How to Get an Extra $1000 Fast: In 2 Weeks or Less


There are tons of reasons why you might need an extra $1000 suddenly.

I know I’ve been in that situation numerous times for a variety of different reasons.


  • You need extra cash for Christmas
  • Your boiler has broken and winter is coming
  • Your car has broken down and needs a new part
  • Your house needs urgent repairs
  • You want to pay off student debts
  • You’re planning a trip of a lifetime
  • You’re getting married
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend has expensive tastes and it’s their birthday

Or perhaps you just want extra cash because you’re having an expensive month.

Whatever the reason, wouldn’t every love an extra grand in their bank at least once per year, if not more?

Thankfully, you’re in luck. That’s because it’s never been easier to earn side income, even as much as $1000, as it is today.

Traditionally you were very limited with what you could do to come by extra cash. Luckily, there are now a lot more opportunities out there, some of which I didn’t even know about myself until the last few years.

So, if you’re desperate for a grand, this post should give you some ideas of how to get that precious cash injection you need to rescue your financial woes.

Not all of these methods will produce $1000 alone and you may need to leverage a few of them to get to your target.

But still, if you’re willing to put a little bit of effort in, there’s no reason why you cannot get a grand in a week if you’re savvy.

Let’s have a look at how.

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Looking to make an extra $200 this month? Check out these two survey sites!

Survey Junkie

Earn usually around $10 an hour with some “focus group” surveys paying $75 per survey. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating on TrustPilot

Swag Bucks

Earn around $10 an hour playing games, taking surveys & watching videos. $5 free when signing up! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating on TrustPilot

Focus Groups

looking glass

Focus groups are where small or large groups of people are brought together to provide their opinion on a new product, service, or sometimes just for general research purposes.

Most companies do a lot of market research before they launch a new product onto the market and that means they’re often looking for people who are willing to give up their time to share their opinion, answer questions, and even test products.

Focus groups are conducted in several different ways. Some will be over the phone, some in person, and others over video conferencing platforms such as Skype.

The best thing is that focus groups can pay really excellent money. I have seen some as high as $350 just for a couple of hours work.

The opportunities you’ll get can vary and are sometimes location and demographic-specific. For example, some studies will only apply to certain people (i.e. to women or people of a certain age) or to people with certain jobs or skills.

I would therefore recommend signing up for a few of these to make it more likely that you’ll be chosen to take part.

Top 5 Focus Groups

  • Respondent – I have seen some studies as a high as $350 but they are fairly hard to be accepted on to
  • Focus – Mostly niche topics but pay up to $200 from what I’ve seen
  • Survey Junkie – Mainly a survey site but some focus groups do crop up from time to time paying up to $150
  • Recruit and Field – Studies on a variety of topics – up to $300 per study
  • User Interviews – Wide variety of studies paying up to around $250

Be a Human Guinea Pig


All new drugs and treatments that are introduced go through rigorous human testing before they are finally released on the market.

If you’re not frightened of acting as a guinea pig for these new drugs, then there are quite a few opportunities out there where you can make good money volunteering being a test subject.

Not all of these opportunities involve testing new drugs and some do not. For example, some studies may just examine your sleep or your eating habits and you may only need to fill in a questionnaire.

Some of these studies can pay mega money. I have even heard of some paying up to $15,000.

However, most will be in the region of around $150 a day but if you’re away for a few days then you’ll be looking at upwards of $1000.

The studies are heavily regulated, so whilst there is the chance things could go wrong, it’s highly unlikely.

You could try:-

Deliver Food


There are now several apps on that market that let you deliver food for hungry people.

They’re quite simple.

You download the app, someone puts an order in for food on the app, you pick up the order, you deliver it to the customer and you get paid!

Expenses are fairly cheap too. All you’ll need is cash for your gas, phone and upkeep of your vehicle.

Delivering food is not going to make you rich but it’s an ideal side hustle if you need money quick. Expect to earn up to around $20 an hour with tips.

The 3 best delivery apps are:-

Flip Items

Flipping goods for profit is the idea of buying something cheap and selling it on for much more!

Essentially, the most basic form of business! But where do you find goods to sell?

You could check out:-

  • Garage sales;
  • Closing down sales;
  • Antique shops;
  • Ebay;
  • Amazon;
  • Craigs List
  • Facebook market place
  • Poshmark (for clothes)

There can be some serious money to be made if you know what you’re doing.

And guess what, yup, there’s a course to take if you want to become an expert flipper.

I strongly recommend Rob and Melissa’s course “Flea Market Flipper” which shows you how to flip goods like pros.

