Target’s Vacuum Returns Policy: Ultimate Guide

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Target is one of the most popular stores in the US, turning over a huge $106 billion per year and coming in at number 8 in the country’s top 100 retailers.

Target sells pretty much anything that a homeowner could want to get their hands on including a huge array of electronic goods including vacuum cleaners.

They now sell everything from popular brands like Hoover, Dyson, and Shark to more industrial cleaners such as those by Prolux and Ridgid.

If you’ve recently bought a vacuum from Target but now want to return it; perhaps you’re less than happy with its performance or have realized its surplus to requirements, then you might want to know what Target’s return policy is.

To assist you with that, we’ve taken a detailed look at Target’s returns policy for electronic items like vacuums to bring you up to speed with what their policy is, how to return items, exclusions, and other important information like whether you need a receipt, what to do if you’re outside the returns window and much more.

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Target’s Returns Policy for Vacuum Cleaners: In Short

Target’s returns window for appliances such as vacuum cleaners is 90 days from the date of your receipt. To return your vacuum either return the same in-store with your receipt or complete the online returns process.

We’ve covered the intricacies of Target’s return policy in more detail below.

Can I Return a Vacuum to Target Without a Receipt?


In order to receive a full monetary refund to the card you paid on (or in cash if you paid by cash) you generally need to be able to provide proof of purchase at Target.

This can be done in the standard way by producing your receipt/invoice.

If you purchased online this shouldn’t be an issue as the invoice will appear in your Target online account (and on the app) and you should have also been sent it by email to the email address linked to your account.

If you purchased your vacuum with a Target red card then the store should be able to trace your purchase through that quite easily.

If not, Target states that they should still be able to trace your purchase through a regular third-party credit card such as American Express, Mastercard, or Visa.

If you are unable to provide the card you paid on then we’d advise printing off your credit or debit card statement or contacting your bank so they can help you locate evidence of the purchase.

If you’re unable to provide proof, then Target states you may receive a refund in the form of a merchandise return card.

How to Return Your Vacuum to Target

You can return your vacuum in-store with a receipt or barcodes or by using the online returns procedure.

Return in Store

To return your vacuum in-store, simply take it back to your local target with a valid receipt or a return barcode which you should have received if you purchased the product online.

As above, if you’ve not got the receipt, take the debit or credit card you paid on so the purchase can be looked up.

Return Online

You can also make your return online, including if you purchased your vacuum in-store.

To start an online return do this:

  1. Login to your Target account
  2. Select the online from the drop-down menu to see your purchase history
  3. Find your vacuum order
  4. Choose either the return option or fix an issue option if you need a replacement or parts are missing etc…

You will then be given either a return label to stick to the box of the product and instructions to return your vacuum at a UPS drop-off point or you can use the barcode provided to return your item in-store.

Does Target offer free returns and is There a Restocking Fee?

Yes, the return label they provide is pre-paid UPS returns label so you won’t be charged for the return. You will just be required to make a drop-off at your nearest UPS drop-off location.

You can also arrange a pick-up for heavier items and you should contact Target on 1-800-440-0680 if you need your item picked up from your property.

However, you should note that this doesn’t apply to all goods and the item needs to be eligible before Target will agree to a pickup.

There is no restocking fee at Target so you shouldn’t be charged for restocking or any other administrative fees.

Target does state that they may charge if you fail to return part of your order. For example, if you forget to include the vacuum attachments, you may be charged for additional return costs.

How Will I Be Refunded at Target and How Long Will the Refund Take?

Generally, your refund will be made automatically in the same method you paid with.

So if you paid with your American Express card, the refund would be made to that card. If you used several ways of paying then the refund will be distributed accordingly.

You can also ask for a refund in a different way if you return your item in-store. Here are the options:

For in-store returns, the refund will usually take up to 5 business days if you paid on your credit/debit card, although this may vary depending on your card provider.

If your order is returned online via UPS drop-off or pickup, then expect to wait 7-10 business days on top of the 5 days to process the payment. This is because Target checks all returns before issuing a refund.

Can I still Return My Vacuum Without a Box or Packaging?

lady with box

You should try and provide all of the original packaging, boxes, and accessories when you return your vacuum.

You might get away without not having the entirety of the packaging but you’ll likely encounter problems if you don’t return the accessories.

For vacuums, make sure all of the nozzles, attachments, and other accessories are returned, failing which Target may refuse your refund and may charge you for any additional delivery costs.

Target makes it clear that they will charge for any additional courier costs if you return the wrong item so be sure to check your package before you ship or return it.

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Can I Return a Vacuum to Target Outside the Returns Policy Window (i.e. After 90 days)?

If you’re just outside the returns window, the best thing to do is to speak to a manager at Target.

Stores often have some flexibility if you speak to someone in authority and they may be able to extend the returns window slightly, especially if the returns window has only just expired.

If you have no luck extending the window, then check the warranty of the product if your vacuum has developed a fault.

Here’s a breakdown of the warranty lengths of some of the popular brands:

To claim using the warranty, either take your vacuum to Target to contact the manufacturer directly.

Another option is to check your insurance policies. Many policies of insurance, such as home insurance, come with cover for damaged items and even refund protection that you can claim against.

How Does Target’s Vacuum Return Policy Compare?

We thought it might be useful to have a look at the returns policies for other stores directly competing with Target to see how their return policies hold up.

Here’s what we discovered:

Amazon30 days from receipt
Walmart90 days from purchase
Kroger30 days from purchase
Best Buy15 days from purchase
Costco90 days from purchase

It’s fair to say that Target’s returns policy for vacuums is fairly standard when you put it up against some of its main competitors.

For example, by comparison, Costco, and Walmart all offered the same policy when it comes to returning vacuums.

Only Kroger and Amazon’s vacuum returns policies offer a shorter period of 30 days.

You can read more about Costco’s return policy for vacuums in this article we wrote.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Target offers a 90-day returns policy for vacuum cleaners purchased either in-store or online.

This is a fairly standard returns window but be sure to return your item as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

You will generally need a receipt to return your vacuum to Target but this shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve paid electronically as they’ll likely be a paper trail that Target can follow to look up your purchase.

Target’s returns policy is about average compared to its main competitors and we’ll leave it to your good judgment as to whether this is enough to persuade you to buy from them when it comes to ordering a new vacuum.

However, on the plus side, they do offer free returns and their prices are usually in line with their competitors on most goods they sell.

Remember, if you’re outside of the returns window, there still might be some wiggle room if you speak to a manager and if not, most vacuums come with at least a 12-month guarantee that you can fall back on if your hoover develops a fault.

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