10 Hobbies at Home that Make Money


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From a young age I’ve always thought wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make money from your hobby.

The problem with working in a regular job is that for 95% of us, we just work to live and don’t really get a great deal of job satisfaction from what we spend many hours of our lives doing. At least nowhere near as much satisfaction as we get from our pastimes. 

I used to DJ at clubs in my late teens and early 20’s. I loved it not only because I loved music but also because there’s nothing better, in my view, than people enjoying the music you love too.  I also got free beer – woop!

I never made it to the big time but I did make some money from it and I still regard it as the most fun I ever had making money.

If you can make a full-time living from doing something you love, then that is an amazing position to be in and I am very envious of you.

But still, even if you can’t make a full-time living, there are still tons of ways you can make money by doing fun things. Things that you might even class as your hobbies already.

With that in mind, I wanted to write an article about hobby-related things you can do to make money just to prove that making money doesn’t always have to be a chore but can actually be a rewarding and enjoyable pastime.

If the above sounds good, then let’s have a look at a few things you can do to make money and have fun at the same time.

Let’s have a look at how.

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Do Gig Economy Jobs

Gig economy jobs are small, usually short-term, side jobs that you can do for people usually on a contractor basis.

The best thing is that some gig economy jobs are things that you might enjoy doing in your pastime anyway. You might not even realize that what you love doing can be monetized.

A few ideas are things like:-

  • Graphic design – Creating pins for Pinterest for example or designing logos for websites;
  • Freelance writing – People are often looking for people to write articles on certain subjects or for their websites;
  • Interior design – If you’ve got an eye for how to make a place look cool, this might be the perfect job for you;
  • Game development – If you’re proficient at building software this will be the ideal gig for you.

The website Upwork is the perfect place to look for such work.

Create a Website about Something you Love

Who says your passion can’t become your business?

You might not realize it but there is actually a lot of money to be made through writing about some of your favorite pastimes.

Health and fitness and food are two of my favorite things and I know there are people out there making a fortune with websites covering those topics

Two of my favorite Food and Health and Fitness websites are:-

Pinch of Yum – This food website created by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom is a prime example of how you can turn something you love into a business. They have created a six-figure website about all things food. What started out as a casual hobby soon turned into a multi-million dollar business. They make money mainly through website advertising but also through courses and affiliates.

Avocadu – This health and wellness website created by a personal trainer, Alex Nurney and his partner, Lauren McManus is the perfect place if you’re looking for tips for healthy living, weight loss, yoga, supplements, and healthy recipes. To boot, they make six figures each year doing something they love and are passionate about. They make money mainly through weight loss courses and affiliate sales.

Indeed, the website you’re on now was set up because of my passion for all things finance. If you’re interested in setting up your own website then check out my article here which can guide you through the process.

If you’re interested why not check out my 5000-word guide on how to set up a money-making website:-

Play Games

Who doesn’t love playing games?

The best thing is that some websites actually pay you do so.

You won’t make as much as the above methods but you can still make a few extra dollars here and there testing video and mobile games. 

My three favorite websites for earning money whilst playing and testing video games are:-

Look After Dogs

If you’re a dog lover and love the idea of making money looking after them, then this side hustle is perfect for you.

The company Rover allows you to sign up and puts you in contact with thousands of dog owners across the US. You could be doing anything from walking them, pet sitting or taking custody whilst the owners are away.

The best thing is you don’t need any formal qualifications or certifications to look after dogs through Rover.

Simply sign up, complete your profile setting out the services you offer and your rate of pay and in no time you can be in touch with dog owners in your area who might want to utilize your services.


Probably one of the oldest and most well-known ways of making side income – especially as a teen.

Traditionally you would babysit for your friends or family but thankfully the internet has changed all that, making babysitting opportunities much more widespread.

Babysitting side jobs are so flexible, rewarding, and often fairly well paid for essentially not doing a great deal of hard work.