They make over $100k a year doing this. That’s two grand a week!

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Have a Yard Sale

I had a yard sale last summer and made $3000!

I was blown away by that figure as I didn’t even think the clutter I had knocking around was worth half that.

Here are a few ideas of what you can sell:-

  • Baby clothes;
  • Shoes;
  • DVD’s;
  • Electrical appliances;
  • Furniture;
  • Jewellery;
  • Games;
  • Artwork;
  • Sports equipment;
  • Camping equipment.

I was amazed that some things I considered junk could still be sold quite easily.

One’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure as the saying goes.

Promote Products for Profit

One of the best ways of earning morning online is to promote other people’s or company’s products if they are willing to share some of the sale proceeds you bring their way.

Yup – I am talking about affiliate marketing.

You can read what this is here if you want an in-depth guide showing you how to make money with it.

I make over $1000 a month with affiliate marketing from this blog and that really is just pennies compared to a lot of other bloggers out there.

You don’t need a blog or website to do it either. You can read here how I made $3500 on Facebook just posting links to products I was using on my Facebook feed.

I made that money by posting no more than 20 times on my wall.

The best thing about promoting other people’s products is:-

  • You don’t have to worry about returns or faulty products;
  • You don’t have to design, manufacturer or produce anything;
  • You don’t need to build a brand;
  • Your income is passive once you’ve done the hard work (you can make money whilst you sleep);
  • Anyone can do it.

Do Side Jobs for People

There are now a few websites out there where you can put forward your skills on the market to help people complete small side jobs.

My two favorite websites are AirTasker (UK and Aus) and Task Rabbit (USA) for this type of work.

You’ll be doing things like:-

list of jobs at task rabbit

You’ll earn about $20 an hour on average working for Task Rabbit or AirTasker so they’re well worth looking into if you want to make $1000 fast.

Data Entry

Probably not the most exciting on the list, but perhaps one of the most tried and tested.

There are hundreds of companies out there looking for people to do simple data entry jobs.

You’ll need some skills and virtues such as:-

  • Good typing skills
  • Keen eye for detail
  • High tolerance for repetition
  • Computer skills

According to GlassDoor, the average yearly salary in the US for data entry jobs is $31,577.

data entry stats for salary in USA

For data entry work try:-

Why Not Start a Blog?

Starting a blog to make money isn’t as difficult as you might think. I started this blog 6 months ago and it now makes over $1000 every single month whilst I work full time in the day.

On a scale of difficult things I’ve done in my life, I don’t even put blogging close to the top. It still surprises me how easy it was to earn my first few dollars with zero experience. 

It’s also a super cheap business to run – All you need is web hosting that you can get here with Blue Host for as little as $3.95 per month, a platform to run your blog on (I recommend WordPress) and some persistence. Take those steps, don’t give up and you can thank me later ? 

Create a Website and Run Ads

If you’ve got a popular passion or an interest you know tons about, then one way of monetizing that passion is to set up a website and drive traffic to it.

There are a few ways of monetizing a website but one of the most common is by running display ads.

The amount you can earn with display ads is determined by how much traffic you can drive to your website, but with a consistent and sizeable amount of traffic, display ads are a perfect source of passive income.

Some popular niches that definitely work to get plenty of page views are:-

  • Health and wellness;
  • Weight loss:
  • Finance (like this blog);
  • Fashion;
  • Weight lifting and fitness;
  • Mommy and baby;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Food.

You can learn how to set up a website or blog with our guide.

I have driven over 90,000 page views to this blog in the last 30 days just by using Pinterest. I don’t currently run display ads yet, but if I had I would have netted somewhere around $1000 depending on which ad company I had used.

Some popular ad companies include:-

  • Google Adsense – the easiest to get on but fairly low paying
  • Mediavine – requires 25,000 monthly sessions to join but is probably the best ad company out there with excellent rates of return and a stellar reputation
  • Ezoic – Requires 10,000 monthly page views but is another reputable company

Bonus Side Hustle

Taking surveys is a great way to earn a few extra dollars each month. If you pick the right ones, there’s no reason you can’t earn $200 – $300 extra per month.

The key is to sign up to as many sites as you can as they don’t always provide the best opportunities each day.

I have used these 3 sites and have made several hundred dollars since I signed up with them.

Survey Junkie – 5⭐rating on TrustPilot and up to $75 per survey!

SwagBucks – Comes with a free $5 sign-up bonus and an excellent reputation!

Vindale Research – up to $50 per survey!

About the author

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