Does McDonald’s Accept $50 Bills/Notes?

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Can You Pay At McDonald’s With $50 Bills: Short Answer

The short answer is that, yes, you can generally pay with $50 bills at McDonalds subject to some exceptions below.

When Can You Not Use $50 Bill at McDonald’s?

We have only come across it a handful of times, but $50 bills are sometimes turned down and rejected if the cashier doesn’t have the correct change in the cash register.

This is quite rare in our experience as McDonald’s usually have enough cash to give you your change, so they can generally accept $50 bills without issue.

Do McDonald’s Self-Service Kiosks Accept $50 bills?

The self-service kiosks now present in many McDonald’s stores don’t generally accept cash, which obviously includes $50 bills.

This has presented a problem for many McDonald’s customers as around 40% still prefer to pay for their food with cash.

However, in 2019 some McDonald’s restaurants did start providing self-service kiosks that do accept cash, although they are not widely available.

It’s probably worth giving your local McDonald’s a call if you intend to use cash at one of these kiosks to see if they have these newly improved machines installed.

Can You Use Cash With the McDonald’s App?

You can’t use cash with the McDonald’s app.

The McDonald’s app only accepts credit and debit cards and Apple Pay.

Does McDonald’s Drive-Thru Accept $50 Bills?

Yes, McDonald’s does generally accept $50 bills at its drive-thru.

This comes with the same caveat as above, that it depends whether the cashier has sufficient change in the cash register but this is hardly ever a problem in our experience.

Ways Other Than Cash To Pay At McDonald’s?

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If you’ve not got cash, then there’s no need to threat.

You can still get your BigMac fix!

There are numerous ways you can pay for your food at McDonald’s including:

  • Credit or Debit Card including American Express (in-store, kiosk, drive-thru and on the app)
  • Google Pay (in-store, kiosk, drive-thru)
  • Apple Pay (in-store, kiosk, drive-thru and online app)
  • McDonald’s gift card (in-store and drive-thru)

Unfortunately McDonald’s doesn’t accept checks, nor does it accept PayPal directly.

Should You Use Cash At McDonald’s?

Cash is still used by 40% of customers at McDonald’s so it’s still well supported.

However, our preference is to use Android or Apple Pay where possible.

We find electronic wallets are much more secure, easy to use and you can keep track of your expenses much easier using them.

While cash still has its place, it is a little behind the times and electronic wallets or using a contactless debit cards provide much more convenience.

Bottom Line

In summary, $50 bills are widely accepted at McDonald’s and you should be able to use one at pretty much all restaurants.

If you are unlucky enough to be in a situation where the cashier doesn’t have enough change to accept one, then there’s still plenty of other ways you can pay.

We hope this answered your query but if you feel there’s anything we haven’t answered, then please let us know in the comments section.

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