Ikea Mattress Returns: Ultimate Guide For Dummies

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Ikea now stocks a wide variety of mattresses and mattress-related products including everything from spring and memory foam mattresses, right through to mattress toppers and mattresses for cribs.

But what if you’ve purchased a mattress from Ikea but want to return it for a refund or replacement? Perhaps it’s providing a less than satisfactory night’s sleep or you’ve simply changed your mind about your purchase.

Mattress return policies vary from store to store and are sometimes shorter than returns policies for other goods because, let’s face it, who wants to sleep on a used and dirty mattress?

With that in mind, we’ve looked into Ikea’s mattress returns policy in detail and have set out our findings below. We’ve also looked at their returns policy for toppers, mattress covers, and pillow protectors.

Ikea Mattress Return Policy. In Short

With proof of purchase, Ikea allows you to return an unopened and unused mattress to them for a full refund within 12 months of purchase. This is reduced to 180 days if it is opened. You can also exchange for another mattress one time within 90 days of purchase.

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How to Return a Mattress to Ikea

You can either take the mattress to your local Ikea or you can arrange for their truck pickup service to collect the item by contacting 888-888-453 (although at the time of writing this, this service does not appear to be operating).

In order to return an item in-store, you should visit the exchanges and returns section of your store and approach the desk to discuss your return.

To return smaller items through the mail then you should print off the Ikea return slip and return it to your nearest store.

How Long Will My Ikea Mattress Return Take to Be Processed?

If you’re returning the item by mail or in-store then Ikea states that you should allow 7-10 business days to receive your refund from the date they receive the product.

You should note that refunds will be provided in the same payment form you purchased the mattress with (i.e. if you bought on card, that same card will be refunded).

Will Ikea Accept a Returned Dirty or Stained Mattress?

We checked Ikea’s returns policy and they will not accept any item that is found to be dirty, stained or damaged.

Nor will they accept any mattress that has been modified in any way.

However, should the mattress be damaged through normal use (e.g. a broken spring) then you should have no issue securing a refund or replacement from them.

Will I Need a Receipt to Return a Mattress to Ikea?

Yes, you should return the product with your receipt and a valid government ID. If you don’t have a receipt then try and locate your order number.

Ikea will retain your ID on their database for any other returns that you make. They likely do this to ensure that you’re not making excessive returns to them (i.e. using the product for a few months and then returning it for a refund).

If you don’t have a receipt then we recommend doing the following:

  • Check your email for any online invoice or receipt or other proof of purchase
  • Take a copy of your bank statement

Can I Return an Ikea Mattress for a Replacement?

Yes, you can return your Ikea mattress within 90 days of purchase for a replacement.

This is handy if you’ve slept on the mattress but have found it uncomfortable, too small, or ill-fitting.

What to Do If You’re Outside the Returns Window?

If you are just outside the returns window then we advise speaking to a manager or someone in a senior position.

Often, stores will have some flexibility on their returns policy, especially if you are only outside the window of return for a short period.

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What is Ikea’s Guarantee/Warranty on Mattresses?

We checked this out and can confirm that a mattress purchased from Ikea comes with a 10-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

However, you will need to have the original receipt or order number.

Ikea’s 10-year mattress guarantee only covers defects in the fabric and structure of the mattress such as:

  • Faulty or broken springs
  • Misshaping such as sagging
  • Broken fabric

However, the guarantee doesn’t cover mattress pads, sofa bed mattresses, or children’s mattresses.

Ikea’s mattress guarantee also doesn’t cover:

  • Mattresses that have been used, installed or stored incorrectly
  • Mattresses that have been altered or modified
  • Mattresses that have been cleaned using the wrong cleaning products
  • Normal wear and tear such as stains, scratches, cuts or damage caused by accidents
  • Mattresses that have been used outside or in a humid environment

What About Ikea’s Return Policy for Toppers, Mattress Covers, and Pillow protectors?

The policy remains the same for these items so 12 months if they are unused and unopened and 180 days if opened.

Again, if the item has been damaged by you (i.e. isn’t faulty) or is stained or dirty then you may face more difficulty returning it.

How Does Ikea’s Mattress Returns Policy Hold Up?

We’ve had a look at some of Ikea’s competitors’ mattress returns policies to see how Ikea fares in comparison.

StoreReturns Policy
WalmartWithin 90 days of purchase provided it’s unused
CostcoNo set return window
Sam’s ClubWithin 30 days of purchase
WayfairWithin 100 days of purchase

As you will note, Ikea’s return policy is fairly competitive and was only beaten by Costco which doesn’t appear to have any set policy on when a mattress should be returned to them.

Final Thoughts

Ikea offers an extremely generous returns policy on its mattresses which beats most other stores’ policies within the industry.

Returning a mattress to Ikea can be more challenging and expensive than other stores as unfortunately, their return delivery is not free and their pick-up service doesn’t even seem to be available at present.

This will mean either arranging for your own courier to collect your mattress or taking it to an Ikea store yourself, which could be difficult, especially with larger mattresses such as queen or king-sized units.

If you’re just outside of the 180-365 day return window then it still may be worth reaching out to Ikea to see if they can offer some flexibility on your return.

If not, then remember that Ikea mattresses generally come with a 10-year guarantee for mattresses that develop a fault.

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