Does Target Price Match Newegg and Micro Center? Full Guide


Target stocks a wide range of computer hardware products, including everything from PC cases, right through to CPUs and ram.

If you’ve seen a piece of computer hardware at Target but have noticed it cheaper at Micro Center or Newegg, you might be wondering whether Target will price match that cheaper price.

Taking advantage of price match policies can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year.

This article looks at Target’s price match policy in detail to see whether they will price match a cheaper price you’ve seen at Micro Center.

Keep reading to find out…

Does Target Price Match Micro Center and Newegg? The Short Answer

In short, Target will price match Newegg (both its online shop and brick-and-mortar store) but does not price match Micro Center’s online store but will price match a brick-and-mortar Micro Center store provided it’s within a 25-mile radius of your local Target store.

If you’ve already purchased the product, to secure the price match you must present proof of the lower price within 14 days.

Keep reading to explore the intricacies of Target’s policy.

Why Doesn’t Target Price Match

Like many stores, Target only price matches a select number of online stores which it sets out in its competitor list as follows:

However, we have heard stories of Target price-matching online stores that aren’t on that list so we’d recommend speaking to a manager in-store to see if there is any discretion – you might just get lucky.

Will Target Price Match All Products from Newegg and Micro Center?

Target will price-match pretty much all products, excluding gift cards, providing the item:

  • Is identical with the same weight, color, model number, and brand
  • Isn’t a clearance item
  • Isn’t a damaged item
  • Isn’t out of stock
  • Isn’t opened, pre-owned, or refurbished
  • Isn’t priced incorrectly (i.e. a typographical error)
  • Isn’t a coupon offer or subject to some other discount or promotion

Will Target Price Match Items On Newegg’s Website and Items on Target’s Website?

in store people

Yes, Target will price-match items on Newegg’s website and also items you’ve seen on

For example, you are able to go to a brick-and-mortar Target store and bring up the prices on both and and Target will price match the product even if the product in the brick-and-mortar Target store is more expensive than on (which does sometimes happen believe it or not).

In that example, Target will match the price with the price.

What Do I Need to Show for a Price Match at Target?

If you’ve seen a lower price at or at a Micro Center store, Target will accept the following as proof:

  • Local Printed Adverts: You must present the entire printed advert and not a photocopy. Digital copies are acceptable.
  • Online Price: You must present a price on your mobile from the website and the Target staff member will then verify the price.

If you’re trying to price match a local Micro Center price and don’t have an advert and Target won’t accept Micro Center’s online prices, then I would phone Micro Center and get them to verify the price with the Target staff member.

Hustler Tip:

A top tip we love to rely on is to ask the store whether they’ll beat and not just match the price you’ve seen elsewhere. Occasionally the store will agree and you end up with not only a matched price but a cheaper on to boot – Hooray!


LocationDoes Target Price Match?
Newegg.comYes, Target will price match at the time of sale or up to 14 days after sale.
Newegg storeYes, Target will price match at the time of sale or up to 14 days after sale.
MicroCenter.comNo, Target will not price match.
MicroCenter storeYes, Target will price match at the time of sale or up to 14 days after sale providing the Micro Center store is within a 25-mile radius of your local Target store.

Final Thoughts

Target offers a fairly standard price-match policy where it will price-match both Newegg’s online and brick-and-mortar stores within 14 days of purchase or at the time of sale.

However, it will only price-match Micro Center stores within a 25-mile radius and not its online store.

While this is disappointing it is quite common as we found out when we looked at whether Best Buy price-match Micro Center which also only price-match an exclusive number of online stores, with neither Micro Center or Newegg included.

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