Amazon CPU Return Policy: Full Guide

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As the biggest retailer in the world, Amazon has become that one-stop-shop for everything from its humble beginnings when it only sold books.

Amazon now stocks a wide range of computer hardware including CPUs (Central Processing Units) from the two main brands, Intel and AMD.

If you’ve purchased a CPU from Amazon but want to make a return, then you’ll need to know what Amazon’s return policy is.

To help you there, we’ve looked at its returns window, how to make a return, what it will cost you, and much more.

We’ve even compared Amazon’s CPU returns policy to some of its main competition so you can decide where to buy from if you’ve not yet done so.

Keep reading to find out…

What is Amazon’s CPU Returns Policy? In Brief

You can return a CPU to Amazon within 30 days of receipt for either an exchange or a refund. You should return your CPU in “like new” condition with its packaging and any accessories/manuals etc…

This means you can return a CPU if:

  • It’s faulty or defective (bent pins, won’t post etc…)
  • It was ordered by mistake
  • You’re underwhelmed with the performance
  • It’s no longer required
  • An unwanted gift

Here is a list from Amazon that you can choose from when you return your CPU:

How to Return a CPU to Amazon?

You can return your CPU to Amazon by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account
  2. Click the returns and orders section in the top right-hand corner of the screen (if you’re using the mobile app click the little man on the bottom row and click “your orders”)
  3. Select return or replace items (if on mobile just click the photo of the item and click return items)
  4. Complete the drop-down menu with the options for why you’re returning the CPU
  5. Complete the box providing details for the return
  6. Select your preferred return method
  7. Print the return label and include it with your return delivery

Can You Return a CPU to Amazon Free of Charge?

Yes, Amazon provides free returns shipping with most items so you won’t have to pay a return postage fee, nor will you have to pay a re-stocking fee.

(For other PC parts such as GPU’s, RAM, PSU’s, motherboards, and hard drives, check out our Amazon PC Parts returns policy).

Can I Return a CPU to Amazon With No Box or Accessories?

On the exact wording of Amazon’s return policy, you should return your CPU with the box and accessories such as coolers/heat sinks and manuals.

We’d recommend not opening your package at all if the order is a mistake or an unwanted gift.

If it’s defective then you’ll have likely had to open the package to find this out and this won’t be a problem.

We’d recommend speaking to a member of staff using Amazon’s help center if you have any queries about your return – they are normally quite fast and helpful in our experience.

How Long Until I Receive a Refund for My Return CPU from Amazon?

It can take up to 14 days for Amazon to process your return.

This is because Amazon needs time to receive the package, check it to make sure the item is there and then issue you your refund.

You will receive the refund to the same debit/credit card you paid with.

How long it takes to receive the money in your account will depend on your credit or debit card issuer.

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Already Outside the 30-Day Window? Here’s What to Do


Even if the 30-day window has already expired, you still have some options when it comes to returning a CPU.

  • If it’s defective then you should still be able to return your CPU to Amazon even if you are beyond the 30 days. Both AMD and Intel provide a 3-year warranty with their CPUs to cover any defects and faults that your CPU arrives with or develops during that period;
  • Use your home or other insurance policy. Many policies now come with accidental damage, refund, and fault protection coverage so check your policies and make a claim against them if the 30-days have passed;
  • Sell your CPU. Even damaged CPUs can often be sold for parts or repair. If your CPU is an unwanted gift, the re-sale value for such products is usually pretty good so you should be able secure close to retail price if you sell second-hand.

Another option, if you’re just outside the 30-day window, is to speak to a member of staff at Amazon’s help center as there may be some flexibility if the 30-day window has only just expired.

How Does Amazon’s CPU Policy Compare?

If you’ve not yet purchased your CPU, it might be worth having a look at some of Amazon’s competitors to see how their returns policies compare.

Let’s take a look:

CompetitorReturns Window
Best Buy15 days (60 days for Totaltech members)
NewEgg30 days
Micro Center30 days
Walmart30 days
Target30 days

So 30 days is pretty much standard across the board bar Best Buy where this is reduced to 15 days but increased to 60 days if you’re a member.

Amazon’s CPU returns policy is therefore fairly standard and what you’d expect.

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Final Thoughts

Amazon provides a fairly typical 30-day returns window for CPUs and also free returns delivery in most cases.

The convenience of using the Amazon app and free delivery on many items (especially for Prime members) makes it an ideal place to source your next CPU.

Their prices are usually pretty good to boot with loads of deals on around the holidays and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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