Costco Appliance Return Policy: Ultimate Guide


Costco stocks pretty much anything you get ever want to make a happy home including an excellent selection of appliances such as washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, microwaves, ovens, ranges, and dishwashers from brands such as:

  • Whirpool
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Cafe
  • KitchenAid and
  • GE Appliances

If you’ve purchased an appliance from Costco but it’s not entirely up to scratch or perhaps you’ve changed your mind, then you’ll need to get familiar with Costco’s appliance return policy which does differ slightly from their standard policy.

To help you there, we’ll take you through what their returns window is, how to make a return, when to expect a refund, and much more.

Let’s take a look…

What is Costco’s Appliance Return Policy?

For major appliances, Costco’s returns policy is that you can return the appliance to them for a refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase. However, this only applies to certain appliances that they list.

The 90 days returns window applies to:

  • Ranges
  • Cooktops
  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Water heaters
  • Washers
  • Dryers and
  • Refrigerators above 10 cubic feet in size

For other appliances such as vacuums, kettles, and irons, for example, Costco’s famous 100% satisfaction guarantee promise applies which allows you to return those appliances at any time.

The easiest way to check whether the 90-day or 100% satisfaction guarantee applies is to go along to, find the product you’re looking to purchase, click on the listing, and then check the “shipping and returns” tab. We’ve highlighted it in the below example:

You will then see below wording like this if the 100% satisfaction promise applies:

If the 90-day policy applies, you will see something like this:

You can return an appliance to Costco for pretty much any reason such as:

  • You’ve changed your mind
  • You’re not happy with the product
  • The product is defective
  • If you receive an incorrect item
  • Duplicate orders
  • Unwanted gift

How to Return an Appliance to Costco

You can return appliances to Costo either by taking them back to any of Costco’s warehouses or for items purchased at, you can use the online returns process.

The fastest way to secure a refund or exchange is to return your appliance to any of Costco’s warehouses. You can use the handy warehouse locator to find your local store.

You can then head over to one of the warehouses with your membership card and approach the desk to process your return.

However, you can also use the online returns for times purchased on

To do this do the following:

  • Head over to and log in to your account
  • Choose the orders and returns section
  • Complete the information that is requested
  • Print off the returns label or for larger items like fridges and dishwashers you will be able to arrange a pickup

Will it Cost to Return an Appliance to Costco?

It will not cost you a dime to return an appliance to Costco.

They include free returns delivery and also refund your original shipping costs and handling fees (if you paid any).

They also do not charge a restocking fee for any of the products they sell and you return.

Do I Need a Receipt to Return an Appliance to Costco?


Purchases made from Costco are tracked as part of your membership so you should have no problem returning an appliance to Costco.

Simply present your Costco membership card and also take a long card you paid on and Costco will be able to track your order.

Items purchased from don’t necessarily require a membership card but you will still be able to trace your order by rummaging through your emails.

An invoice is sent to your email address upon purchase and can also be found on your account under purchases.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund From Costco for an Appliance?

In our experience expect to receive a full refund within about 10-14 business days if you’ve used the online returns process.

Although your mileage may vary depending on your bank or card issuer.

If you return your appliance in-store, then the return will be processed there and then so it’s easily the fastest way to get the money back into your account.

What to Do Outside the 90-Day Window

If you’re already outside the 90-day window for major appliances then there are still a number of steps you can take.

We’ll cover below what to do:

  • If you’re only just outside the 90-day window, then we’d contact using the online chat function (see bottom right) and explain your situation. There may be some wiggle room to extend the window if it has only just lapsed;
  • If your item has developed a fault outside the 90 days, then contact Costco to see about claiming a refund or repair under the product’s warranty. Most appliances come with at least a one-year guarantee and many with up to 5 years and even more sometimes. We showed you above how you can check the returns window for each product Costco sells and that same process will also show you the warranty length for the product. Simply head along to, search for the appliance, click on the listing and there is a tab that explains the warranty and returns window for that product;
  • A third option is to utilize your home insurance policy. Many policies come with accidental damage, fault protection, and even refund cover. However, there will be usually a deductible to pay for making a claim and an increase in your premiums the next time you renew your policy;
  • A fourth option is to have your appliance repaired if it has developed a fault. Many appliances such as washers, fridges, and dishwashers can be repaired economically and those repairs may be covered under the product’s warranty. We’d reach out to Costco in the first instance as they may be able to arrange a repair for you.

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How Does Costco’s Appliance Returns Policy Measure Up to the Competition?

If you’re thinking of purchasing an appliance elsewhere then it’s worth taking a look at how some of Costco’s competitors’ returns policies compare.

Here is what we found:

StoreReturns Policy
Lowe’s2-30 days
Amazon30 days
Walmart90 days
Best Buy15 – 60 days (depending on membership
Target30 days
Kohl’s180 days

Final Thoughts

Costco’s 90 days return policy on appliances is one of the more generous out there and is only beaten by Kohl’s 180-day policy out of the competition we looked at.

Moreover, Costco’s 90-day policy only applies to major appliances listed within their policy. The 100% satisfaction guarantee promise applies to others such as kettles, toasters, and vacuums meaning you can return many appliances at any time.

Costco provides convenient and free returns delivery and has an excellent selection to choose from making it an ideal place to source your next major appliance.

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