Does McDonald’s Accept Samsung Pay?

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We love using electronic wallets to pay for stuff.

They are convenient, fast, and very secure compared to other payment options.

Samsung Pay is no exception and offers a very reliable option when it comes to using your mobile device to pay for things.

This post looks at whether Samsung Pay is accepted at the most loved fast food joint in the USA – McDonald’s.

Does McDonald’s Accept Samsung Pay?: The Short Answer

The short answer is that you can pay for your food in McDonald’s using the Samsung Pay app on your Samsung phone.

Simply present your phone with the Samsung Pay app activated to the cashier and your food can be paid for contactlessly.

Does the McDonald’s App Accept Samsung Pay?

Unfortunately, the McDonald’s app does not currently support Samsung Pay.

It only supports Apple Pay as it stands.

This is a bit frustrating but hopefully, they will introduce it at some point in the future.

Does McDonald’s Drive-Thru Accept Samsung Pay?

Yes, you can pay with Samsung Pay at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Just present your Samsung device to the cashier with Samsung pay activated and you can pay for your meal using the contactless card payment machine.

Other Ways to Pay for Your Meal at McDonald’s

If you don’t have Samsung Pay or don’t have your mobile phone with you, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of other ways to pay.

Here’s a list of other ways you can pay for your meal at McDonald’s:

  • With good old-fashioned cash (in-store and drive-thru only)
  • With credit or debit card (in-store, drive-thru and app)
  • With Apple Pay (in-store, drive-thru and app)
  • With Google Pay (in-store and drive-thru)
  • With EBT vouchers

Unfortunately, you can’t pay with a check at McDonald’s, however.

Is Samsung Pay Secure?

Samsung Pay is very secure.

It includes multi-factored authentication in that you usually need to unlock your phone and also provide a password/fingerprint scan to use Samsung Pay.

When the digital data is sent to the contactless payment machine, it then transmits through a secure payment network where the data is decrypted and verified.

Samsung pay is, therefore, much more secure than traditional payment methods like cash or credit/debit cards as these don’t have multi-factored authentication or encryption and can be stolen and used at will.

Final Thoughts

As you will see from the above, Samsung Pay is fairly well supported at McDonald’s, although it is disappointing that it can’t be used within the McDonald’s app.

You should note that you can’t use Samsung Pay with other Android devices or with iPhones so you will need to use Google Pay or Apple Pay if you have a non-Samsung Android device or Apple device.

We hope this article answers your queries regarding Samsung Pay. However, if we have missed anything that you think we should cover, then please let us know in the comments section.

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