Does Meijer Accept Apple Pay? Ultimate Guide

Meijer is one of the most popular grocery and multi-goods stores in the USA with a whopping 240 supercenters across Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

If you’re a regular shopper there or are planning on being, then you might want to know what payment options are available to you.

We love using electronic payment methods such as Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay as they are fast, secure, and extremely easy to use.

These payment options are now commonplace with other stores like Lidl using Apple Pay and Walmart with its own payment system “Walmart Pay“.

In this article, we will look at whether Meijer accepts Apple Pay, whether that be in-store, on their app, online, or at their gas stations.

If you’re interested in finding out the answer, keep reading…

Does Meijer Accept Apple Pay? The Short Answer

Meijer does accept Apple Pay within its stores and gas stations. Simply present your iOS device with Apple Pay enabled in the Apple Wallet and you can make a payment at the contactless machine. You can also use Apple Cash which works anywhere Apple Pay does.

Does Meijer Self-Checkout Take Apple Pay?

Meijer self-checkout does take Apple Pay. Simply present your iOS device to the contactless payment point and you can pay with Apple Pay provided it’s set up within your Apple Wallet app.

Do Meijer Gas Stations Take Apple Pay?

woman contactless fuel

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at Meijer gas stations.

Again, just present your Apple device with Apple Pay enabled to the contactless NFC device and you can pay for your fuel.

Does Meijer’s Website Take Apple Pay?

You can now make an online order for your groceries through Meijer’s website once you have set up an account with them. This allows you to purchase goods for delivery or for pickup.

However, we couldn’t find an option to pay with Apple Pay and could only see the option to pay with a credit/debit card and to use any coupons you have for Meijer.

Does Meijer’s App and Shop & Scan Take Apple Pay?

We couldn’t find an option to pay with Apple Pay in Meijer’s app.

However, if you use the smart checkout function (“shop & scan”) of the app, this allows you to scan items into your shopping cart as you walk around the store, then at the end of your shop, you can just present the app to the self-checkout, scan the code and your items transfer onto the self-checkout screen where you can then use Apple Pay to pay for your goods.

How to Use Apple Pay at Meijer

To use Apple Pay at Meijer, you’ll first want to install it on your iOS device.

Apple Pay only works on Apple products so it won’t work if you have an Android device.

To install Apple Pay do the following:

  • In the Apple Wallet App, locate and click the add button
  • Select “Debit or Credit Card”
  • Click continue
  • Follow the steps onscreen to add a new card
  • Verify the addition of your card with your bank or card issuer if required
  • Present your iOS device to the contactless NFC machine upon payment

Can You Use Your Apple Watch at Meijer?

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch to pay for your goods at Meijer. The Apple Watch works in the same way as your phone, using NFC to connect to the contactless payment machine when you pay.

Other Ways to Pay at Meijer

There are plenty of other ways to pay at Meijer if you don’t have Apple Pay or you’ve forgotten your cell phone.

You can pay at Meijer as follows:

  • With cash
  • With debit or credit card
  • Google pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • EBT voucher (in some stores)
  • Coupons
  • Personal check

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Should You Use Apple Pay at Meijer?

Yes, we love using Apple Pay and other electronic wallets.

Apple Pay offers a great deal of convenience that other payment methods do not.

It allows you to save multiple cards in one convenient place so you can use whichever card you wish at the drop of a hat.

Apple Pay is also extremely secure as it offers multi-factor authentication that other payment methods like chip and pin cards, cash, or contactless cards can’t offer.

The only downside is that your phone clearly needs to have some battery left and our experience of Apple phones is that the battery life isn’t the best.

Clearly, you also need to have it set up on your phone and this may take some time if you have any hoops to jump through with your card issuer.

Final Thoughts

We enjoy using Apple Pay very much for its speed, security, and convenience.

We recommend using it wherever possible including at Meijer.

Hopefully, Meijer will roll it out for use on its website too in due course but for now, you’ll need to make do with using it in-store and at its gas stations.

Meijer provides numerous payment methods to use within its stores in commonplace with its major competitors like Walmart.

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