Best Places to Sell Old DVD Players

Where to Sell Your Used DVD or Bluray Player

Even though DVD’s are now obsolete technology, it’s still possible to sell your old DVD player to make some extra cash.

Many people still have extensive DVD collections and for that reason there will continue to be a demand for DVD players, even if the technology has moved on somewhat.

With that in mind, we have put together a list of 5 places you should should check out if you’re looking to sell your DVD player today.

Some marketplaces do charge a listing and/or sale fee so we’ve made sure to highlight these charges in our article.

These places are also perfect if you’re looking to sell an old Bluray player.

1.Pawn Guru

Pawn Guru Logo

Pawn Guru is an online pawn shop where you can submit details of your goods for a valuation by them.

Once you’ve submitted the information about your product, Pawn Guru will contact various pawn shops and come back to you with an offer to purchase your product.

You can then decide whether to accept or reject their offer.

If you accept their offer you can then take or deliver the product to any of their stores across the country and receive your cash.

Here’s a list from their website showing their store locations:-

pawn guru store locations
pawn guru store locations

Pawn Guru does not charge you a fee for selling your goods, which is obviously a bonus.

Just don’t expect really high valuations from them. Their valuations tend to be below the market rate.

Pawn shops usually sell the products they purchase onto their customers and this means they need to acquire the goods they sell at a low price to be able to make a profit.

However, pawn shops can be a great choice if you want a fast sale and are just looking to receive some quick cash.


  • Free valuation and service
  • Locations throughout the US
  • Convenient and easy way to sell


  • Low offers and valuations

2. Online Forums

Online forums and groups are a very overlooked place to sell used electronic items.

Many forums across the internet include a buy/sell section where you can list your items and invite offers.

Electrotechonline is a great example of this but there are many different types of forums where you can sell goods such as:-

  • Groups and forums for your home town
  • Mother/baby/family forums
  • Sports forums

The best thing about selling on forums is that there are generally no charges you have to pay to sell your goods.

The downside is that selling on such places can be a little less secure as you are usually dealing with strangers. Forum moderators/owners are often reluctant to get involved in any disputes.

This is less of a problem as a seller as normally you wouldn’t ship the product until you’ve received payment but you can still get stung if the buyer denies having received the product.

For that reason, it can be useful to ship your product using a track and trace courier or one with insurance. You will need to decide yourself whether that is worth it.

Saying that, I have sold numerous items on forums over the years and have never had a problem.

Some forums I have used have buyer/seller ratings whereby the user gets rated after they’ve either bought or sold something so you can see whether that person is to be trusted.

With forums you can usually get higher offers than at pawn shops as the person buying is generally not selling the product on.


  • Usually no seller charges
  • Reasonable valuations and offers


  • Less secure than other market places

Tips for selling your DVD Player

✔ Take high quality photos of your item from several angles if possible. Include photographs of the accessories and remote if you have them.

✔ Ensure to give your item a good wipe down before taking photographs and selling. The newer it looks, the more it is likely to sell for.

✔Be transparent about any blemishes like scratches or if there are any faults. It’s better to be upfront about these things than to have to deal with time consuming returns or damage to your seller rating on sites like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace.

✔ List the full features of your item. If your item can record as well as play DVDs then say so. If your item comes with all the accessories then say that.

✔ Write clear and compelling headlines and ensure you list all of the functions and accessories in your listing.

light bulb

3. Facebook Marketplace

facebook market place logo

Facebook is another great place to sell DVD and Bluray players.

The thing I love about Facebook Marketplace is that it can connect you to potential buyers in your local area. This makes things that bit easier in terms of delivery and logistics.

In most instances you can drive the product to the buyer or they can come and pick it up from you at little expense.

Not only that but Facebook is a huge marketplace with 223 million users in the USA alone. This means it’s a massive market to find a buyer for your item.

Facebook Marketplace is also free unless you’re a merchant (i.e. a selling business).

There are some protections for buyers on FB Marketplace if they purchase through Facebook’s own shipping options. In certain circumstances this allows buyers to initiate a return of your item within 30 days.

However, peer to peer transactions where you sell for cash or through PayPal are final, meaning Facebook generally doesn’t get involved in such transactions. Whilst saying that, you can create a returns policy if you wish.

Facebook does now offer a buyer and seller rating system which is helpful and offers some peace of mind as a seller.

If you are shipping your product to the buyer then, as above, it is worth considering whether a track and trace or insured courier is worth using.


  • Usually no seller charges unless you’re a merchant
  • Huge marketplace
  • Ability to sell in your locality


  • Protection stacked in favor of buyer
  • You need a Facebook account

4. Ebay

ebay logo

Despite its decline in recent years, Ebay is still a huge marketplace with over 180 million users per year worldwide.

Ebay is one of the oldest and most trusted marketplaces on the internet so it would be rude not to include it in our list.

The obvious issue with Ebay compared to others on our list is that there are some fees you need to be aware of.

You can now list up to 200 items per month on Ebay for free.

However, there is a final value charge which is charged when you sell your product.

For DVD players the fee is 10.2% of the final sale sum up to $750. For example, if you sell your DVD player for $25 you will pay $2.55 as your final value fee.

You need to bear in mind that if you’re using PayPal there is also a 2.9% + $0.30 fee which is taken from your final selling price before your Ebay final value fee is deducted.

While fees are certainly a drawback, I have found over the years that you can charge a little more than if you’re selling on a forum or on Facebook Market place. This can help you cover the fees.

This is because people generally trust Ebay more than the alternatives and Ebay and PayPal offers buyer protection which people are prepared to pay a little extra for.

There are some seller protections with Ebay and it has for a long time had a seller and buyer rating system so you can assess the trust of who you do business with.

If you are shipping the product by courier then, again, you will want to consider whether you use an insured or track and trace delivery option.


  • Trusted marketplace
  • Massive global and local userbase
  • Seller protections


  • Final value fee

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is another great place to sell used electronics like DVD or Bluray players.

Craigslist allows you to sell your items to people in your locality. Like FB Marketplace, this means you can avoid delivery fees and the hassle of logistics as you can hand deliver your product.

Craigslist is also free if you are an independent seller (i.e. not a business) which makes it a great choice.

Craigslist has been known for scammers in the past and it offers no seller protection. Bear that in mind if you choose to sell your player on Craigslist.

For that reason the best option is to meet the buyer in person and to accept cash if possible.

Check out this useful guide if you want to know more about using Craigslist as a marketplace.


  • No fees
  • Local audience to save on delivery


  • No seller protection
  • Beware of scammers

Where is the Best Place Overall to Sell Old DVD/Bluray Players?

From our list, we like Facebook Marketplace because of the buyer/seller rating it provides, it’s massive userbase and the fact that it allows you to find buyers in your locality. It’s also free!

Ebay is still a great place to sell electronics despite the fees. We find Ebay offers the best seller protections and is generally trusted by sellers and buyers alike.

Final Thoughts

Any of the above are ideal for selling your used DVD or Bluray player and should allow you to get your hands on some money fast, rather than sending your old player to landfill.

We can summarize as follows:-

  • Pawn Guru: Good if you want a fast sale, although expect a lower sale price
  • Forums: Solid free option
  • Facebook Marketplace: Huge marketplace and free
  • Ebay: Best for seller protections and massive well trusted marketplace
  • Craigslist: Great for local selling to avoid expensive delivery charges

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