Does Best Buy Price Match Micro Center? Complete Guide

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If you’re looking to purchase new electronics, then one of your first ports of call will likely be Best Buy which, according to e-commerce DB, is the second-biggest electronics retailer in the USA after Amazon.

But what if you’ve seen the item you intend to buy cheaper at another store like Micro Center but you’d prefer to purchase it from Best Buy?

In such circumstances, you might be wondering whether Best Buy will offer a price match so you can purchase the product from them instead.

Taking advantage of price match guarantees can save you thousands of dollars every year and occasionally you’ll even be able to beat the original price you were first quoted.

This article looks at Best Buy’s price match policy in detail to see whether you can secure a better or equal deal than the one offered at Micro Center.

Does Best Buy Price Match Micro Center? – The Short Answer

Best Buy will price match local competitors within a 25-mile radius for immediately available products, so if your Micro Center is local to your Best Buy (i.e. it’s a local competitor) and the product you want is available, then you should be able to price match that product with Best Buy subject to some exceptions.

Best Buy’s Price Match Explained in Detail

As above, Best Buy’s price match guarantee covers local competitors within a 25-mile radius where the product you’re looking to purchase is immediately available (excluding clearance, open, or refurbished items).

This means that if you have a Micro Center close to your local Best Buy, then speak to Best Buy to explain that you’ve found the price cheaper. They will then do a check on their system and should match the price.

However, you should note that Best Buy’s price match specifically excludes:

  • Products shipped or sold by a third-party seller
  • Products sold at a price only open to certain groups like loyalty members for example
  • Special offers like those when you purchase a cell phone, liquidation offers or Black Friday deals
  • They also exclude bundle offers, subscription services, freebies, pricing errors, coupon offers, credit card offers, gift offers and various other discounts.

Please note that to secure a price match, the product must be an exact match and also the same color.

Does Best Buy Price Match Micro Center’s Online Store Price?

Best Buy will price match Micro Center’s online store prices but their policy is that Micro Center still has to be a local competitor.

What if I Don’t Have a Micro Center Local to Best Buy, Can I Still Get a Price Match?

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If you don’t have a Micro Center close to your Best Buy, on the strict wording of Best Buy’s price match policy, you will not be offered a price match as they only price match these (non-local) online retailers (this is the same policy used by Target which also does not price match Micro Center’s online store):

  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • Crutchfiled
  • HP
  • Tiger Direct

However, the independent research we have done indicates that this is not set in stone and you should speak to a manager at Best Buy if you still want to secure a price match.

For example, one Best Buy employee said that:

“I work at a Best Buy in Florida and if a customer wants a price match, we contact the manager to make the decision. We have been informed that we will match anyone with management approval”.

Clearly, this might not be the case everywhere in the country but it’s certainly worth asking the question if you’re unsure.

After all, you don’t get anything without asking!

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Will Best Buy Still Price Match After I have Purchased the Product?

Best Buy will price match after you have made your purchase provided you are still within the timeframe provided within Best Buy’s returns policy.

This means that if you purchase a product from Best Buy but you then spot it cheaper at Micro Center or Best Buy drops the price during the returns timeframe, then Best Buy should reimburse you the difference.

How to Get a Price Match at Best Buy?

There are several ways to get a price match including:

  • In store at the checkout. Simply present Micro Center’s ad or website to the cashier and they will take a look at the prices;
  • Online where you can use Best Buy’s chat function to discuss your price match;
  • Call the following number 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) to discuss your price match with a member of staff.

Hustler Tip:

A top tip to employ when discussing price matching, is to start the conversation off by asking if the store will beat their competitor’s price. The store may say that they can only match it but occasionally they will agree to beat it, leaving some extra dollars in your pocket!


LocationsDoes Best Buy Price Match?
In-storeYes, if the competitor has a local store within 25 miles
OnlineYes, if the competitor has a local store or is Amazon, Dell, HP, Crutchfield, or Tiger Direct (for anywhere else reach out to Best Buy)
App Yes, if the competitor has a local store or is Amazon, Dell, HP, Crutchfield, or Tiger Direct (for anywhere else reach out to Best Buy)

Final Thoughts

You will note that generally speaking, Best Buy will price match Micro Center provided the stores are in close proximity to each other (i.e. are local competitors).

They will even price match local competitors’ online prices.

However, if you don’t have a local Micro Center within 25 miles of your Best Buy, it’s definitely still worth reaching out to Best Buy and speaking to a manager.

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