Can You Use Google Pay at Sainsbury’s? Full Guide

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NFC payment wallets are now all the rage with their usage expected to include a whopping 4.4 billion people by 2025.

This is not at all surprising given that digital wallets have revolutionized how we pay for goods.

They offer more security, more convenience and are also a lot faster than other more conventional payment options out there such as cash, credit/debit cards, and “chip ‘n’ pin”.

If you’re at a Sainsbury’s store or are planning on visiting one soon, you will probably be wondering what types of digital payment wallets it accepts.

We’ve already covered in another article that Sainsbury’s accepts Apple Pay in-store but what about the second most popular payment wallet, Google Pay (previously android pay)?

This post takes a detailed look at whether Sainsbury’s accepts Google Pay; whether that be in-store, at its fuel stations, at its self-service checkouts, or online using the Sainsbury’s app. We’ll also have a look at whether it’s supported in Sainsbury’s new SmartScan app.

Keep reading to find out…

Does Sainsbury’s Accept Google Pay? The Brief Answer

Sainsbury’s does accept Google Pay. You will be given the option after you have scanned all of your items through at the checkout. Simply move your Android device towards the contactless payment terminal and wait for the green tick to confirm payment.

Does Sainsbury’s Self-Checkout Take Google Pay?

We researched this and found that the self-checkout does accept Google Pay.

When you get to the self-checkout kiosk, scan your goods, and then at the end, you will be prompted to pay with Google pay.

Select it, activate your Android device and move it towards the contactless terminal and wait for the green tick to confirm payment has gone through.

What about in the Sainsbury’s App?

We looked into this and there is no Google Pay option within the Sainsbury’s app.

You can only pay using your credit or debit card, unfortunately.

There is also an option to use Nectar Card points.

Here are the options within the app. As you will note, there is no option to pay with Google Pay:

What about with the Sainsbury’s SmartShop App?

SmartShop has recently been introduced by Sainsbury’s to allow you to scan your items as you walk around the store.

You can then take your device to a SmartShop kiosk and pay for your goods.

The SmartShop app does support Google Pay which will be presented to you as an option once you’ve scanned in your items using the app.

What about at the Sainsbury’s Garage/Fuel Station?

Yes, you can use Google Pay at the fuel station. Simply present your Google Pay enabled device to the contactless terminal when paying and wait for the green tick to confirm your payment has gone through.

What about at Sainsbury’s Online Store?

We couldn’t find a Google Pay option within the payment screen on the online store.

The only options were as per the app, which are to pay with a credit and debit card or with Nectar points with your Nectar card.

Here’s the payment cards screen. There’s no option to pay with Google Pay:

Here are the wider options on the payment screen. No sign of Google Pay:

Other Options to Pay at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s offers a wide array of options to pay.

We’ll take you through them:

  • All major credit and debit cards – In-store at the regular checkout, self-checkout and SmartShop checkout, on the app and online at the Sainsbury’s store
  • Cash – In-store at the regular checkout, self-checkout and SmartShop checkout
  • Apple Pay – In-store at the regular checkout, self-checkout and SmartShop checkout
  • Samsung Pay – In-store at the regular checkout, self-checkout and SmartShop checkout

Does Sainsbury’s Accept Cheques?

No, you can’t use cheques at Sainsbury’s, unfortunately. You will need to cash them before using your money to purchase goods from there.

Does Sainsbury’s Accept Samsung Pay?

Yes, you can use Samung Pay at Sainsbury’s at the regular checkout, self-checkout, and using the SmartShop app. Simply present it to the contactless terminal when you make payment for your goods. You can’t use it online using the app or at the online store, however.

Do We Recommend Using Google Pay at Sainsbury’s?

Yes, we love digital wallets and they are certainly the safest, most convenient, and fasted option when it comes to purchasing goods.

Google Pay is a sold choice and works with any Android device.

The only issue is if your phone runs out of battery before you get to the terminal. For this reason, we recommend always having a backup, like credit/debit card or cash with you.

Final Thoughts

Google Pay can be used at Sainsbury’s in-store at the checkout, self-service checkout, and at the new SmartShop kiosk. This is in line with other popular stores like Target.

Unfortunately, it isn’t supported within the Sainsbury’s app or at but you can store credit and debit cards within your account so it’s no big loss in the grand scheme of things.

We love using Google Pay and recommend using it wherever possible because of its multi-layered security, convenience, and ability to store numerous credit/debit cards.

Just make sure you have enough battery on your phone or have a backup payment option in case your phone battery dies.

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