How to Make $60 Fast from Home: 7 Ways

So you want to make $60 in a day or very quickly and are looking for ideas?

Making that amount of cash online really isn’t that difficult these days.

I started making small amounts of money online around 10 years ago and there were very limited options.

Luckily, things have moved on immensely and the avenues open to you to make a quick buck have increased exponentially since then.

You can also be very flexible about the way you make quick cash.

A lot of these methods can be done with just a laptop or even a smartphone, others might require you to get out and about, but even these gigs can be obtained and scheduled at home.

Making small amounts of money in addition to your main income can be a great way to become more affluent. It can:-

  • Help you save for vacation or special events
  • Help you pay for those annoying surprise bills that rear their ugly head from time-to-time
  • Help you build up your savings
  • Help you live financially free
  • Even help you retire sooner.

So yes, making just $60 a day or over a slightly longer period of time can be used for tons of stuff!

And that’s why I have put together a list of 7 ways in which you can make this kind of money without much stress.

Some of these you may need to combine to get to your $60, whereas others you will be able to hit that target (and beyond) in one hit.

These suggestions are perfect if you want to:-

  • Make $60 in one hour
  • Make $60 in one day
  • Make $60 in one week
  • Make $60 in one month

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some options.

(please bear in my mind that most of my audience is North American and some of these methods may not work outside of that region).

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I need $60 now – How to Make It!

#1. Do Research

Did you know there are quite a few companies online that are looking for people just like you to carry out research for them.

That might be testing a product, doing a survey, providing feedback, or simply just giving your opinion.

These companies are prepared to pay handsomely too and it’s not unheard of to earn up to $200 in just a few hours doing this.

I actually did some research for a company recently testing a new piece of mass mail email software. I earned $120 in 45 minutes.

Not bad at all!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite focus groups to try out.

1. Respondent offers all manner of research projects. Some are on the phone, some online, and I have seen some in person. I have seen projects that pay up $300 so they are well worth a look.

2. User Interviews

User Interviews provides a wide variety of studies to complete on everything from food to tech and even pets. They pay up to $200 a study from what I have seen. is another great site where you can join and be involved in the survey and focus group studies.

Expect to earn up to $150 per study.

#2. Deliver Groceries

With InstaCart you can get paid to deliver groceries to people.

You will need some transport like a car, pushbike or scooter but that is all.

You receive orders from customers in your area through InstaCart.

You then fulfill those orders by going to the store and taking the items to the customer.

Average pay is around $10 – $25 an hour so it’s fairly easy to get to $60 without much effort.

What Instacart say

#3. Beat the Bookies By Matching Bets

This is seriously the easiest and probably the fastest way to make $60 on this list.

You might think, gambling – urgh!!! Not for me!

But the thing is, this isn’t gambling!

Essentially the idea behind this is you take advantage of the free bets that bookies give out to attract new customers.

It works by signing up to a bookie, getting a free bet, and then putting that bet (a “back bet”) on something, say, a horse, whilst also laying that bet off (betting on that same thing losing – “a lay bet”).

If your horse wins, you make money. If your horse loses you still make money as you’ve bet against it winning.

However, as you’ve used your free bet, you make a profit.

You can read my matched betting guide showing you how I made $7500 (£5000) Matched Betting in only 3 months using a company called Profit Accumulator.

I continue to make money with this method to date. You

If you are American then check out the SureBettor.

#4. Turn Your Car Into an Advert

Did you know you can make money from your car by just driving around with it wrapped in advertising?


You can earn up to $450 just to have your car wrapped with Wrapify

Simply download their app and then drive for 50 miles and you can then apply for their campaign whereby you wrap your vehicle in advertising for 1 – 12 months.

To qualify for this you need to:-

  • Have a clean driving licence
  • Have a car that no older than 2008
  • Be 21 or older

I can’t think of many easier ways to make cash.

#5. Open Up a New Bank Account

I made $125 last year just by switching my checking account to a new bank.

You see, banks are always looking for new customers and they often offer incentive payments for you to switch your account to their services.

Most of the time you need to be able to deposit some money into your new account before you’ll be eligible for the incentive, but providing you can do that, you can usually make several hundred dollars in no time.

Check out the Money Crashers website for all of the best offers.

#6. Do Little Tasks

Lots to do, little time to do it in.

That’s a huge problem for most people!

That’s where Task Rabbit comes in.

Task Rabbit is the perfect place to pick up little odd jobs that people want doing.

It might be a small gardening job, building flat-packed furniture, or doing small DIY jobs.

Task Rabbit pays up to $25 an hour and is a great way to make money when you’ve got the free time.

#7. Rover

What Rover offers

Love animals?

Love dogs?

If so, Rover is a great place to earn some easy money.

Rover allows you to make cash doing the following:-

  • Dog walking
  • Dog sitting
  • Doggy day care
  • Drop in dog visits

You simply download the Rover app and it puts you in contact with hundreds of dog lovers near you so you can get to work fast.

You can easily make $60 or more a week doing these doggy tasks.

It’s super flexible meaning you can pick and choose exactly when you want to work.

Online and Work from Home Jobs that Pay $60 an Hour or a Day

If you’re looking for something a bit more effortful to reach your $60 target, then take a look at these jobs.

By effortful, I mean it may take you slightly longer to reach your $60 (an hour or day) target as you acquire skills or build an audience/customer base.

But here are 3 jobs that you can easily make $60 a day or even an hour with.


Given this is what I do, it would be dismissive of me not to mention this.

With blogging, you can easily make $60 a day. I make this most day now blogging around 10 hours a week (i.e. part-time).

$60 is actually a small amount and there any many bloggers making this an hour, if not more.

Read my 5000-word guide on how to start a blog. This will teach you everything you need to know about setting up a blog to make money.


Proofreading is another excellent business you can run from home.

Proofreaders check written/typed documents to identify errors.

Proofreaders make around $50,000 a year on average which is more than $60 a day.

I have even seen experienced proofreaders charge up to $60 an hour.

Read my guide on how to become a proofreader.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual assistants are employed by people like bloggers, business owners, and publishers to do virtual tasks.

They usually do things like:-

  • Answering emails and maintaining an email list
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Editing blog posts and documents
  • Maintaining websites/blogs
  • Manage advertising campaigns and digital marketing

You can earn $60 a day very easily with just a handful of clients. You can even earn up to $60 an hour with experience.

If this tickles your fancy then have a look at my guide on becoming a VA.

Final Thoughts

Making a quick $60 isn’t particularly hard work given today’s online opportunities.

If I wanted $60 then I would look at freelance work on websites like Fivver.

If I wanted something more long-term, then building a niche site is where I would start.

About the author

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