Does Micro Center Price Match Newegg? Complete Guide

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It’s a common occurrence that the two main powerhouses in US computer tech retail, Micro Center and Newegg, will have different prices on the same items they are selling.

This is for a variety of reasons such as differing contracts with their suppliers, differing inventory levels, and sometimes simply because one store has the item in question on sale.

The truth is, most of us have a shop we prefer to purchase goods from.

We have a certain amount of loyalty to one store over the other for many reasons including preferring their delivery and returns policy, finding their website easier to use, or simply because we already have an account with them.

But what happens when the difference in price gets in between that loyalty?

In such circumstances, most savvy people will look for a price match and so they should.

We encourage seeking out price matches wherever possible!

If you are dead set on ordering products from one particular store, price matches can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars throughout the course of the year.

Every successful budgeting strategy can be improved by going the extra mile to get things price matched, or better still, the price beat.

With that in mind, we’ve had a look at Micro Center’s price match policy to see if they will price match with Newegg.

Keep reading to see what we found.

Does Micro Center Price Match Newegg?The Short Answer

Micro Center is able to price match most major retailers and manufacturer websites including Newegg provided that the item is the same and that the competitor has it in stock to ship.

What is Micro Center’s Price Match Policy?

Micro Center will price match most competitors including their in-store and website prices.

However, there are a number of exceptions including:-

  • The product must be the exact same model number and/or UPC number
  • If the competitor is a brick and mortar store then the the product must be in stock at the closest competitor’s brick and mortar store to the customer’s Micro Center
  • Online competitor must have the item in stock and ready for shipping and can’t be sold or shipped by a third party

What Products Will Micro Center Not Price Match from Newegg?

Micro Center won’t price match a product from Newegg (or anywhere else for that matter) if:

  • It’s a clearance item
  • The box has been opened
  • It’s an off lease item
  • If it’s subject to a special time limit price like on Black Friday
  • It’s subject to a coupon, discount or promo
  • If it’s not in stock

How to Get a Price Match at Micro Center for a Product Seen at Newegg?

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To get a Micro Center to price match Newegg, you will need to save a screenshot of the product or the URL on the Newegg online store and make sure that the product number for the product is visible.

You can then present the screenshot or URL to Micro Center and negotiate your price match.

If you intend to discuss a price match you’ve seen online with Micro Center then you can contact them by phone, email, or their online chat.

Pro Tip:

Whenever you discuss a price match with a store, be sure to first ask for them to beat their competitor’s price rather than just price match it. It’s best to not even mention a price match until they’ve confirmed they can’t beat the price you’ve seen elsewhere. You will find that stores will often beat their competitor’s price and you’ll have saved yourself a few bucks, rather than just receiving a meager price match.

What to Do if Micro Center Refuses a Price Match?

Occasionally, stores will refuse a price match if it doesn’t fall within their price match policy. This can be the case even if it’s only a minor departure from their policy.

However, it is often possible to persuade stores to honor a price match if you take appropriate action. Try the following:

  • Ask to speak to a manager. They will usually have more power and flexibility when it comes to stretching company price match policy;
  • If you’re a loyal customer, explain that;
  • If you’ve received a similar price match before, explain that;
  • If you’re planning on purchasing numerous items or are spending a significant sum of money, explain this to them.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you should have no issue with securing a price match at Micro Center with a product you’ve seen cheaper at Newegg.

Micro Center and Newegg are big competitors and one will love to have your business over the other.

As above, start off by asking for Micro Center to beat Newegg’s price, rather than just price match it, especially if it’s a large or high-value order you’re making.

You may just get lucky!

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