Staples Printer Returns Policy: Ultimate Guide


Staples is one of the most loved stationary stores in the US, supplying a whole host of home and commercial office products including a fantastic array of printers from companies such as:

  • HP
  • Brother
  • Epson
  • Canon
  • Kyocera
  • OKI and
  • Xerox

They also stock the full range of printer accessories such as ink cartridges, toner, paper, and also scanners.

If you’ve purchased a printer from Staples but are looking to make a return; perhaps you’re not happy with the performance, your unit is defective, or you’ve simply changed your mind, then you’ll want to get familiar with Staples’ returns policy.

To help you out there, we’ve looked at what the returns window is, how to make a return, whether you’ll need a receipt, and much more.

We’ve even looked at the completion to see how their policies measure up.

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What is Staples’ Printer Returns Policy? The Short Answer

In summary, you can return a printer to Staples up to 14 days after receipt for a full refund or exchange. This is usually extended around Christmas up until around the third week in January.

You can return a printer to Staples for all manner of reasons including:

  • If it’s defective
  • An unwanted gift
  • You’ve changed your mind
  • You’re not happy with the performance
  • You’ve received a duplicate order

How to Return a Printer to Staples

You can return your printer to Staples using either the in-store or online returns process.


If you wish to return your item in-store, which is advisable if you want a quicker refund, then simply take your printer with the packaging, accessories, and receipt to your local Staples store and present it to the front desk.

You can also return a printer to a Staples branch if you purchased through one of their authorized suppliers.


To return your printer using the online process, do the following:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the returns section and select the number of items being returned and type the reason you are returning your printer
  3. Pack your item into its original packaging with all accessories, parts, and manuals
  4. Print off your UPS returns label if your printer comes with free returns and attach it to the store
  5. Return it to the store via UPS pick up or by dropping it at the UPS returns center

Does Staples Provide Free Returns and Do they Charge a Re-stocking Fee?

Many items sold at Staples come with free returns via UPS and this applies to most, if not all, printers.

You will be notified of this when you start the online returns process but you can also see whether your printer is eligible for free returns by looking at the product listing like this:

We have highlighted in yellow where you need to look.

Staples does not charge a restocking fee when you make your return so for most printers there should be nothing to pay.

Can I Return a Printer to Staples With No Receipt?

If you’re returning your printer in-store but don’t have a receipt, then take a long the credit or debit card you paid on and Staples can usually track your order.

If you are unable to do that then your printer will only be eligible for an in-store credit at the lowest selling price of the printer in the previous 30 days. You will also need to present a state-issued ID if you’re returning your printer without a receipt.

If you purchased your printer online, then you can find your order in the  My Orders section on your Staples account. You will also have been emailed an invoice upon purchase which you can use as proof.

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Do I Need Packaging and Accessories to Return a Printer to Staples

You should return your printer with all of the packaging, box, manuals, and accessories and in a like new condition.

If you’re only missing some packaging you will probably be ok, it’s when you’re missing key parts like manuals, cables, and ink cartridges that you’re likely to encounter issues.

If you have any doubts, we’d suggest speaking to someone using Staples’ online chat function.

What is Staples Printer Returns Policy Beyond 14 Days?

If you’re only just beyond the 14 days, we’d recommend contacting Staples to explain the situation (see the online chat function link above).

There may be some flexibility, especially if the window has only just lapsed or if you have extenuating circumstances.

If your printer has developed a fault outside of the 14 days then we’d still recommend discussing this with Staples in the first instance and if they won’t deal with the return you will usually have a warranty/guarantee to fall back on.

We’ve researched the warranties provided by some of the major brands:

Manufacturer Warranty length
HP1 year
Epson1 year
Canon1 year or 90 days for refurbished products
Brother1 year

So, most printers come with a one-year guarantee which you can claim against in case of a defective or faulty product within that timeframe.

The other option is to rely on your home insurance policy. Most policies now come with accidental damage cover and even refund and defective product coverage. However, remember that any claim against your policy will likely result in a deductible having to be paid and an increase in your premiums the next time around.

What’s Staples’ Returns Policy on Ink and Toner?

Staples’ returns policy on ink and toner is different from its printers.

They actually allow you to return unopened packets that are in date at any time for a full refund or exchange.

However, any opened or out-of-date ink or toner packs cannot be refunded.

How Does Staples Printer Returns Policy Compare to its Competitors?

In case you’ve not purchased a printer yet or you’re thinking of buying a replacement from another store, it might be worth looking at how Staples’ competitors’ returns policies hold up.

This is what we found:

CompetitorReturns Window
Walmart15 days
Target30 days
Costco90 days
Best Buy15 days or 60 days with membership

Final Thoughts

In summary, Staples provides a measly 14-day returns policy for printers which is easily the least generous out of the competitors we looked at.

Costco provided the most generous policy within 90 days and then Target with 30 days.

However, Staples does provide free returns delivery and they have one of the best selections of printers out there. They also provide an unlimited returns window for ink and toner provided it’s not been opened and hasn’t expired.

We’ll leave it to you as to whether Staples’ underwhelming return policy is a dealbreaker.

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