How I Made £5000 in 3 Months Matched Betting: Profit Accumulator Review.

How I discovered matched betting and how it works

I first heard about matched betting from a friend on Facebook.

He posted about how he’d been making extra money online doing matched betting and was earning around a thousand pounds, or so, a month using a service called Profit Accumulator.

My first thought was one of apprehension. “Betting”? That’s a mug’s game isn’t it? How can someone consistently succeed when the bookies deliberately set the odds in their favour to make a profit.

I remember thinking this was probably another charlatan scam.

Another get rich quick scheme that was bound to end in disappointment!

I still remember vividly Googling “matched betting” . I’d never heard of it. I hardly ever bet. When I had bet before, I’d lost miserably and basically urinated my money up the wall and beat myself up about it later!

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The Google result brought this Guardian article up which covers what it’s about.

I read it and was quite surprised as it was obviously legit. I mean, I don’t read the Guardian, but I know one thing for certain – they aren’t going to put up with scam journalism!

So I decided to look into matched betting a bit further and realised that it’s not really betting at all. Not in the true sense of the word.

The big difference is that standard betting carries with it an element of risk. It’s a gamble, and that’s why it’s not a good way to make money.

Matched betting is different as you use the free bets that bookies hand out to new customers and to customers they want repeat custom from.

With those free bets you use them to place a “back bet” (a bet on something winning), whilst at the same time you place a “lay bet” (a bet on something losing) on that same thing you are betting on.

As you are using the free bet that the bookie has given you, you cannot lose. If the thing you have bet on wins, you make a profit. If that same thing loses, you make a profit.

Essentially matched betting is just a method of turning those free promotion bets into ready cash you can withdraw.

Without the matched betting process, yes, you might get a free bet from the bookie to sign you up but you have to bet on something to actually have any chance of seeing any of that money.

Matched betting is the process of turning that free bet into money you can withdraw without having to gamble first. It’s actually a very simple process when you think about it.

Do you need to know about betting to do matched betting?

The short answer is no you don’t. Bar a few simple bets on the football from time to time, I hardly knew anything about betting before I learnt matched betting.

Like most things these days, there are guides and businesses out there devoting their time to assist you.

And that’s where Profit Accumulator comes in. They provide a service where their team find all the bookies’ offers for you and provide complete guides, including training videos, on how to profit from each offer that the bookie hands you.

They also provide a number of handy tools such as matched betting calculators, an application to track your profits and odds matching software to help you find the best odds, so you can maximise your profits.

They provide full online support and have a forum with a massive online community with a wealth of knowledge.

Is Profit Accumulator Legit or is Profit Accumulator a Scam?

Profit Accumulator is definitely legit and if you’re asking the question “does Profit Accumulator work?”, then I can say, yes, it definitely does as it’s simply based on the matched betting process and looks to guide you through it easily.

Profit Accumulator is actually a very innovative company and there is no wonder they have a 5 star rating on Trust Pilot. They are one of those companies like Uber that make you think, “damn”, why didn’t I think of that.

Profit Accumulator have a 5 star rating on TrustPilot

Profit Maximiser vs Profit Accumulator

There are a couple of competitors to Profit Accumulator like “Profit Maximiser” but in my experience Profit Accumulator is miles ahead of its competition and is definitely the best matched betting site I have used.

When it comes to the Profit Maximiser vs Profit Accumulator debate, the latter wins hands down in my opinion.

How much money do you need to start matched betting?

You can start matched betting with very little money, although it is probably better to have around £50 – £200 available so you can do the first introductory offers a bit quicker.

However, you don’t need all of that and the introductory Profit Accumulator sign up is free and you earn up to £45 just doing the intro offers.

How I made £5000 in 3 months

The first thing I did was read the videos and written guides on the Profit Accumulator website. It probably took me a couple of hours to get my head around how it works but as soon as I did, I just got stuck in. I wanted to earn extra money so I just went for it.

Profit Accumulator offer a free trial where you make up to £45 straight away. It basically offers you an introduction into matched betting and provides a few offers to get stuck in to. I remember joining Profit Accumulator one afternoon and by the evening, I had made money and got really quite excited.

After I did the first introductory offers, I knew the method worked so I just signed up to a premium Profit Accumulator account straight away which was about £15 month when I joined. It didn’t really bother me as I had earned around £45 that day already.

When you join up to the premium account, it opens up tonnes of other offers with guidance for each one. I slowly went through each offer committing about 2 hours per day. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make money with hardly any effort. This is why it’s at the top of my top 10 ways to earn money.

By around the second month I had worked my way through most of the introductory sign up sports bet offers (i.e. offers on things like football and horse racing) and had made about £2000. I then started on the casino offers. Again I used Profit Accumulator to show me these offers. Casino offers are the ones the bookies give you to use in their online casino sections on slots, roulette, black jack and things like that.

I remember Sky bet were offering free spins on a slot as part of their introductory offer at the time and, after a few unproductive spins, I struck the jackpot and won £2000. About 4 weeks later I did the same using free spins provided by Bet Victor and won £1000.

As you can see, my matched betting monthly profit was well over £1000.

The best thing about making this money was that it was tax free under UK law. All the money you make through matched betting is tax free.

Using Profit Accumulator is exclusively a method of making money in the UK as it is a UK company and uses the UK’s bookmakers. However, I don’t see why the principle of matched betting wouldn’t work in other countries.

Matched Betting Long Term

So is matched betting sustainable?

There are about 70 bookies across the UK, most of which provide introductory offers of some kind. After I had done most of the introductory offers that Profit Accumulator had provided me with, things did slow down slightly, but I carried on making money through “reload offers”.

Reload offers are the offers that bookies give out to retain customers. There are plenty of them too. Profit Accumulator continue to provide you with details of these reload offers while you’re a member. One of the best things is that they have complete guides on how to keep making money each month using reload offers even after you have used the introductory offers.

They provide a guide for you to consistently make £300 a month and one to make £1000 a month. Obviously it does take more time if you want to make £1000 a month but ultimately it’s up to you. You get out what you put in as the saying goes.

My top tips for matched betting

I am the sort of person who likes to not only know that something works, but also why it works. Whilst I find this attitude does assist me from time to time, I would try and not get too hung up on why matched betting works as you will pick this up as time goes on.

If you think too much about it, it ultimately slows you down. Profit Accumulator have done a great job in ensuring you don’t need to think that much about why it works, as their guidance is in plain English and there’s plenty of support in case you do get stuck. So be cautious but not over cautious.

My other tip is to just get stuck in. There is a temptation to want to think about whether you should do it or not and whether it works. I can guarantee you it does work. That’s why Profit Accumulator have the rating they do on Trust Pilot and why they are one of the best matched betting tools available.

That’s why they have thousands of happy customers who have all made money.

That’s why there are hundreds of people making a full time living from matched betting and even more who just use it to earn money as a side earner.

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