Does Home Depot Take Google Pay? Easy Guide

Contactless digital wallets are a brilliant way to pay for your goods whilst out shopping.

They provide a convenient, super-fast, and secure way of paying for purchases without the need to carry a wallet full of numerous credit/debit cards and cash around with you.

If you enjoy shopping at one of the 2,312 Home Depot stores in the US, then you might be wondering what digital payment options are available.

Here we will look at the payment options available at Home Depot including whether Home Depot accepts Google Pay.

Let’s take a look…

Does Home Depot Accept Google Pay? The Short Answer

Home Depot doesn’t currently support Google Pay in its stores, on its website, or within the Home Depot App. Instead, you will need to use either cash, credit/debit card, or PayPal (which can be used on the online store).

Does Home Depot Support Google Pay on its Website

No, doesn’t support Google Pay.

We signed up for an account with Home Depot to check this out for ourselves and this is what we found when we got to the website checkout.

home depot website checkout

You will note that the only payment options available are PayPal and Credit/Debit cards.

You can also use gift cards.

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Does Home Depot Self-Checkout Accept Google Pay?

No, Home Depot’s self-checkout machines don’t currently accept Google Pay.

You can use either cash or debit/credit cards at their self-service checkouts.

You can use contactless credit/debit cards and that is the fastest way to pay at the checkout.

Alternatives to Google Pay at Home Depot?

The main electronic payment system that can be used at Home Depot is PayPal.

Home Depot was one of the first stores to openly collaborate in partnership with PayPal back in 2012 and now supports it at its online store and in its app.

This is probably why they do not accept Google Pay or other payment wallets such as Apple Pay.

Rumour has it that there could be a term in the contract between Home Depot and PayPal which now prevents the use of other electronic payment options.

Home Depot did previously accept Apple Pay as recently as 2015 but then it seemed to drop support for it according to MacRumours.

Here’s a list of other payment options available at Home Depot:

Payment TypeWhere accepted
Visa CardIn-store at checkout, self-checkout, online and in app.
American ExpressIn-store at checkout, self-checkout, online and in app.
MastercardIn-store at checkout, self-checkout, online and in app.
DiscoverIn-store at checkout, self-checkout, online and in app.
Home Depot Express consumer Credit CardIn-store at checkout, self-checkout, online and in app.
Home Depot Commercial Credit Card Prox and CRCIn-store at checkout, self-checkout, online and in app.
Personal ChecksIn-store at checkout.
Business ChecksIn-store at checkout.
Home Depot Gift Cards In-store at checkout, self-checkout, online and in app.
PayPalOnline and in App
CashIn-store at checkout and self-checkout.

Is There Anyway I Can Pay With My Android or iOS Phone at Home Depot?

Unfortunately, there is no way to pay using electronic smartphone type wallets at Home Depot.

Our research suggests there is no way of paying with Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.

Does PayPal have an NFC Payment Wallet for Smart Phone to Use at Home Depot?

No, the PayPal app doesn’t use NFC technology. Instead, PayPal has recently introduced a QR code payment system within its app whereby the store can either scan your QR code on the PayPal app or you can scan the store’s QR code and pay that way.

CVS is rolling this out as we speak but we don’t yet have any information as to when it will be rolled out at Home Depot.

Alternative Stores That Take Google Pay

If you absolutely must have Google Pay functionality at the stores you shop at, then here’s a list so you can take your business elsewhere:

Stores That Use Google Pay

✔ Ikea
✔ Aldi
✔ Best Buy
✔ Kohl’s
✔ Target

google pay

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not support a wide array of electronic payment options.

Its lack of support for electronic wallets is quite disappointing given that mobile payments are now so popular and widespread.

We looked into Google Pay support with other stores, for example, we looked into whether Target supports Google Pay and found that it did.

Given its partnership with PayPal, we suspect Home Depot will roll out PayPal’s QR payment system in not too long, which seems like a good alternative to Google Pay.

In the meantime, people shopping in-store at Home Depot will need to put up with using more archaic payment methods such as cash or credit/debit card.

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