Does Dior Ever Go On Sale? Full Guide


Dior is one of the most successful fashion houses in the world with a whopping $53.7 billion yearly revenue.

They produce a wide range of luxury items including handbags, shoes, clothes, fragrances, jewelry, and accessories.

If you’re looking for a deal on Dior products, then you might be wondering what their official position is when it comes to sales and discounts.

Identifying discounted products can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars – especially with high-ticket items like Dior.

To help you out with that, we’ve examined what Dior’s sale policy is, where you can secure discounted and for-sale Dior products and much more.

Let’s dive in…

Does Dior Have Sales and Discounts? The Short Answer

The Dior online website rarely has sales or discounts on. Instead, it hosts sales in-store around Christmas and into the New Year.

To find your local store you can use the Dior store locator.

As an alternative, we’ll come onto other ways you can source discounted Dior products below.

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How Can I Purchase Cheap and Discounted Dior Products?

As we’ve covered above, unless you attend your local Dior store around Christmas, it’s fairly difficult to secure discounted or on-sale Dior products.

However, here are a few options open to you if you don’t fancy attending in-store to find a Dior bargain:

  • Lyst – Lyst is a shopping app that collates over 12,000 global branded products including those by Dior. You can source cheap Dior products on the website with up to 50% off. Discounts aren’t applied to all Dior products and you won’t always be able to purchase the exact item you want at a discounted price but it’s worth checking out for generic discounted Dior products;
  • Farfetch – Farfetch is similar to Lyst in that it stocks a wide variety of luxury fashion brands that can sometimes be discounted. This includes Dior. Farfetch also has a pre-owned Dior section.
  • myGemma – myGemma stocks a wide variety of used and pre-owned Dior products including everything from Dior bags, and shoes, right through to jewelry and accessories. Discounts are usually between 10 – 50%.
myGemma listings
  • Saks Fifth Avenue – Saks often has discounts applied to mainly perfume and fragrances and some makeup products. Their website currently boasts up to $200 on some items using a code they provide.
  • Tradesy – Tradesy is an online peer-2-peer marketplace where you can source discounted, used, and pre-owned Dior products. They have a huge selection of Dior items with everything from bags and shoes, to jewelry and accessories. Tradesy claims to have excellent safeguards in place to exclude fake or counterfeit products but there is no guarantee that products purchased from there won’t be fake.
Tradesy listings

Does Dior Makeup and Fragrances Like Sauvage Go on Sale?

The best place to source discounted Dior fragrances we’ve found is They offer free delivery on all items and a massive range of Dior fragrances.

They offer discounted Dior fragrances all year round with up to 33% off certain items:

If you’re looking for the best returns window when buying fragrances then check out Costco’s fragrance return policy where you can return fragrances even if they’re partly used.

Unfortunately, it’s much harder to source discounted or on-sale Dior makeup online.

There are limited options with eBay probably being the best place to start your search – albeit some of the makeup on eBay may be used or even fake.

Discounted Dior makeup is a little easier to find in-store at boutiques and stores such as:

  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Selfridge’s
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Bloomingdales

However, this is usually around the holidays so between November and January for most stores.

dior perfume

Why Doesn’t Dior Have Online Sales?

Dior, like most luxury brands, prefers to offer discounted items in-store rather than online.

They do this because they like to add a personal touch when it comes to their customers which means attracting customers to their brick-and-mortar stores.

Moreover, most luxury brands feel like the luxury nature of their products will be undermined if they sell discounted products online or allow third-party retailers to do so.

Indeed, we found something similar when we looked at whether Cartier products go on sale.


Unfortunately, the official Dior website doesn’t generally have sales at its online store as a matter of company policy.

You’ll need to attend a Dior store in-person at the right time of the year.

However, as we’ve covered, there are still other online options to secure cheap discounted Dior products but many of them sell pre-owned products and won’t necessarily provide you with the exact product you’re looking for unless you get lucky.

Discounted Dior fragrances are a little easier to find online with websites like but deals on Dior makeup are much harder to find.

Remember to always use your common sense when it comes to purchasing Dior products online.

While platforms like myGemma and Tradesy do their best to identify and prevent counterfeits from being sold, they’re never 100% safe, meaning it can often be a throw of the dice when you purchase designer goods on these platforms.

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