Walmart Camera and Camera Equipment Return Policy: Ultimate Guide

Walmart now stocks a huge variety of cameras and camera equipment including everything from cheap disposable cameras, right through to high-end Digital SLRs from brands like Nikon, Canon, and Sony.

If you’ve purchased a camera or camera equipment but your product has developed a fault or perhaps you’ve decided you simply don’t want it anymore, then you’ll need to think about returning your item for a refund or exchange.

With that in mind, we’ve done some research to find out what Walmart’s policy is on returning photography products to their stores for a full refund or exchange.

This post is going to look at Walmart’s returns policy for:

  • Cameras – including digital SLRs and disposable cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Camera lenses
  • Camera bags
  • Camera tripods
  • Camera batteries
  • Camera memory cards (like SD and MSD)

Essentially, we’ve done the donkey work so that you can be fully informed on where you stand when it comes to returning camera-related goods to Walmart.

Let’s take a look…

What is Walmart’s Return Policy for Cameras? The Short Answer

Walmart’s camera returns and exchange policy is that you can return cameras within 30 days of purchasing them either online or in-store. Walmart asks that you return your camera in its original box, packaging, and with all its accessories.

While we have established that Walmart’s returns policy is 30 days for standard cameras (i.e. digital SLRs) we have also had a look at its returns policy for other types of camera-related products and accessories.

Let’s take a look:


The standard returns policy for non-electronic items is 90 days from purchase.

For electronic items, this is reduced to 30 days.

However, lenses are a bit of a grey area as not all of them are electronic and the ones that are, are only so when they are attached to the camera.

Given this slight ambiguity, we recommend returning your camera lens within 30 days of purchase to avoid any problems with Walmart.

Camera Bags and Pouches

Camera bags are clearly not electronic items so they fall under Walmart’s standard 90-day returns policy.

Camera Tripods

These are not usually electronic so they fall under Walmart’s standard 90-day returns policy.

Memory Cards Like SD and MSD

We suggest returning camera memory cards within 30 days. Much like lenses, even though they are not electronic products by themselves, there is some ambiguity, so we would recommend they are returned within 30 days to avoid falling foul of Walmart’s policy.

Camera Batteries

Camera batteries should be returned within 30 days of purchase.


Camcorders should be returned to Walmart within 30-days of purchase

Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras should be returned within 30 days of purchase.

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How to Return a Camera or Camera Accessories to Walmart

Purchased in-store

For a camera purchased in-store, you should return it to the store in question where you purchased it from.

Can You Return a Camera Purchased in-store With the Online Return Procedure on Walmart’s Website?

No, you can only return a product purchased in-store back to a brick-and-mortar store. You cannot use the online returns process.

Purchased Online

If you purchased your camera online, then you can either use the online returns process or take the product to your nearest Walmart store.

To return a product online you:

  • Visit Walmart’s website or open their app
  • Sign in to your account
  • Choose the orders section
  • Select the replace or return option
  • Print the returns labels found in the returns section
  • Put the camera in the box together with its accessories and manual
  • Take the camera with the returns label displayed to your local FedEx or USPS – returns delivery is free

Can You Return a Camera or Camera Accessories Without a Receipt?

Yes, Walmart will let you return your camera or accessories without a receipt.

However, you will need to present a government-approved ID when making your return.

If you don’t have the receipt, Walmart might also check your order number or credit/debit card for proof of purchase.

Please note that if you don’t have your receipt, Walmart will only offer an exchange or a gift voucher unless the product is worth less than $10 in which case they will offer a cash refund.

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How Long Will My Camera Return Take to Process at Walmart?

Walmart camera returns made online can take up to 14 days in our experience as Walmart has to wait for the product to arrive back to them and then they process the return. Your refund will usually be reimbursed to the account you paid from within this timeframe.

If you take your camera to have the return processed in-store, then Walmart will process it there and then but expect to wait up to 10 business days for your refund.

Will Walmart Accept a Used Camera or Camera Accessories?

Yes, Walmart will accept your camera even if it has been used, provided it’s returned within the 30-day period or 90-day period if it’s a non-electronic camera accessory.

However, you may have difficulty returning a disposable camera if you have already used it.

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Will Walmart Accept a Camera or Camera Accessories Without the Packaging, Box, and Accessories?


Yes, Walmart will generally accept returns without the box or packaging but you may have difficulty if you’ve lost the main accessories that come with the product.

What Can You Do if Walmart’s 30-day Returns Window Has Lapsed?

If you are outside Walmart’s 30-day return window then we recommend speaking to a manager if you are only just outside it as they may be able to bend the rules slightly to process your return.

You should note that if your camera develops a fault outside the 30-day Walmart returns window, then be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty.

We have checked the two main brands, Nikon and Canon, and the warranty you get with their cameras is usually one year.

This means that if you are outside the 30-day returns window, then you should still be able to return your camera to the manufacturer for a repair or replacement.

You can read more about the warranties on the Consumer Reports Website

Will it Cost me to Return My Camera or Camera Accessories to Walmart?

No, Walmart camera returns are free.

They don’t charge a restocking fee as some shops do.

Walmart’s online returns service is also provided free of charge with free delivery included with the print-off returns label.

Final Thoughts

Walmart provides a wide selection of cameras and camera accessories with a fairly straightforward and hassle-free returns policy.

We have found that Walmart’s 30-day returns policy for cameras is fairly standard when you compare it to its main competitors.

It easily beats Best Buy’s whose return policy for electronic items is only 15 days from receipt of the product.

If you’re outside of the 30-day returns window or 90-day returns window for electronic items, then be sure to reach out to Walmart as they may be able to flex the rules in some circumstances.

Remember that most cameras and camera accessories come with a warranty that will stretch beyond Walmart’s returns window, so be sure to contact the manufacturer if you’re already out of time.

You should note that Walmart usually extends its returns window around the holidays for items purchased between November 1 to December 25. This is usually extended until the end of January.

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