Do You Tip a Planet Fitness Trainer? Full Guide

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Planet Fitness is one of the largest gym and fitness clubs in the US providing facilities at a massive 2039 locations spread throughout the country.

They turned over a whopping $587 million in 2021 and continue to grow.

If you’re a member at a Planet Fitness gym and have used their services, then you might be wondering whether you need to tip them and how much.

Here we’ve examined what the etiquette is at Planet Fitness gyms when it comes to tipping their trainers. We’ve also looked at other important considerations like the salaries of Planet Fitness trainers and the cost of their service.

We’ve even spoken to an ex-employee to give you the inside scoop.

Keep reading to find out more.

Should I Tip a Planet Fitness Trainer? The Short Answer

There is no obligation to tip a Planet Fitness trainer but they do earn very modest salaries so you might find it is in good conscience to offer them something. Their service is also free.

How Much Do Planet Fitness Trainers Earn – Do They Need a Tip?

Most people are more inclined to tip when the salary of the recipient is low.

In fact, in many industries such as Pet grooming and catering it is a common courtesy to tip because the workers earn relatively low salaries.

But what about Planet Fitness trainers?

We’ve scoured some job and earnings statistics websites and found that Planet Fitness trainers earn around minimum wage unless you’re a fitness director.

Here are the stats:

Source: Indeed

Given the average hourly rate in the US according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics is $29.81, Planet Fitness trainers earn well below the average amount in the US.

On this basis, you may consider it worth tipping them a little something, especially around the holidays or for exceptional service.

What Do Planet Fitness Employees Say About Receiving Tips?

To get the inside scoop, we spoke to Ben who worked at Planet Fitness as a trainer during his college days.

He said:

I worked at Planet Fitness for 3 years. I rarely received tips but did occasionally. Probably about once every 3 months or so. It was usually $5 – $30. I have also received thank you cards and gift vouchers. Tipping isn’t really the norm but it is appreciated.

Ben, former Planet Fitness employee

This is in keeping with what we’ve found out when doing our research.

Tipping isn’t expected but it is welcomed.

Indeed, this is what we found when researching if you need to tip Stretchlab workers and Stretch Zone (the flexology companies).

How Much Does a Trainer at Planet Fitness Cost?

Some gyms charge for the services of a trainer but Planet Fitness includes them at no additional cost.

If you need assistance, a PF trainer is generally on hand to guide you on the equipment, show you exercise routines, and to also advise on diet plans.

As the service is free, this might be another reason why you decide to tip your trainer at Planet Fitness.

In addition, the cost of using the gym is fairly reasonable.

They charge $1 to sign up, a $39 annual fee, and $10 a month.

This is actually on par or below the cost of most gyms in the USA.

How Much Should I Tip My Planet Fitness Trainer?

As above, there is no requirement to tip your trainer at Planet Fitness but if you do insist on tipping then we’d propose $5 – $20 as being ample.

Some people tip on the basis of 15-20% of the sale price of the goods or service but clearly, this won’t work with Planet Fitness instructors as they don’t charge you a fee.

The bottom line is the trainer won’t be expecting a tip so any amount will brighten up their day.

If you don’t want to tip in dollars then you could offer:

  • A review or appraisal of the trainer;
  • A thank you card;
  • Gift vouchers;
  • Tickets to a game or event.

When to Increase or Withhold Your Tip

Some people will decide that their trainer does such a breathtaking job that they want to go that extra mile with a tip.

Or tip them when they wouldn’t usually do so.

It’s always worth tipping in our view when you’ve received exceptional service.

You might do this when:

  • The trainer went the extra mile. For example, if they set up a diet plan or exercise regime for you;
  • If the trainer was professional, courteous, and helped solve your problem;
  • Around the holidays.

On the flip side, you might want to hold back a tip if:

  • The trainer was unprofessional or rude;
  • The trainer was unable to assist you;
  • The trainer provided bad advice.

Does Planet Fitness Allow Tips and What’s Their Company Policy on Tipping?

We checked with Ben who we spoke to about tipping at Planet Fitness and he wasn’t aware of any company policy that debarred trainers from receiving tips.

We also checked the Planet Fitness code of ethics and couldn’t find anything that debarred tips.

It does state that gifts with a value above $50 must be reported to the company but there is no outright ban on receiving tips.

Final Thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tipping trainers at Planet Fitness.

It’s not normally the done thing within the industry as a whole but it’s not going to be frowned upon either.

Planet Fitness employees generally earn lowish salaries outside of the more senior positions so that’s one reason why you might want to hand over your hard-earned cash.

Another reason is that trainers provide their services for free bar the membership charge you pay.

If you do tip then we’d suggest $5-20 is enough and is likely to be well received. Even verbal praise or a non-monetary gift is better than nothing.

There’s nothing in Planet Fitness’ T&C’s that bans tipping from what we could see but as a franchise company, some franchisees may implement their own policies so don’t be offended if a trainer turns down a tip – it might be because they’re prevented from receiving them at that particular gym.

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