DoorDash Delivery Ultra Guide: All You Ever Need to Know

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DoorDash has grown exponentially in the last 5 years and is now the most popular food delivery service in the USA.

If you’re already familiar with the DoorDash app, then you’ll have a rough idea as to how it works.

You sign up, you locate restaurants/shops in your area, you make an order for the foods/goods you want, and then settle your bill including a tip for the driver.

When it comes to delivery, for most people, it will be straightforward, as they have their food/goods delivered to their address and at a normal hour.

But what if you’re not at home, are ordering very late or very early, or are unsure what, where and when you can get your order delivered?

This post has got you covered!

We’re going to explore all those novel questions that aren’t well covered elsewhere when it comes to DoorDash delivery.

Keep reading to find out more…

Does DoorDash Close and Delivery and Opening Hours

DoorDash is a 24/7 delivery service but the restaurants/stores it delivers for do not all open 24/7, so whether you can get your food/goods delivered will much depend on whether the restaurant/store is open at the time you submit your order.

For example, according to EatThisNotThat, 40% of McDonald’s stores are now open 24/7 so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with McDonald’s.

DoorDash’s typical delivery radius is around 5 miles but some Dashers will deliver up to 30 miles. This means that provided you have a restaurant or store open 24/7 within that 5-mile boundary from your delivery address, then you can get your food/goods delivered by DoorDash around the clock.

So, in summary, whilst it is correct to say that DoorDash does not close, you are limited by the opening hours of the restaurants or shops you’re ordering from.

Does DoorDash Deliver at Midnight or Later (say 3am) or Late at Night?

DoorDash will deliver at Midnight and beyond provided the restaurant/store is open in your area.

Clearly, you may experience stock and availability issues at these hours as some stores and restaurants will have used up their stock in the day. You may also be affected by lower staffing levels at these ungodly hours.

Does DoorDash Deliver Sundays and Bank Holidays?

Yes, DoorDash continues to open on Sundays and also on all major bank and other holidays such as Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 4th July, Thanks Giving etc…

However, bear in mind that there may be delays on these days and some restaurants/stores will be shut.

You should note that it is common etiquette to offer your driver a larger tip on these special days.

Where Will DoorDash Deliver to?

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DoorDash will deliver to most places typically within a 5-mile radius but this can expand up to 30 miles of your address depending on the restaurant/shop and the driver.

However, don’t expect all drivers to deliver up to 30 miles. This is very much the exception.

Will DoorDash Deliver to a Hospital?

DoorDash will deliver to hospitals but not all drivers will deliver to hospital beds/rooms.

It’s definitely worth speaking to the nurse or doctor on your ward in case the hospital has any restrictions in place.

For example, some hospitals frown upon, or even ban, outside food from coming into the hospital.

It’s not worth the risk of making an order only to find later that you can’t receive it – so definitely check before submitting your order.

Moreover, some hospitals will not appreciate delivery drivers traipsing around their wards.

Will DoorDash Deliver to My Workplace/Job?

DoorDash will deliver to most workplaces within the delivery radius but you need to ensure that the driver has access to your office or whether else you work.

For example, some high-rise office blocks are restricted from the lobby to only allow access to employees or people with clearance. Bear this in mind when you make your order as you may need to go to the lobby to collect your food.

Will DoorDash Deliver to a Hotel and Hotel Room?

Yes, DoorDash will deliver to hotels and hotel rooms provided that access to the hotel room isn’t limited to patrons only.

In some hotels, it’s not possible to gain access to the room as some implement policies to prevent customers’ friends and other acquaintances from crashing in the hotel room without paying the room fee.

If you have any concerns, then it’s worth contacting reception to see what the hotel’s policy is on this.

If they don’t allow non-paying visitors to the room then it will just be a matter of going down to the lobby to pick the food up.

Will DoorDash Deliver to a Parking Lot?

Yes, DoorDash will deliver to a parking lot.

Make sure you provide the correct address and further instructions for the driver within the app so they know where to locate you.

Will DoorDash Deliver to a Park?

DoorDash will deliver to a park but again make sure you provide the correct address of the park and also your location in the delivery instructions part of the app.

Will DoorDash Deliver to a Beach?

DoorDash will deliver to the beach but you will need to be careful to provide proper instructions within the app so that the driver can locate you.

Will DoorDash Deliver to My Car?

