Does Rimowa Ever Go on Sale? Complete Guide


RIMOWA is one of the most well-known luggage manufacturers in the world.

Founded in Germany in 1898, it has been producing the very best high-end luggage throughout its life and continues to turnover nearly half a billion dollars every year.

However, like all high-end brands, RIMOWA does not come cheap meaning that many people are left scouting around for a bargain, discount, or sale.

With that in mind, we’ve researched whether you can secure discounted RIMOWA luggage. Keeping reading to find out…

Does RIMOWA Have Sales? The Short Answer

We reached out to RIMOWA and the answer is that generally, they do not have sales. Like most luxury brands, they do not see it in their interests to discount their products so maintain their prices throughout the year.

Here’s what they said:

However, while that is the case if you buy from RIMOWA directly, that doesn’t mean you cannot secure discounted RIMOWA luggage elsewhere. We’ll come on to this below.

Where to Get Discounted Rimowa Luggage?


We’ve looked into this, comparing the various regions around the world, and the cheapest place to buy RIMOWA is in Europe.

For example, the classic “Cabin” case in the US costs $1400:

That same case in the UK is only $1,155 using today’s exchange rate. That’s a fairly decent saving of around $250.

This, therefore, presents the option of purchasing RIMOWA luggage when you’re in Europe or ordering and shipping it from Europe to the US, although duty and other taxes may result in this being uneconomical in the end.


Another great place to check for discounts on RIMOWA luggage is Lyst.

Lyst is a one-stop shop for designer brands and works by linking to brands like RIMOWA around the web.

We have sometimes found discounted RIMOWA luggage on Lyst sold by various shops so it’s always worth checking their listings periodically.

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RIMOWA Re-Crafted

As a sustainable company, RIMOWA offers a re-crafted section on its website where you can secure discounted RIMOWA pre-loved products that have been refurbished.

Head along to the RIMOWA website and sign up for their subscription (see the link in the center of the page) and you’ll be notified when RIMOWA sells re-crafted luggage.


While this one is perhaps pretty obvious, you will be surprised by the quality of RIMOWA products you can pick up on eBay.

Given its robust construction and quality, you can often find RIMOWA luggage in excellent condition with massive discounts against retail prices.

Why Doesn’t RIMOWA Have Sales?

woman filling suitcase

The main reason is that RIMOWA is a particularly high-end brand and their ethos is that they don’t need to offer discounted products which will only likely diminish the image of their brand.

This is very common for luxury brands as we found out when we looked at whether YSL, Dior, and Cartier have sales. They do not and it’s for the same reasons that RIMOWA doesn’t either.

The other main reason is that RIMOWA’s target market, mainly wealthy middle and upper-class consumers, doesn’t generally need to rely on discounted products and RIMOWA knows this so they have made a business decision to not sell at a discount.

This kind of makes sense as why sell your products at a discount when you know you can probably still make adequate sales at the original price.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, unfortunately, RIMOWA doesn’t have sales very often or even at all according to our research.

To secure discounted RIMOWA products, the best option is to either purchase them in Europe or scan the pre-loved market.

Another option is to purchase via the RIMOWA re-crafted section on their website but it’s quite rare that re-crafted products are in stock so be sure to sign up to RIMOWA’s newsletter (see above) to avoid missing out!

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