Macy’s Furniture Return Policy: Complete Guide


As one of the most visited department stores in the US, it’s unsurprising that Macy’s stocks an incredible array of furniture items, from sofas to beds, mattresses, and furnishing accessories.

If you’ve ordered furniture from Macy’s but are thinking of making a return to them; perhaps the item is not the quality you expected, it’s the wrong color, or is defective then you’ll want to get up to speed with Macy’s return policy.

Like most stores, Macy’s has a limited time in which you can return furniture so to help you out there we’ve covered how long you’ll get to make the return, how to return the furniture, when to expect a refund, and much more.

Let’s dive in…

What is Macy’s Furniture Return Policy? The Short Answer

If you’re returning furniture to Macy’s shipped directly from a vendor via UPS ground return policy for preference reasons (e.g. if you don’t like it or it’s the wrong color etc..), you must return it within 30 days of receipt by contacting Macy’s for a full refund or exchange.

For items with a scheduled delivery return policy, Macy’s asks you to carefully inspect the furniture and contact them within 3 days of receipt if you notice an issue with it.

You can check whether your item is a “scheduled delivery” product by clicking on the listing on and then going to the “Shipping & Free Returns” tab:

macys shipping and returns screenshot

Shipping fees are not refunded and a 15% restocking fee will be deducted for making a return.

How Long to Return Defective Furniture to Macy’s

If the item develops a fault outside the return window then you should still be able to return the item to Macy’s under the product’s warranty.

We’d advise checking your warranty documentation and then contacting Macy’s at 888-822-6229 to discuss your return.

You shouldn’t have any issues returning items where a fault has developed unless you’re well beyond your warranty period.

You should also ensure that they do not charge the 15% restocking fee which shouldn’t be applicable for defective items.

How to Return Furniture to Macy’s?

Macy’s policy stipulates that you should contact them at  888-822-6229 if you wish to return furniture to them.

This also applies to furniture items such as mirrors, wall art, and lamps.

They do not allow you to make the return in-store.

Simply contact  888-822-6229 and Macy’s will arrange for the pick up of the furniture.

You do not have to pay any delivery charges but for items return for preference reasons they do charge a 15% restocking fee and your original delivery charges are not refunded.

What is Macy’s Return Policy for Mattresses?

Macy’s return policy for mattresses is slightly different from general furniture items so it’s worth taking a look at separately.

For mattresses, Macy’s allows you to return them within 120 days if you’re not satisfied. They ask that you contact them at 888-822-6229  within this period to notify them

This means you can return a mattress if you’re not satisfied with the comfort but also for pretty much any other reason.

Within 120 days, Macy’s allows you to make a one-time re-selection (i.e. to choose another mattress) or to secure a full refund if you’d rather that.

The 120 days applies whether the mattress is shipped directly from the vendor via UPS or if the scheduled delivery return policy applies.

However, they still charge the 15% restocking fee and you still won’t be eligible for a refund of the initial delivery charges unless the mattress is defective, in which case you shouldn’t be charged either.

If the mattress develops a fault outside the 120 days, then, again, we’d advise contacting Macy’s at 888-822-6229 with details of your product warranty information.

Can You Return Opened and Used Furniture and Mattresses to Macy’s?

Macy’s does stipulate that the furniture should be in its original packaging and original condition when you make a return.

However, you will probably be ok if you’re only missing minor packaging.

In relation to mattresses, they do allow 120 days for you to try the mattress so the rules are bent slightly there (i.e. you can’t be expected to try the mattress without using it or to keep it in its packaging while you try it).

If you’ve got any doubts, we’d recommend contacting Macy’s at 888-822-6229.

How Does Macy’s Furniture Return Policy Compare?

We’ve had a look at the market to see how Macy’s competition compares when it comes to furniture returns policies.

This is what we found:

Competitor Return Window
CostcoReturn any time
Target90 days
Walmart90 days
Pottery Barn30 days
Wayfair30 days

Final Thoughts

Macy’s furniture return policy is not the most generous around and there are many other stores that won’t charge a restocking fee for making returns.

However, they do stock a good selection of up-market bespoke furniture and you do tend to get what you pay for when it comes to furniture items.

Remember that most products sold by Macy’s come with a warranty period that you can claim against if your product develops a fault outside the return window.

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