How to Make $50 a Month From Home


Sometimes you just need to make money super quick when you’re having a difficult month financially.

Christmas, birthdays, holidays, and even just the end of the month before payday are all times when an extra $50 would put a smile right back on your face.

Traditionally, to get $50, you’d need to get a little job, sell something or even ask to borrow it from a friend.

Thankfully the glorious, beautiful internet put an end to those limited options you have.

So if you want to make cash fast then you’re going to love this post as I’ve rounded up 10 easy ways you can make money in a flash.

1. Get Paid to Give Your Opinion

opinion banner

Yep – you are reading that right.

There are now boatloads of websites that will pay you anything up to $75 per task just to give your opinion for market research.

Survey Junkie is my favorite of these websites as I’ve used it tons over the years without any problems and they pay by PayPal too which makes life that little bit easier.

You can sign up for free and make a quick buck in no time.

I made $500 in one month completing online surveys last year on the lead-up to Christmas. It was super easy to do as well as I knew the right websites to use.

Survey Junkie even has a 5⭐rating on TrustPilot so you know they’re trustworthy!

Click here to join Survey Junkie for free, get a free sign up bonus and earn up to $75 per survey:-

survey junkie banner
Survey Junkie has a 5⭐ rating on TrustPilot

2. SwagBucks

Swagbucks banner

SwagBucks is an awesome site as it allows you to make money in numerous different ways so you avoid boredom and can actually have some fun whilst doing it.

You can make money by:-

  • Watching Videos;
  • Making purchases and getting cashback and points;
  • Searching the internet using the SwagBucks search engine;
  • Signing up to free trials to receive points;
  • Taking surveys;
  • Playing games.

SwagBucks is another money-making website that scores extremely well on TrustPilot with an “excellent rating”.

So how much can you earn?

We covered this in our Swagbucks review, where we noted that if you sign up for Swagbucks, you get a free $5 bonus straight off the bat. After that, you can utilize all the methods mentioned above to start earning extra money.

Well, this is just one user as a point of reference:-

3. Get Paid to Watch Videos

man with ipad

You probably like watching videos anyway, right?

Why not get paid for your pleasure?

With MyPoints you can do just that. Simply sign up and start earning points that you can convert to cash.

Has there ever been an easier and more carefree way of earning extra doe?

They also offer other cool ways of making money such as through coupons, surveys, and playing games.

4. Transfer Your Bank Account


Banks want your business – there’s no doubt about that.

The good thing for you is that some of them will pay you to transfer your accounts to them.

I made $125 the year before last just by switching my bank account to a new company.

Here’s a few options:-

One of the best ways of making money is to have your own blog like this one. This blog makes over $1000 a month and I work on it around only 10 hours a week. Blogging is a super cheap side hustle to operate as you can set up a WordPress blog with BlueHost for only $3.95 a month with my special link. What are you waiting for?

5. Paribus

paribus logo

Paribus is a rather cool and unique app that scans your email for invoices/receipts of purchases you’ve made. If there’s been a price drop since you made the purchase, Paribus will try and seek a refund for you.

Here’s what one person said about how Paribus helped him save $50 each month:-

6. Matched Betting (UK Only)

Matched betting is a way of turning the free bets that bookies give out to new and existing customers into ready cash that you can use.

The best thing about matched betting is that it isn’t gambling as you cannot lose like in traditional gambling.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! I can guarantee you.

In basic form, this is how it works…

Let’s say the bookie offers you a £50 free bet to join them.

So you sign up, you put the £50 free bet on a horse to win (a back bet). At the same time, you lay that bet off at a different bookie, which means you bet against the same horse winning.

Because you have used your free £50 bet, if the horse wins you get your £50 plus your winnings. If your horse loses, you’ve put a lay bet on that outcome so you win that bet instead. Either way you win, and because you’ve used the £50 free bet, you’re in profit.

It’s slightly more complicated than that but that is the general gist of matched betting.

It’s best to use a company that can show you exactly how it works and which bookies to get the free bets from.

The best company out there by far is Profit Accumulator. They have a free trial which you can use to make around £50 in about 3 hours. You then sign up for the premium package for £18 per month and you’ll make around £1000 as a minimum.

I have made over £5000 with Profit Accumulator and made my first £1000 in around 3 weeks. They are a great company and have thousands of subscribers all making awesome side income matched betting.

They have an “excellent” rating on TrustPilot.

7. Task Rabbit

Did you know you can do small tasks that pay around $22 ph for people who need odd jobs doing.

TaskRabbit put you in contact with people who want small tasks doing like picking up laundry, shopping, assembling furniture or delivering jobs.

Here are some examples with the rates of pay you might expect!

8. Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Everyone has shed loads of old stuff laying around that’s just gathering dust.

What’s wrong with turning that stuff into ready cash?

Check out Decluttr who will buy your old DVD’s, CD’s, Blu-rays, computer games, and your old hardware like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and even Lego.

Decluttr gives you an instant price for most things. You then sell it, package it, and get paid by direct deposit, PayPal, or by check.

It couldn’t be easier!

9. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is a micro-task website that pays you to complete small tasks such as:-

  • Text creation;
  • Copy editing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Research;
  • Surveys;
  • App testing and
  • Data entry.

Unfortunately, the pay is not great and you aren’t going to earn much more than a few dollars per hour.

However, if you’ve got nothing to do and want to make a little cash on the side, then why not try it?

10. Get Paid for Your Browsing Habits

Install the Nielsen app and Nielsen will track your browsing habits in return for cash.

You can install the app on any device and on numerous devices at once and Nielsen will pay you $50 per device, per year.

There probably isn’t an easier way of earning cash.