used it.

if you happen to be way outside the 90-day window then there are still options available such as relying on the manufacturer’s warranty or simply selling the vacuum online.

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