Does Lidl Accept Apple Pay? All You Need To Know

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We love using electronic payment wallets like Apple Pay and have covered their use extensively on this blog in our money apps category section.

Digital wallets offer a whole host of benefits that more conventional payment methods do not.

They are faster, more convenient, and more secure.

It’s no wonder that 150 million Americans have said that they have swapped their debit/credit cards and cash for them.

Whilst not all stores accept them, and some stores like Walmart have created their own apps, electronic payment wallets are becoming much more widely supported.

With that in mind, we’ve investigated whether the German export, Lidl, accepts digital wallets.

Specifically, we’ve had a look at whether they accept Apple Pay which is one of the most popular digital payment options in North America.

This post will look at whether Lidl accepts Apple Pay in-store at the regular checkout and self-checkout, on their app, and on their online store.

Keep reading to find out…

Does Lidl Accept Apple Pay? Quick Answer

Lidl does accept Apple Pay as a payment option. Simply present your iOS device at the checkout’s contactless terminal and wait for the sound to confirm payment has been made. Lidl is currently developing its own digital payment option but continues to accept Apple Pay for the time being.

Does Lidl Accept Apple Pay at the Self-Checkout Kiosk?

We checked this for you and you can use Apple Pay at their self-checkouts. Simply scan your goods through and you will then be given an option to pay using either Apple or Android pay.

Move your Apple Pay enabled device close to the contactless terminal and wait for the sound to confirm payment has been accepted.

What About the Lidl Plus App?

We downloaded the Lidl Plus app to check whether it accepts Apple Pay but we couldn’t see any option there:

lidl app

We looked in settings but couldn’t see an option either.

We also checked on the Apple App Store within the app’s description and features page and couldn’t see any mention of support for Apple Pay.

What About On the Lidl Online Store?

Lidl uses Shipt to deal with its online deliveries in the USA.

We had a look on the Lidl online store to see if there was any support for Apple Pay but we couldn’t find any, unfortunately.

The only options were Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover:

How to Use Apple Pay at Lidl

Using Apple Pay is fairly straightforward and can be set up by going to the Wallet app and doing the following:

Step-by-step guide to using Apple Pay

  • Step 1: Go to the Apple Wallet
  • Step 2: Click add debit/credit card
  • Step 3: Follow the steps to add your card
  • Step 4: Verify any addition with your bank
  • Step 5: Move your iOS device to the payment terminal and wait for the sound to confirm payment has been made

Other Ways of Paying at Lidl?

If you don’t want to pay with Apple Pay, don’t have an iOS device or perhaps your battery is flat, you can still pay with numerous other options including:

  • Google Pay – in-store at the self-checkout and regular checkout
  • Credit/Debit Card – in-store at the self-checkout and regular checkout and on the app and website
  • Samsung Pay – in-store at the self-checkout and regular checkout
  • Cash – in-store at the self-checkout and regular checkout

Does Lidl Accept EBT?

Yes, you can pay with EBT at Lidl.

Do Lidl Accept Personal or Business Checks?

No, you can’t use checks at Lidl, unfortunately.

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use at Lidl?

Yes, Apple Pay is safe. In fact, it’s one of the most secure payment methods you can use due to having numerous factors of authentication and its use of encrypted NFC technology.

Apple Pay is also super fast, convenient, and is great for carrying numerous cards, and can in fact hold up to 8 different credit/debit cards.

The only downside is if your iOS device runs out of battery, which does tend to happen quite often with the iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Lidl provides good in-store support for Apple Pay in that it can be used at both regular checkouts and self-checkouts.

We checked some other popular stores like Meijer and Sainsbury’s and found they also support Apple Pay.

However, Lidl is looking to introduce their own payment system but it doesn’t appear to have been rolled out in the USA as of yet.

If it is rolled out, we expect that Lidl could do away with supporting other payment options much like Walmart did when introducing its own payment wallet, “Walmart Pay”.

In the meantime, we recommend using Apple Pay at Lidl wherever possible.

It’s a secure, fast, and convenient payment option. We love how simple Apple Wallet is and have never had any speed or compatibility issues with it.

It just works – like Apple products tend to do. We love it!

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