Do You Tip Petco Groomers? Full Guide

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Petco is one of the largest pet retailers in the US offering a whole host of pet foods, toys, and pet care services such as grooming.

If you’ve taken your pet dog to Petco for some pampering or are thinking of doing so and wonder whether you need to tip the dog groomer, this post has you covered.

We have done some independent research to answer specifically whether it’s customary to tip a Petco groomer, how much you should tip if so, and other important information such as how much Petco groomers earn and how much a grooming session will set you back.

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Should I Tip a Petco Groomer? The Short Answer

It is encouraged and welcomed that you tip at Petco but it’s not compulsory. Pet groomers tend to earn a below-average wage and depend on tips to boost their income. You should certainly tip if your pet has received exceptional care and the quality of the groom is to a high standard.

Petco Groomer’s Average Salary

One of the first things to consider when deciding whether to tip is what the worker’s income is as this will help you determine whether a tip is required to subsidize their income.

This is commonly required in some industries such as hairdressing, as we found out when we looked at whether to tip at Great Clips and the food service business.

We’ve done some digging and have discovered that Petco groomers are paid close to minimum wage.

Indeed records Petco groomers as receiving $12.97 per hour on average going down to as low as $7.25 per hour and as high as $24.95.

If we take the average figure of $12.97 then that is close to or only slightly above minimum wage in most states.

According to US BLS, the average hourly rate in the US is $31.75 as of 2022 so $12.97 is clearly well below that figure.

On this basis, we would strongly recommend that a tip is paid, providing the service you’ve received is up to scratch.

Petco groomers will be heavily reliant on tips to subsidize their income to support their families. This is especially so in the winter months when the pet grooming market dibs.

How Much Will a Pet Groom Cost at Petco?

Another key consideration when deciding to tip is how much the service will cost you.

This will help you determine what you need to budget for the service and tip combined.

According to Petco’s website expect to pay between $38 to $66 for a groom and $22 to $39 for a bath depending on the size and breed of the dog.

However, you should note that these are the starting groom prices and you will pay more for extras.

Source: Petco website

According to Thumbtack, the average price for a dog groom in the US is $60-90 per session so Petco’s prices are seemingly well within that range and slightly cheaper than the average.

On that basis, you might be more inclined to offer a slightly increased tip given you will be paying below-average rates.

How Much to Tip a Petco Groomer?

The standard rate across the board in the US is 10-20% of the price of the goods or services and we see no reason to depart from that here.

On the basis of the above prices, this will mean that a tip should set you back around $4-$7 if you tip at 10% and around $8 to $12 if you tip at 20%.

Some people will prefer to simply tip at a fixed rate without considering percentages and this is fine too. We’d suggest $5 – $10 as appropriate in most cases.

How to Tip a Petco Groomer

We commonly suggest tipping in dollar bills rather than by debit or credit card.

We prefer this as you can be more assured that the groomer will receive the money and not the company.

If you pay by card then the tip has to be allocated to the Groomer’s paycheck which isn’t ideal and may mean the groomer goes without.

Be sure to check your invoice to make sure the tip hasn’t already been included. Our research indicates that some Petco’s include a tip on the invoice so make sure you’re not tipping twice.

Does Petco Allow Tips?

We couldn’t find anything to suggest that Petco debars tips as some companies do.

As above, it is likely expected that Petco groomers will supplement their income with tips so it would be bizarre if Petco banned their employees from taking them as it may mean they have to increase their hourly rate.

When and When Not to Tip Petco Groomers

There will be occasions when you will be inclined to increase your tip or provide one when you normally wouldn’t.

We love Petco’s service and have heard nothing but good things about their groomers.

We recommend tipping or tipping more if:

  • The groom has been performed with great care and skill and your animal is looking fantastic;
  • If the groomer has done more than expected or gone beyond the call of duty for you;
  • If the groomer has been professional and offered excellent customer and animal care;
  • In winter when grooming is not as popular and the market dips somewhat;
  • Around Christmas.

You should consider withholding a tip if:

  • The groom has been performed poorly. For example, if your animal looks scraggy, dirty, or has been harmed;
  • If the service was slow or fell below expectations;
  • If you’ve been overcharged;
  • If the groomer or other member of staff was rude or discourteous.

Final Thoughts

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tipping a Petco groomer, it is encouraged that you provide a tip.

Petco groomers earn a below-average wage according to our research and they will be relying on tips to boost their income to help make ends meet.

Moreover, Petco grooming charges are fairly modest and well within the reasonable range within the US, and slightly cheaper than the average.

They also provide a good service in our experience and take great care of your animal.

There will be occasions when you might want to tip more and also occasions when you’ll want to tip less or hold back a tip completely, albeit the latter shouldn’t occur too often given Petco’s reputation as a leading pet company.

If you are to provide a tip then we suggest 10 to 20% of your bill should suffice, or $5 – $10 if you’d rather pay a fixed sum.

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