Nordstrom Perfume Returns Policy: Ultimate Guide


Nordstrom is one of the best-loved department stores in the country with a huge $15 billion yearly revenue.

They stock a huge array of goods, including shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes, and all of your favorite perfumes and colognes from brands such as:

  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • Valentino
  • YSL
  • Prada
  • Gucci
  • Jean Paul Gaultier

If you’ve purchased perfume or cologne from Nordstrom but you’re looking to make a return; perhaps it’s an unwanted gift, you’re not impressed with the smell or you’ve ordered by mistake, then you’ll want to get familiar with Nordstrom’s returns policy.

To help you there, we’ve looked into what their policy is and will bring you up to speed with what the returns window is, how to make a return, whether you need a receipt, and much more.

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What is Nordstrom’s Perfume/Fragrance returns policy? The Short Answer

In short, you can return perfume or cologne to Nordstrom at any time as part of its 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. In other words, there are no time limits for your return provided you do not abuse their generosity.

Nordstrom’s returns policy means you can return your fragrance at any time if:

  • It’s an unwanted gift
  • A mistaken order
  • A duplicate order
  • You’ve received the wrong product
  • You’re not happy with the smell
  • The fragrance has gone off and is defective

Pretty much any reason will do.

However, the key is not to abuse the policy by making repeated returns. If their system flags your behavior then they may refuse your return.

Can You Return Opened and Used Perfume and Fragrances to Nordstrom

Yes, you can return open fragrances and even used ones.

However, we would refrain from returning used fragrances repeatedly as eventually, Nordstrom is likely to refuse your return.

Their policy is to be used sensibly and when you really need to make a return.

Obviously, if everyone abuses it, then they’re likely to change it which will ruin things for everyone else. However, returning the odd perfume or fragrance after you’ve used it is absolutely fine.

Nordstrom is clear that they want you to be happy with your purchase, hence why they offer such a generous returns policy in the first place.

How to Return Perfume to Nordstrom


The easiest way to return your fragrance is to simply take it back to any of Nordstrom’s stores and present it to the front desk.

This is the fastest albeit not the most convenient way to return your fragrance.


You can also start the online returns process:

  • Log in to your account
  • Find your purchase in your order history
  • Nordstrom will email you a pre-paid returns label
  • Print the label and attach it to your return envelope
  • You can also show the QR code you’re given to the local USPS drop-off point and they’ll print the label for you
  • Leave the package with USPS

Nordstrom also offers a curbside option where you can start the returns process online but then you take the product to a contactless curbside drop-off location at local your Nordstrom store.

perfume bottle

Will it Cost me to Return Perfume or Cologne to Nordstrom?

The short answer is no as the USPS returns label is pre-paid. They also don’t charge a re-stocking fee as some stores do.

You will have to pay for your original shipping fee, however. This is not refunded.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Refund from Nordstrom?

How fast it will take for you to see the money back in your account will often depend on your card issuer or bank but here’s a rough guide:

  • In-store – 5-7 working days (instantly if cash return)
  • Curbside – 5-7 working days
  • Online returns process – 10-14 working days for them to receive and process your return then a further 5-7 working days to see the refund

You will receive your refund to the same card you paid with or to a Nordstrom gift card at your request.

Do I Need a Receipt to Return Fragrances to Nordstrom?

Nordstrom will usually be able to trace your order if you paid on credit or debit card.

If you ordered online you will have been sent an invoice to your email upon purchase. Your order will also be visible in your online account.

If you’re unable to provide proof of purchase at all then Nordstrom may still refund you but you’ll need to present a government ID.

You’ll also only receive the refund by way of credits to use in-store rather than a cash refund.

How Does Nordstrom’s Fragrance Policy Measure up to its Competitors

If you’ve not yet purchased a fragrance or you’re returning one and shopping elsewhere, it’s probably worth looking at what some of Nordstrom’s competitors’ policies say.

This might be useful if you’re buying for a particularly fussy friend or relative who has a penchant for returning things.

Let’s take a look:

Competitor Returns Window
Macy’s90 days
Dillard’s30 days
Walgreens30 days
Walmart90 days
Victoria’s Secret30 days
Amazon30 days
Ross30 days
TJ Maxx30-40 days
Fragrance.net30 days
CostcoReturn any time

Final Thoughts

Nordstrom offers a fantastic 100% satisfaction guarantee policy on all of its fragrances meaning you can return it pretty much any time provided you don’t take the proverbial.

Only Costco matches up to that type of policy and you have to pay for a membership when shopping there.

That, together with free pre-paid returns, makes Nordstrom an excellent place to source your next fragrance, especially if you’re buying for a picky friend or relative who has a habit of returning your gifts.

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