Do You Tip at Stretchlab? Full Guide

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As one of the most popular flexology companies in the US, Stretchlab is a great place to go if you’re looking for stretch treatments from a trained Flexologist.

If you’ve arranged a session at Stretchlab or you’re thinking about doing so, then you might be wondering what the tipping etiquette is.

Tipping is an important part of US society. Tip too much and you’ll be shredding cash but tip too little, or not at all, and you might end up red-faced.

To help you out with whether you need to tip at Sretchlab, we’ve done some digging and will bring you up to speed on whether you need to tip, how much if you do, what flexologists earn, and much more.

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Do You Need to Tip at Stretchlab? The Short Answer

In short, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tipping flexologists at Sretchlab. It’s a bit like tipping personal trainers at gyms – some people do and some don’t. If you do want to tip, we’d suggest $5-20 is plenty.

We’ve covered the details more below…

How Much Do Stretchlab Employees Earn?

Stretchlab employs all manner of flexologists who are from numerous different backgrounds such as physiotherapy, pilates, massage, and personal training.

If an employee’s earnings is a key factor for you when deciding when to tip then the following data might come in handy:

Personal trainer$22.49 per hour
Pilates instructor$23.69
Fitness instructor$22.34 per hour
Massage therapist$23.46 per hour

So the ballpark earnings figure at Stretchlabs is around $23 per hour or about $48,000 per year based on a 40-hour work week.

This is slightly below the average gross yearly salary in the US which according to Mint Intuit stands at $56,310.

However, no one is suggesting that Stretchlabs employees rely on tips to get by and to subsidize their income.

That simply isn’t the case compared to, say, grocery delivery workers who do rely on tips quite a bit to get by and to boost their poor base income.

How Much Does Stretchlabs Cost?

Another key factor to most tippers is how much the service costs in the first place.

If you’re already paying a King’s ransom you might be less inclined to dip into your wallet for a tip.

So let’s take a look at the prices

Payment optionPrice
Introductory price 50 minute stretch$49
Monthly membership 4 x 25 minute sessions$169
Monthly membership 4 x 50 minute sessions$289
Monthly membership 8 x 25 minute sessions$299
Monthly membership 8 x 50 minute sessions$539

This is fairly standard for most flexology classes but we wouldn’t class it as particularly cheap.

We’ll leave it to your good judgment as to whether you think the price is reasonable enough for you to stretch (excuse the pun) to a tip on top of what you’re already paying anyway.

How Much to Tip at Stretchlabs?

The standard rate in the US is 10-20% of the total cost of the goods or services purchased.

You could apply that in this situation by working out the average cost of each session but many people might find that a little too meticulous.

Alternatively, given Stretchlabs workers aren’t really expecting tips, you’ll be just fine tipping a fixed amount.

We’d propose a sum of $5 – $20 if you do decide to tip.

But even if you don’t tip at all, it’s unlikely that you’ll be turning any heads.

Tipping in this industry isn’t expected so you don’t need to feel obliged to give one.

However, some flexologists might actually be registered practitioners such as physiotherapists and generally, they will not accept tips due to ethical standards the same as doctors, surgeons, nurses etc… don’t generally accept them either.

Other Way to Show Your Appreciation


There are some places where a non-monetary tip is arguably better and more suited – Stretchlabs might be one of those places.

If you want to show your appreciation you could:

  • Give your flexologist a thank you card
  • Give verbal praise
  • Provide a written testimonial or Google review
  • Refer a friend
  • Buy your flexologist a gift like flowers, chocolates or tickets to the game

The truth is that any demonstration of gratitude is likely to go down well.

Final Thoughts

Whether you tip your Stretchlabs flexologist is entirely down to you.

They don’t really need to your tips to get by and tipping in this industry simply isn’t customary or required.

If you do wish to tip then we’d suggest a non-monetary display of gratitude is fine and will likely be well received.

If you insist on tipping with cash then $5-$20 is plenty. Perhaps pay towards the top end of this if it’s around the holidays, if you’re particularly pleased with the results, or if the flexologist has been professional and courteous.

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