Does YSL Go On Sale: Complete Guide


Yves Saint Lauren is one of the most popular fashion houses in the world.

They design everything from haute couture products, and ready-to-wear fashion to accessories, fragrances, and cosmetics.

If you’ve got your eyes set on a Saint Lauren bag, shoes, garment, or fragrance you might be wondering when’s the best time to secure the best deal.

To help you with that, we’ve looked at how you can get discounted YSL products so you can save yourself some serious cash.

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Does YSL Go On Sale? The Short Answer

Yes, YSL normally goes on sale around summertime usually just after memorial day (beginning of June) and at Christmas (December).

The best way to get acquainted with YSL’s sales is to join their mailing list by subscribing to their newsletter.

You can do this by going to YSL’s website and clicking in the bottom right-hand corner and providing your email address.

You’ll then receive regular updates from them.

You can also ask that they email you about any sales by contacting them through their contact page to request this.

Ask that they provide you with a link to their private sales page.

Does YSL Have a Black Friday Sale?

YSL doesn’t generally do Black Friday sales at their main online store but you can usually secure Black Friday deals at YSL’s stockists such as:

  • YSL Beauty US – mainly cosmetics
  • Macy’s – Usually 23 – 27 November – most YSL products they sell
  • Nordstrom – most YSL products they sell
  • Saks – most YSL products they sell

Where Can I Get Discounted YSL Products?

If you’re happy to purchase YSL products through a third-party retailer or even second-hand YSL goods then you should check out the following:

  • FarFetch – These guys stock a wide variety of YSL products that can sometimes be discounted. They also stock a huge array of pre-owned YSL goods in their pre-owned section. They stock everything from YSL bags, to garments, shoes, jewelry, and accessories ;
far fetch ysl products
  • Lyst – Lyst luxury brands app that sells over 12,000 products including those by YSL. Their discounts can be up to 50% off. Again they stock the full range of YSL goods (except fragrances and cosmetics);
lyst ysl products
  • myGemma – myGemma provides a wide selection of pre-owned and second-hand YSL goods;
my gemma ysl range
  • Tradesy – Tradesy is an online marketplace where you can often find heavily discounted, used, and pre-owned YSL goods.
tradesy ysl range

Do YSL Fragrances (perfume and aftershaves) Go on Sale?

YSL do have sales on their fragrances but you can usually secure good discounts on them throughout the year in any event through third-party retailers.

Try where you can source YSL fragrances and cosmetics with up to 59% off: range

Does YSL Have Sales on its Cosmetics?

For YSL cosmetics (and fragrances), we recommend YSL Beauty US.

They stock the full range of YSL beauty products which can be found at certain times of the year (summer and Christmas/Black Friday) by going to their sales page.

We’d recommend signing up to their email for all the latest offers and updates and 15% off your first purchase of $50+ when you sign up.

Go to the YSL Beauty US page and you’ll see the “email sign up” link in the top right-hand corner.

They also have special offers of 20% off all the time on their beauty outlet page.

YSL makeup

Final Thoughts

Frustratingly, YSL’s official online store only has sales a couple of times a year so usually, you have to be patient if you’re looking to secure goods from their official store.

This is quite typical for major fashion brands and with YSL’s competitors as we found out when we asked the same question of Dior and Cartier which don’t even have online sales full stop.

However, as we’ve covered, there are still some options to source pre-owned and discounted YSL goods at the stores and marketplaces we’ve mentioned.

Cosmetics and fragrances are a little easier to find at discounted prices but the more bespoke items such as bags and shoes can be tricky to locate.

Remember to have your wits about you when shopping at places like Tradesy and Lyst – while they do their best to identify counterfeit and fake goods, you can never be too careful when shopping online for designer brands.

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