Rack Room Shoes Return Policy: Ultimate Guide

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Rack Room is one of the most popular independent shoe stores in the US with a massive $1b yearly turnover.

With over 500 stores across the country and a thriving online business, Rack Room is a surefire place to secure most types of shoes.

If you’ve recently purchased shoes from Rack Room but perhaps they don’t quite fit right or they’re defective, you might be wondering how to initiate a return.

Like most companies, Rack Room has a limited return window in which to return shoes to their stores and if you miss it, you might be lumbered with a pair of shoes you don’t want or need.

To that end, we’ve researched Rack Room’s shoe return policy and will bring you up to speed with how long you’ll get to make a return, how you can return shoes, when to expect a refund, and much more…

What is Rack Room’s Shoe Return Policy? The Short Answer

In short, Rack Room allows you to return shoes to them within 60 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. However, they do not allow exchanges by mail, only by returning them to a Rack Room brick-and-mortar store.

Rack Room allows you to return shoes for pretty much any reason such as:

  • If they don’t fit
  • If they’re defective
  • If you ordered by mistake
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Duplicate orders

Can I Return Worn Shoes to Rack Room?

Rack Room’s policy is that all shoes returned to them must be unworn and undamaged.

However, you will probably still be able to return your shoes if you’ve simply worn them around your house to try them out.

You’re only likely to encounter issues if you’ve scuffed them or there are clear signs of wear.

Rack Room asks that you return them in their original box also.

However, remember that if your shoes have developed a fault or came defective then we’d still reach out to Rack Rooms even if your shoes are worn. They should still exchange them or offer a refund if they’re clearly defective or have developed a fault after minimal wear.

How to Return Shoes to Rack Room?

You can return shoes to Rack Room either by taking them back to any of their 500 brick-and-mortar stores or by using the mail-in return process.

Please note that the mail-in process does not allow you to exchange shoes, only to return them for a refund. For an exchange, you need to return them to any of Rack Room’s 500 stores.

To use the mail-in process simply:

  • Print off the Return Form
  • Complete the steps and include a note as to why you’re returning them
  • Include a copy of the return form in the box with the invoice
  • Attach the shipping label to the box (see the return form above) (we’ve attached a screenshot below of the shipping label found on the return form)
  • Drop them at a courier of your choice with the box to be sent to:

Rack Room Shoes
Attention: Returns Processing – 9110
8310 Technology Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

Does Rack Room Provide Free Return Shipping?

Unfortunately, our research indicates that they don’t actually provide free return shipping.

If you look at the return form:

rack room shipping label

You can see that US postage is required on all mail packages.

However, they don’t charge a restocking fee like some stores do so the only cost will be the return shipping charges.

How Long Does a Return and Refund Take With Rack Room?

When using the mail-in process, Rack Room says to allow up to between 3-10 days for the refund to be posted to your credit card.

But that’s after they’ve received the returned item and you’ve been sent an email acknowledgment.

Therefore, allowing for return delivery times, in our experience, expect to wait up to 14 business days until you see the money reappear in your account depending on your bank or card issuer.

If you return your shoes in-store, then your return should be dealt with there and then but Rack Room says to allow up to 2 billing cycles for credit card refunds and 7 days for check purchases.

What is Rack Room’s No Receipt Policy?


If you’ve not got a receipt, there’s no need to worry, you can still return your shoes to Rack Room but you will be offered a Rack Room gift card instead of a cash refund for the current price of the product.

You can also request an exchange without a receipt.

However, if you ordered online, you should have been sent an invoice to your email upon purchase. If you can’t find it, then Rack Room asks you to contact them at 1-800-306-9309 to request a Return Authorization.

What to Do if You’re Outside the 60 Days?

If you’re already beyond the 60 days then we’ve put together a few suggestions as to what you can do:

  • Reach out to Rack Room by email or at 1-800-306-9309 and see if they can extend the window. They may be able to do this if the 60-day window has only just elapsed and your shoes or unworn and in new condition
  • If your shoes have developed a fault or came with one, you can probably circumvent the 60-day return window and rely on the product’s warranty. Reach out to Rack Room if you find yourself in this situation and explain the problem;
  • A final option is to simply sell the shoes on websites like VintedFarFetch or Wearesott.

How Does Rack Room’s Shoe Return Policy Compare to the Competition?

We’ve put together a handy competitor comparison to see how Rack Room’s policy holds up within the marketplace.

Here’s what we found:

StoreReturn Window
CostcoReturn any time
Macy’s30 days
Amazon30 days
Walmart90 days
Dillard’s30 days

Final Thoughts

In summary, Rack Room offers a fairly respectable 60-day return window for an exchange or full refund.

While it’s not the best we’ve seen on the market (companies like Costco and Nordstrom allow returns any time), it’s far from the shortest.

Unfortunately, Rack Room don’t appear to offer free returns according to our research which is a bit of a letdown but they do have an excellent selection on offer at reasonable prices, making Rack Room a solid choice for your next pair of shoes.

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