Does Minecraft Ever Go On Sale? Complete Guide

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With over 240 million copies sold, Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made.

It’s won numerous awards and is credited as one of the greatest video games in history.

If you’re looking to get into Minecraft or are already a user and need a new copy, you might be wondering whether you can get it on the cheap.

Sourcing discounted products can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year so it’s also worth checking online before you purchase at full price.

To help you with that, we’ve looked at when and where Minecraft goes on sale, where you can get it cheap and a few other helpful pointers to help you save some of your hard-earned cash.

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Can You Get Minecraft on Sale or Discounted? The Short Answer

Minecraft doesn’t go on sale very often on the official Minecraft site, even on Black Friday. The last major sale was in 2019 when it celebrated its 10th birthday and it was sold at a hugely discounted price of 75% off.

You should note that this is the same across the board whether you’re a PC, Java, Xbox One/360/Series X, Switch, PS3/4/5 user, or Mobile gamer.

However, we’ve found a few ways whereby you can make some major savings on Minecraft.

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Where to Get Minecraft Cheap

Even though Minecraft rarely officially goes on sale, there are still some other solutions to get the game cheap.

Let’s take a look at those:

Buy the Game Key

On roundup websites such as CDKeyPrices, you can get a round of numerous websites selling Minecraft cheaply:

Source: CDKeyPrices

Unfortunately, the best discounts are mainly on console prices.

We looked at the PC Java prices and they were around $20 which is actually still about $10 less than the official price it’s sold for at but is clearly not as cheap as the console prices.

For the PC Java version, the cheapest price we found was $18.65 at which is around $7 cheaper than BestBuy and $10 cheaper than the official website price.

Look on eBay

We found some modest discounts on eBay.

For example, we saw Minecraft for PS4 for $15.99 plus shipping:

And even as cheap as $6.95 for the Xbox One version:

Unfortunately, the PC version wasn’t much cheaper, with an average price of around $25.

Other Places to Find Minecraft Cheap

Here are a few other suggestions to find Minecraft cheaply:

  • Craig’s List – we found copies of Minecraft on there but mainly for older consoles such as the Xbox 360;
  • Garage sales;
  • Online forums – especially ones that are tech or gaming-focused. We found Minecraft heavily discounted on which is a marketplace dedicated to Minecraft and Minecraft add-ons.

Does Minecraft Dungeons Go On Sale?

Unfortunately, it’s also quite rare for Minecraft Dungeons to go on sale on the official Minecraft site.

The main games rarely go on sale, with only the add-ons going on sale a little more often.

However, we’ve still found some decent prices on Dungeons as follows:

  • Kinguin offers Dungeons for Windows 10 at $14.04
  • eBay had Dungeons on sale for as low as $5.44
  • GG deals offer several cheaper options

Final Thoughts

minecraft toys

In summary, Minecraft doesn’t often go on sale officially very often but there are still a few options to get it cheap as we’ve covered above.

Online forums offered the best prices but make sure to use your due diligence before going down that route as many forums are either poorly regulated or not regulated at all.

The last thing you want is to purchase a duff CD key or to not receive your item if shipped as a CD.

You can also purchase Minecraft gift cards if you’re thinking of someone else who might want to purchase it.

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