Does Walmart Accept Google Pay? Easy Guide

We love using contactless NFC wallets like Google Pay.

They are secure, fast, and extremely easy to use. We love their convenience.

But you’re perhaps wondering whether the biggest retailer in the US, Walmart, has adapted to this technology and whether it now accepts Google Pay.

Here we’ll cover whether you can use Google Pay at Walmart; whether that be at the checkout, self-checkout, online, or at Walmart gas stations.

Let’s take a look…

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay? The Short Answer

Walmart does not accept Google pay at its stores. Instead, it has its own payment app called “Walmart Pay” which allows you to pay for your goods at the regular checkout or self-service checkout. It works using a QR code system rather than nearfield technology like Google Pay uses.

Does Walmart Self-Checkout Accept Google Pay?

No, Walmart self-checkout doesn’t accept Google Pay. As above, the only electronic wallet app it accepts is Walmart Pay.

We’ll show you how to set this up below.

Do Walmart Gas Stations Accept Google Pay?

No, Walmart gas stations don’t accept Google Pay.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Walmart Pay either and you will need to pay with more traditional methods such as cash, debit, or credit card.

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Does Accept Google Pay?

Walmart’s online store “” does not accept Google Pay, unfortunately. You will need to use either a credit or debit card, a gift card, EBT, PayPal, or Affirm.

What is Walmart Pay and How to Use it Instead of Google Pay

Walmart has its own electronic payment system which is found within the Walmart App called “Walmart Pay“.

Walmart pay is different from Google Pay in that it doesn’t directly connect with your bank.

Instead, you add a credit/debit card to it and then scan a QR code when you come to pay for your goods.

This is more secure in many ways as it prevents situations whereby someone could simply hold a contactless machine close to your phone and steal your money.

Essentially, as you pay, there is no electronic connection to your bank as with NFC. This means your financial details aren’t momentarily passing along the airwaves.

Here’s how to use Walmart Pay:

Step-by-step guide to using Walmart Pay

  • Step 1: Go to the Apple or Play Stores and search for “Walmart Pay” (or click here Android / iOS)
  • Step 2: Open the App and sign in
  • Step 3: Select Walmart Pay and add a debit/credit card or gift card
  • Step 4: When you get to the checkout, scan your items as normal and then open the app to scan the QR code on the checkout screen.

Can I Use Walmart Pay at a Walmart Gas Station?

Unfortunately, you can’t currently use Walmart Pay at Walmart gas stations. You will need to use another method of payment such as cash or debit/credit card.

Can I Use Walmart Pay With Walmart Gift Cards?

Yes, you can use one or more Walmart gift cards saved to your Walmart account but if you want to use any paper coupons, then Walmart advises that you bring these to the checkout with you.

Can I Use Walmart Pay for Cashback?

You can’t get cash back at the register using Walmart Pay (i.e. where you get cash in your hand debited from your bank account).

However, you can still earn cashback points using Walmart Pay if you connect a rewards type debit or credit card to the app.

Can I Use Walmart Pay at Sam’s Club

No, according to Walmart’s website, you can’t currently use it at Sam’s Club.

Ways Other Than Google Pay to Pay at Walmart

Even though Google Pay isn’t supported at Walmart, there are still tons of other payment options you can use.

We will take you through these options including where you can and cannot use them:

  • Walmart Pay (in-store at checkout or self-checkout)
  • Cash – (in-store at checkout or self-checkout and at gas stations)
  • Credit and Debit Card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Walmart credit card (in-store at checkout or self-checkout, at gas stations and online)
  • Walmart Gift Card (in-store at checkout or self-checkout, at gas stations and online)
  • PayPal (online)
  • Affirm (online)
  • EBT – (in-store at checkout or self-checkout and at gas stations)


Just like Google Pay, you can’t use Apple Pay or Samsung pay at Walmart either. The only electronic wallet app Walmart accepts is Walmart Pay.


Walmart Competitors That Accept Google Pay

We’ve had a look at some of Walmart’s competitors to see which of them support Google Pay in case Walmart’s lack of support for Google Pay is a deal-breaker for you.

Here’s a list of competitor stores that do support it:

Final Thoughts

Whilst Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay, it does accept many other payment methods including its own electronic payment app, Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay is perhaps a little more secure than Google Pay in some ways but we don’t think it’s quite as convenient as it requires scanning a QR code, rather than the slightly easier action of just moving your phone towards the terminal.

However, Walmart Pay does have some added benefits like the auto-generated electronic receipt it sends you after you’ve done your shopping, so you can keep track of your purchases. Google Pay doesn’t have this function.

Unfortunately, Walmart Pay doesn’t work at Walmart gas stations and it can be a little bit slow in our opinion.

It would be nice if Walmart offered both Google Pay and Walmart Pay options but, clearly, that doesn’t seem to be on their agenda as it stands. It’s not alone in this as we found when we researched whether Home Depot accepts Google Pay.

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