If you love spending time with children then it’s the perfect side hustle.

 Here are a few websites that I trust and recommend you start looking:-

Watch Videos

Yup – it is possible to earn a few extra dollars watching videos.

Sounds like a pretty cool way to make money given it’s probably something you spend time doing anyway.

You’re not going to make millions from watching videos but with these websites, you can just have the video running in the background on a separate browser window and make money.

All of these websites will pay you to watch videos so what are you waiting for?

Sell Your Snaps

Photography is an awesome hobby and one I am very fond of myself.

If you’re keen on photography you’ll probably be taking some fairly professional-looking shots that are well sought after on the internet.

All the photographs on this website are royalty-free stock photographs that I’ve downloaded from various websites.

However, there are actually quite a few websites that sell photographs and those websites are willing to pay good money to purchase the photos of amateur and professional photographers alike.

Check out these legitimate websites to sell your photographs and get up to $100 per photo:-

How I made $3500 on Facebook with affiliate marketing

In around 2015, I started affiliate marketing on the only platform I had available to me at the time – Facebook. I didn’t have a blog back then.

Even so, I still managed to make around $3500 just by using Facebook!

Better still, I only posted on my Facebook wall around 20 times to do this. That’s the power of affiliate marketing!

I have written a full post about exactly how I did it.

Sell Things You Make

If you’re a dab hand at creating things, why not sell them for a profit?

There are tons of people out there making a full-time income selling all manner of things they make such as:-

  • Jewelry;
  • Clothing;
  • Embroidery;
  • Candles;
  • Artwork;
  • Organizers;
  • Art decor and
  • Greetings cards.

Etsy is the perfect place to sell such items so you can turn your hobby craft into a legitimate and worthwhile side, or even full time, business.

Teach Your Hobby

Teaching people how to do your hobby is a great way of earning money.

The best thing is that as it’s your passion, it won’t really feel like a chore as you’ll be teaching other people to do things that you love.

There are thousands of people on the internet looking for cheap ways to learn new skills and hobbies.

This is highly subjective but here are some ideas:-

  • Photography;
  • How to play a musical instrument;
  • Music production;
  • Web design;
  • Sports;
  • Investing;
  • Driving;
  • Fishing;
  • Dancing;
  • Yoga;
  • Cooking.

You don’t even need to be an expert at these things before you can teach them. If you’re fairly proficient at them, then there’s no reason why you can’t teach other people to be too.

Platforms like Teachable and Udemy are perfect if you want to make paper or video courses teaching others how to do your hobbies.

Why Not Start a Blog?

Starting a blog to make money isn’t as difficult as you may have been told. I started this one 6 months ago and it now makes over $1000 every single month whilst I work full time in the day.

On a scale of difficult things I’ve done in my life, I don’t even put blogging anywhere near to the top. It still blows my mind how easy it was to earn my first few dollars with zero experience. 

It’s also a really cheap business to run – You can set up a blog here with Blue Host for as little as $3.95 per month. You’ll then just need a platform to run your blog on (I recommend WordPress) and some persistence. Take those steps, don’t give up and you can thank me later ? 

Design and Sell T-Shirts

If you’ve got an eye for design then why not design and sell your own t-shirts.

This is an awesome side hustle that has tried and tested 6 figure potential.

See here how this guy made over $150k selling t-shirts. The best thing is that he didn’t even have any experience.

Amazon’s Merch website is perfect if you want to start selling t-shirts.

Amazon Merch

“Simply upload your artwork, choose a product type and color, and add a product description. We’ll create a product page on Amazon and when customers buy your product, we’ll handle production, shipping, and customer service — all with no upfront costs”

⭐Bonus Side Hustle

One of the most carefree ways to make quick money is to complete online surveys.

There are a lot of garbage survey companies so you need to know which ones to sign up to.

I would recommend any of these 3 survey sites to earn anything up to $300 a month if you can get on the right surveys.

I would recommend these 3 survey sites:-


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