Does Sainsbury’s Accept Apple Pay? Ultimate Guide

sainsburys apple pay

We love paying for goods with digital wallets like Apple, Google, and Samsung pay.

They provide an extremely secure, fast, and convenient way of purchasing.

They are also great for people who love being organized as you can effectively carry numerous credit/debit cards around with you without having to have the physical cards in your possession.

There is no wonder that the use of these digital wallets is surging with 32% of users now using three or more of these digital money apps.

If you’re a regular shopper at Sainsbury’s then you might be wondering what their support is for Apple Pay.

Worry not, we’ve had our researchers look into this, specifically at whether you can use Apple Pay in-store at self-checkout and regular checkout, on the app, in the fuel station, and using Sainsbury’s new in-store “SmartShop” app.

Keep reading to find out more…

Does Sainsbury’s Take Apple Pay? The Short Answer

Sainsbury’s does take Apple Pay in-store. Simply present your iOS device at checkout and your payment will be deducted from the card you have set up within the app using Apple Pay’s NFC technology. You will hear a pulse and beep to confirm the payment has gone through.

Does Sainsbury’s Self-Checkout Service Take Apple Pay?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at the self-checkout kiosk in Sainsbury’s.

We recently checked this and the option to pay using Apple Pay comes up at the end when you have put all of your goods through the scanner and are ready to pay.

You will be presented with an option to pay with Apple or Google Pay. You can then move your iOS device towards the contactless terminal on your right-hand side and pay for your items.

Does Their Online App Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Sainsbury’s app doesn’t take Apple Pay as it stands.

We checked and it doesn’t appear to take any digital wallets at all.

The payment options within the app, as it stands, are credit or debit cards. You can also use coupons and Nectar point cards.

This is what we found when we went into the app:

Sainsbury's app payment options

As you’ll see, there is no option there for Apple Pay.

We also looked within the “payment cards” option in case it was hiding in there.

It wasn’t:

Sainsburys  payment cards options within app

We even looked in the add a new payment section to see if it was tucked away in there, but it wasn’t. The only options were to add new cards:

Sainsbury's app add card payment options

Do Sainsbury’s Fuel Stations Take Apple Pay?

Yes, we checked this and you can use Apple Pay in Sainsbury’s fuel stations.

Simply present your iOS device to the chip and pin contactless machine and let the NFC technology work its magic as normal.

Does Sainsbury’s Online Store Support Apple Pay?

We check this out to see whether the online store had any support for it and we couldn’t see that it did.

It would seem that the online store’s options are essentially a carbon copy of the options within the app.

In other words, you can only use credit and debit cards, Nectar cards, and coupons.

Here’s a screenshot from Sainsbury’s online store so you can see what we mean:

Sainsbury's online store payment options

Can You Use Apple Pay With Sainsbury’s In-store SmartShop App?

We love Sainsbury’s SmartShop. It lets you scan items using your mobile device as you walk around the shop. Some stores also provide a handheld scanner if your phone isn’t compatible.

Once you’ve done shopping, you can then present your device to a SmartShop checkout (a self-checkout catered for SmartShop) and pay for your goods.

You can use Apple Pay when you reach the SmartShop checkout, just like you would using a regular self-checkout kiosk.

How to Use Apple Pay at Sainsbury’s?

Setting up Apple Pay with an iOS device is easy:

  1. Go to the Appe Pay app icon on your iOS device. Click the add button
  2. Choose the credit/debit card option
  3. Gp through the steps to add your card
  4. Approve the addition with your bank if required
  5. Present your iOS device to the NFC terminal when paying

Should You Use Apple Pay at Sainsbury’s?

woman shopping with app

Yes, we thoroughly recommend using Apple Pay wherever you can.

We love it.


  • Secure due to it’s multifactor authentication technology
  • Fast
  • Convenient as you can carry multiple cards with you within one app
  • Allows for better organization as you can track your spending easier than with more traditional payment methods like cash

The only downside to Apple Pay is that you do need an iOS to run it on. It’s not supported on Android or other operating systems.

You’ll also need to have enough battery in your phone and Apple devices don’t always provide stellar battery life in our experience.

Final Thoughts

Apple Pay is fairly well supported at Sainsbury’s. This is in line with other major stores like Meijer and an improvement on Walmart, which doesn’t support Apple or Googe Pay at all.

You can use it across the board in-store at Sainsbury’s, whether that be at the regular checkout, self-service kiosk, or using their new SmartShop app. You can also use it at their fuel stations.

Unfortunately, despite checking, we couldn’t find support for it within their app or on their online store.

However, the app and the online store do give you the option to save multiple credit/debit cards so you’re unlikely to be inconvenienced due to its lack of Apple Pay support.

We thoroughly recommend using Apple Pay at Sainsbury’s where possible.

Apple Pay is a lot more secure than more conventional payment options like cash and is even more secure than credit/debit cards because it comes within numerous security measures not found with other options.

We expect that digital wallets will become even more mainstream in the next few years so there’s never been a better time to start using them.

Just make sure you have a backup with you as there’s nothing more frustrating than leaving your home with the intention of using Apple Pay, only to find your battery die as you approach the payment terminal.

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