Does Target Take Google Pay? Complete Guide

Google Pay now has over 100 million users as of September 2021.

It’s not hard to see why given how convenient, secure, and easy to use it is.

But you’re probably wondering whether one of the biggest retailers in the US, Target, is yet to adopt this tech as a payment method within its stores.

We researched this for you and have looked specifically at whether you can use Google Pay in-store at the checkout, at the self-checkout kiosk, and also whether you can use it at

Let’s take a look…

Does Target Take Google Pay?

Target does take Google Pay at both the regular checkout and also at the self-checkout kiosk. You can also use a wide range of other payments including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Credit/Debit cards, some third-party gift cards, and PayPal (on website and app).

Does Target Accept Google Pay at the Self-Checkout?

Target self-checkout kiosks do accept Google Pay.

Simply run your purchases through the scanner, proceed to the payment option and select the contactless payment method.

You can then pay with Google Pay by moving your phone towards the reader and will receive a beep and a notification on your phone when the payment has gone through.

Can You Use Google Pay on Target’s Website

No, you cannot use Google Pay on

We were intrigued about this too so we looked into it by making an order through Target’s website.

Here’s what we found at the virtual checkout:

checkout screen at

As you will see, the only options available to us were:

  • Target Red Card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal and
  • Affirm

You can also pay with gift cards on Target’s online store.

But we couldn’t see anything to allow us to pay with Google Pay and this is consistent with what is stipulated under the payment options on Target’s website.

Does Target Have Gas Stations and Do They Accept Google Pay?

Target doesn’t actually have gas stations so the answer is no on both accounts.

Does Target’s App Support Google Pay?

person using phone app to pay

Target’s app does not support Google Pay as it currently stands.

We checked this for ourselves and cross-referenced our findings with what is contained under “accepted payment options” on Target’s website.

We couldn’t find any support for Google Pay or other types of digital payment wallets like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

How to Use Google Pay at Target

Using Google Pay is fairly straightforward.

Here’s how you get it to work:

Step-by-step guide to Using Google Pay at Target

  • Step 1: Download Google Pay from the Play Store
  • Step 2: Enter your phone number and sign into your Google account
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to add a bank account/cards and verify your phone number.
  • Step 4: When at the Target checkout, wake up your phone and enter the password
  • Step 5: Move your device to the contactless terminal
  • Step 6: Wait a few seconds until you get a blue tick on the screen

Payment Options Other Than Google Pay at Target

If you don’t have access to your mobile device or you want to pay with another payment method then there are plenty of other options.

We have looked at each of these options and summarized them for you including whether they can be used on the app, in-store, or online at

  • Debit and Credit Cards including American Experess, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Target Card (in-store, on the app and on the website)
  • Cash – in-store only (Target generally only accepts dollars but some stores may accept Mexican pesos or Canadian dollars depending on the location)
  • Gift Cards – Target gift cards and some third party cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (in-store, online and in the app)
  • Paypal – online and in the app only
  • Affirm – online and in the app only (purchaes must exceed $100)
  • EBt – in-store only

Does Target Accept Personal and Business Checks and Money Orders?

Yes, you can pay with a personal check in-store only but business checks are not accepted, nor are foreign checks.

You can’t use money orders except if paying a credit account.

Does Target Accept Merchant Gift Cards?

No, you can’t use merchant gift cards, although Starbucks gift cards are accepted at Starbucks registers within the store.

Target Wallet

In addition to the above, Target also now has the “Target Wallet” within the Target app, which works using QR code technology and allows you to scan a QR code at the checkout in order to pay for your goods.

It also allows you to redeem Target coupons and vouchers.

Should You Use Google Pay at Target?

We thoroughly recommend using Google Pay and love using it wherever we can. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fast
  • Secure due to its multi-factorial authentication
  • Convenient due to its contactless NFC technology
  • Allows us to keep all our credit/debit cards in one place
  • Allow us to keep a track of our spending

Final Thoughts

Google Pay is fairly well supported at Target, especially compared to Walmart which doesn’t support it all (see our article does Walmart Accept Google Pay?).

It is accepted at both the regular checkout and self-service checkouts, which is where most people will generally wish to use it.

It’s unfortunate that Google Pay doesn’t appear to be supported on the Target app or website but then these do both offer PayPal which we think is just as convenient.

If you don’t have access to Google Pay or don’t want to use it, then Target offers a wide variety of other payment options and even takes personal checks.

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