Does Lidl Accept Google and Samsung Pay?


With a combined total number of users in excess of 40 million in the US alone, it’s clear to see that the electronic payment wallets, Google and Samsung pay, are here to stay and will likely only become more popular in the future.

Whilst Apple Pay is still the most popular payment wallet in the US, Google and Samsung Pay aren’t far behind.

They are both super convenient, fast, and secure payment options and are widely supported, especially Samsung pay which doesn’t rely on NFC technology to work and can be used at most contactless payment hubs.

But do Google and Samsung Pay work at the German grocery store, Lidl?

We investigated this to provide you with the answer.

Specifically, we looked at whether Lidl accepts these payment options in-store at the regular checkout, at the self-checkout, and online using the Lidl app and through its online store.

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Does Lidl Accept Google Pay?

Does Lidl Accept Google and Samsung Pay? The Short Answer

Yes, you can use Google and Samsung Pay in-store at Lidl. Simply present your Android device with Google or Samsung Pay enabled to the contactless machine when you pay and the money will be debited from whichever card you have linked to your apps.

What about at the Self-Checkout Kiosk?

Yes, you can use Google and Samsung pay at the self-checkouts.

To use Samsung pay just present your device like you would a regular contactless debit/credit card. The money will then be taken from the cards you have linked within the Samsung Pay app.

Alternatively, choose the option to pay with Google pay as you reach the end of your shop after you’ve scanned your items through the scanner.

Does Lidl Accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay Online?

We checked online by opening an account with Lidl and couldn’t find any options to pay with Google or Samsung pay.

Here’s what we found:

As you’ll note, we could only see options for:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover

What About On the Lidl App?

No, unfortunately, we couldn’t find any option to pay with Google or Samsung Pay when using the app.

The only options available were the credit/debit card options above.

However, you can add and store credit and debit cards within the app so you shouldn’t really be put out by the lack of Google or Samsung Pay support.

Other Options to Pay at Lidl

We checked out the other options that are available at Lidl and found the following:

  • Apple Pay – You can use this in-store at either the regular or self-service checkouts
  • Credit/Debit Card –You can use these anywhere (i.e. only or in-store)
  • Cash – in-store at either the standard checkout or self-checkout
  • EBT – in-store at either the standard checkout or self-checkout
  • Coupons – in-store at either the standard checkout or self-checkout

Does Lidl Support PayPal?

No, we couldn’t see anything to suggest that PayPal is supported when we checked.

We checked both the app and the online store and couldn’t see any support for PayPal, unfortunately.

However, this is not unusual as it’s quite rare that grocery stores do accept PayPal in our experience.

Should You Use Samsung and Google Pay at Lidl?

We thoroughly recommend using Google and Samsung Pay at Lidl.

They are both fast, secure, and easy to use.

Google Pay is generally more popular but unlike Samsung Pay, it can’t be used like a regular contactless credit/debit card because it uses NFC technology which isn’t supported by all contactless terminals.

Samsung Pay works both with NFC (like Google Pay) and MST technology, the latter being the same technology contactless debit/cards use.

Final Thoughts

Google and Samsung pay are fairly well supported at Lidl.

You can use both of them in-store at the regular and self-service checkouts.

Unfortunately, there’s no support within the app or at Lidl’s online store but you can add credit and debit cards in any event, so you shouldn’t be massively inconveniced by the lack of Google and Samsung Pau support there.

We recommend using Google and Samsung pay where possible as they are both very secure and convenient payment methods.

However, you should note that Samsung Pay only works with Samsung devices, whereas Google Pay can be used with all Android devices including Samsung phones.

Lidl is supposed to be rolling out its own payment system but this doesn’t seem to have made it to the USA as of yet. It will be interesting to see whether they maintain their support for other electronic wallets if they do roll it out in the US. We will have to see.

Some stores, like Walmart for example, have stopped supporting other digital payment options when they have brought out their own apps so Lidl could do something similar.

If you’re interested in further reading, check out our articles on whether Walmart and Target accept Google Pay.

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