Costco TV Return Policy: Ultimate Guide

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Costco now stocks a wide range of televisions with everything from Korean brands such as Samsung and LG, right through to Sony, Vizio, and Hisense units.

If you’ve purchased a TV from Costco but are underwhelmed with the performance or perhaps it’s developed a fault or is an unwanted gift, then you may want to know what Costco’s returns policy is.

It’s certainly worth checking out a company’s returns policy both before and after purchase, to see where you stand if circumstances change and you need to make a return.

To help you with that, we’ve examined Costco’s TV returns policy in detail and will cover what it is, how to make a return, and whether you need a receipt/boxes/packing, and have even done a competitor comparison in case you’re looking at returns policies before you purchase.

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Costco TV Returns Policy In Short

Costco’s returns policy on TVs is 90 days from when the customer receives the product. It applies whether you purchased the product online or in-store. You can return the item for a full refund or a different TV within this period.

You should note that the return policy covers the following situations:

  • You no longer want the TV
  • It was bought by mistake
  • Your TV is damaged (cracked screen, stuck/broken pixels, screen burn etc..)
  • Incorrect TV
  • You’re underwhelmed or dissatisfied with your TV
  • If the box or packaging was damaged in transit

The policy applies to all of the TVs Costco sells including Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, Sony etc…

It also applies to Apple TV.

We’ll cover the intricacies of the policy in more detail below.

Do I Need a Receipt to Return a TV to Costco?

Costco is one of the most flexible retailers out there when it comes to returning products without a receipt.

This is largely due to their membership system whereby people purchasing from them have to sign up to be members.

Whenever a Costco member makes a purchase a record of that is made so it’s very easy to track your purchase when returning a TV to Costco.

If you purchase online then again it will be easy to trace by using your order number which will have been emailed to you with your invoice at the time of purchase.

Another option is to present the bank statement for the credit or debit card you purchased on.

What About Boxes/Packaging and Accessories? Do I Need Them to Return a TV to Costco?

Costco is normally very laid back when it comes to missing boxes and packaging in our experience.

This is one of the perks of being a Costco member.

As such, you shouldn’t have any issues if some of the packagings for your TV is missing.

You’re more likely to encounter issues with you’ve lost things like the TV stand or remote. We’d suggest speaking to a member of staff through the Costco chat function if you’ve misplaced such items.

How to Return a TV to Costco?

broken tv

You can return your TV either in-store to the warehouse you purchased it from or using the online returns process.

To return it online do this:

  • Login to your Costco account
  • Select Orders and Returns
  • Choose the returns section and complete the form
  • Print the label off to return your TV
  • Drop your TV at the USPS drop-off point or have them pick it up

Can I Return My TV Free to Costco? Do They Provide Free Returns Delivery?

Yes, the returns label provides for free return delivery so there should be no cost to you.

The other option is to return your TV to the warehouse yourself.

Simply, take along the TV (whether purchased in the warehouse or online) and present it to the returns counter with your membership card.

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I’m Outside the Costco TV Returns Window: What Can I Do?

Look at the Warranty

If you’re outside the returns window and your TV has developed a fault then the first thing to do is check the warranty or guarantee.

The warranty will usually cover your TV for repairs or replacement for between 1-5 years depending on the brand and the fault.

For example, some brands provide extended warranties for screen burn-in issues and also depending on the price.

For example, LG provides a 5-year warranty for its high-end OLED units.

Here is a breakdown of the warranties for the main brands of TV Costco sells:

BrandWarranty Length
Sony2-5 years
LG1-5 years
Samsung1 year
Hisense1 year
Vizio1 year

Try to Extend the Window

The other option is to speak to a manager, especially if the 90-day return window has only just elapsed.

Costco is one of the most flexible retailers around and they may be willing to extend the returns window if it’s only just expired.

Speak to a member of staff on the Costco chat function to explore this option.

Sell Your TV

A further option is to sell your TV. You can do this for parts even if it’s broken.

Websites like:

  • eBay
  • Craig’s List
  • Facebook Market Place
  • Online Forums

Are all ideal to sell your TV on, whether it be the fully working unit or for parts.

Check Your Insurance

Finally, you should also check your policies of insurance which will often cover electronic items for accidental damage.

Some policies even offer refund protection so you can claim even if your TV isn’t damaged and you just don’t want it.

Costco vs Walmart vs BestBuy vs Target TV Returns Policies

As a consumer, it can be useful to know which company is offering the best returns policy.

We’d always recommend checking this information, especially when it comes to high-ticket items such as a TV that can cost many thousands of dollars.

To help you with that we’ve examined Costco’s main competitors to see how they hold up:

StoreReturns Window
Walmart30 days
Target30 days
Best Buy15 – 45 Days (depending on if standard, elite or elite plus member)

It’s clear to see that Costco comes out on top in terms of the length of the returns window they provide.

This is partly due to the membership style of the business Costco runs and also the fact that items can sometimes cost a little more than their competitors.

All electronics at Costco come with a standard 90-day returns window including other TV-related items such as:

  • DVD/Blu-Ray Players
  • Projectors
  • Remote Controls
  • Aerials

See the article we prepared on Costco’s Laptop Returns Policy.

Final Thoughts

Costco provides a generous 90-day returns window on all of its TVs and accessories which is pretty much the best in the business.

They are extremely flexible and generous when it comes to returns so you shouldn’t have any issues returning your TV, whether it’s broken or simply an unwanted gift.

As we’ve covered, if you’re outside of the window, there are still some options to consider so hopefully you can replace your TV or even secure a refund outside of the 90-day period.

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