Does Subway Take Apple Pay as Payment?

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We love using Apple Pay to buy our food in restaurants.

It’s super convenient and very secure due to its multi-factor authentication.

There’s no wonder it now has over 45 millions users in the USA alone and many more worldwide.

This post looks at whether you can use Apple Pay at one of the US’ favorite fast food joints – Subway!

Can I Pay With Apple Pay at Subway? The Short Answer

The short answer is yes, you can pay at Subway with Apple Pay.

In fact, Subway was one of the first adopters of Apple Pay in the fast food restaurant arena.

You should note that whilst this is the case in the USA, it may differ in other countries.

Can I Use Apple Pay Using the Subway App?

Again, the answer is yes you can use Apple Pay within the Subway App.

Apple Pay is now well supported using the Subway App.

When you get to the payment screen you will be given the option to use Apple Pay and you can then pay for your food.

Can I Use Apple Pay With Curbside Pickup?

Yes, you can!

Simply make put your order through in the Subway app, pay for it with Apple Pay (as above) and a member of staff will bring it to your car out front.

Can I Use Apple Pay at the Subway Drive-Thru?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay at the drive-thru.

Simply present your iPhone to the cashier’s contactless card machine and you can make your payment for your food.

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Other Ways to Pay at Subway

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If you don’t have Apple Pay or don’t even own an iPhone, there’s still plenty of other ways to pay.

You can pay as follows:

  • With debit or credit card (app, in-store and drive-thru)
  • With good old fashioned cash (app, in-store and drive-thru)
  • With a Subway gift card (app, in-store and drive-thru)

However, our research suggests you can’t currently use Samsung Pay or Google Pay at Subway, although it may be worth checking as this could depend on which country you are based in.

Does Subway Take Checks?

Unfortunately, Subway does not take checks so you will need to cash your check before trying to purchase your food at Subway.

However, we absolutely love the scanning facilities that most banks are now providing which allows you to take a photograph of your check, upload it to your banking app and then your check is cashed within 24-48 hours.

Like magic!

Does Subway Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, Subway does sell gift cards.

You can pick them up online at Subways gift card online shop.

You can buy e-gift cards that are sent to the recipient electronically and you can also send a physical gift cards in the mail.

Subway sell gift cards up to the value of $500.

If you want higher valued gift cards then you can purchase more than one card.

Final Thoughts

Subway offers plenty of payment options and Apple Pay is well supported.

We recommend using Apple Pay where possible as it is secure, convenient and super easy to set up and use.

If you think we have missed anything out of this article or have any further queries about this topic, then please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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