Yes, DoorDash will deliver to your car. Simply pull up to an address and input that into the app and provide instructions that you are in a car.

Obviously, do not drive around whilst waiting for your delivery as this will create a nightmare for the Dasher.

What Goods Will DoorDash Deliver?

DoorDash now delivers a wide variety of foods and other products through their various partners accessible both on the website and on the app.

You should note that not all of their partners are present on the DoorDash app or website and sometimes you will find Doordash delivery options on the websites/apps of their partners.

An example of this is Walmart, which isn’t currently covered on the DoorDash app or on the website but is covered on Walmart’s website when you finalize your delivery.

Here’s a list of the types of goods and foods now sold:

  • Fast food and drink
  • Alcohol and liqor
  • Flowers
  • Cakes
  • Gifts
  • Gift cards
  • Electronics
  • Grocery store goods
  • Prescriptions
  • Pharmaceutical products

Does DoorDash Deliver Auto Parts?

Yes, DoorDash has partnered with O’Reillys to provide auto parts.

Does DoorDash Deliver Sports Goods?

We checked this out on DoorDash’s website and in the app and we could only find a very limited amount of sporting goods available.

DoorDash does stock a lot of energy drinks through Dashmart, however.

Does DoorDash Deliver Clothes?

Generally speaking, DoorDash doesn’t deliver clothes, although they have at certain times partnered with Macy’s where you could use DoorDash’s drivers to deliver your clothes purchased on Macy’s website.

Does DoorDash Deliver Tobacco?

Yes, DoorDash will deliver tobacco products but you need to present ID to show that you’re older than 21 and there are also a number of restrictions on the places they will deliver to.

Check out DoorDash’s tobacco guidelines for full details.

Does DoorDash Deliver Best Buy Goods?

DoorDash doesn’t currently deliver Best Buy goods, although you can get DoorDash vouchers from the Best Buy store.

Does DoorDash Deliver Kohls Goods?

DoorDash doesn’t currently deliver goods from Kohls but there has been talk of them introducing this in the near future.

Does DoorDash Deliver Costco Goods?

Unfortunately, DoorDash doesn’t deliver for Costco but if you’re desperate for same-day Costco delivery, you are in luck as they have a relationship with DoorDash’s competitor, Instacart, who will get your goods to you the very same day.

Does DoorDash Deliver Kroger Goods?

DoorDash doesn’t currently deliver Kroger goods but Kroger does have a relationship with Instacart and Shipt so you can get your goods delivered the same day.

Does DoorDash Deliver for GameStop?

Yes, DoorDash now delivers for GameStop.

You will get this option on the DoorStop website when you go to purchase your item. Simply select DoorDash delivery. It costs $5 at the time of writing this.

DoorDash Weather Policy: Do they Deliver in Bad Weather like Snow, Rain and High Winds?

DoorDash drivers will generally deliver in all conditions and some even thrive in it as they say that they get increased tips in such conditions.

DoorDash has also offered to Dashers a $6 delivery bonus in the past.

However, you will find that delivery times may be longer in particularly bad weather for a number of reasons including:

  • Less drivers will be working
  • The demand for food may go up at these times
  • Stores and restaurants may delay preparation of your order if they are experiencing staffing shortages

Also, you need to bear in mind that DoorDash drivers are limited to where they can get their vehicles to. If you live somewhere that is completely blocked off by snow then it’s unlikely the delivery driver will be able to get to you.

Tipping Your DoorDash Delivery Driver

You can tip your DoorDash driver in person or using the app.

DoorDash says that its drivers keep all of their tips.

It’s common practice to tip around 10% – 20%. Avoid tipping anything less than $3.

You should tip more if they’ve traveled further or have traveled in inclement weather.

Does DoorDash Force You to Tip?

No, DoorDash does not force you to tip. Giving a tip is entirely at the user’s discretion but bear in mind that a DoorDasher’s base pay is only $2-10 per order so we think most people should offer a tip in good conscience.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that DoorDash is offering more and more options every year to get your goods and food to you as quickly as possible.

They will deliver most places, in all weathers, and can now provide many different types of products, food, and drink with the availability and variety of these products increasing year on year!

If you haven’t really used DoorDash yet, then it’s definitely worth downloading the app and exploring it for yourself. We love it!

It’s one of our favorite apps and it’s easy to see why DoorDash is now the market leader in the on-demand delivery market.

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