Does Best Buy Price Match eBay? Full Guide


If you’re shopping for new electronic goods, then one of your first stops is likely to be BestBuy which is one of the most popular and profitable electronic goods retailers in the USA.

The question is what happens if you’ve seen an item on eBay for cheaper but want to remain loyal to Best Buy by purchasing it from there.

In this case, you may want to enquire with Best Buy to see whether they’ll match the price you’ve seen on eBay.

We fully recommend looking for price matches wherever possible as they can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Here we will look at Best Buy’s price match guarantee policy and see whether it will cover items seen on eBay for cheaper.

Does Best Buy Price Match Ebay?

No, Best Buy doesn’t generally price match eBay and will only price match the online stores; Amazon, Dell, Crutchfield, HP, and Tiger Direct. Best Buy also doesn’t price match third-party sellers so unfortunately that probably excludes most retailers on eBay.

Keep reading to see what to do instead…

Best Buy Price Match Policy Explained and What to Do Instead

Best Buy’s standard price match policy is to price match competitors within a 25-mile radius from your local Best Buy store.

This, therefore, probably excludes eBay sellers unless they have a brick-and-mortar store within that distance from your local Best Buy.

As above, Best Buy’s price match policy usually excludes products shipped or sold by third-party sellers which sellers on eBay arguably are as their items are not sold by eBay but by the third party within the eBay marketplace.

Best Buy’s price match policy also excludes the following:-

  • Products sold at a price that’s only available to members such as loyalty groups
  • Any special offers like those on Cyber Monday or Black Friday
  • Subscription items, freebies, pricing errors, items cheaper because of a coupon, gift offer and speciality discounts

When it comes to price matching online, Best Buy will only price match with:

  • Amazon
  • Dell
  • Crutchfield
  • HP
  • Tiget Direct

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How to Get Around Best Buy’s Price Match Policy

If you are adamant that you want to buy a product you’ve seen on eBay from Best Buy then there are a few things that you can try.

  • Speak to a manager. Managers at Best Buy may be able to bend the rules slightly and we’ve heard stories of them doing just that, even where the price match falls outside of their policy. We recommend doing this in-store as you will often get better results than over the phone or online.
  • Check for the item on Amazon. Invariably, items being sold on eBay will be available on Amazon for the same or similar price. As Amazon is a retailer Best Buy do price match, then you may be able to secure a price match this way.

The most convenient way to check whether Best Buy will price match the product you’ve seen is to use their chat function.

Top Tip:

If you are discussing a price match with a retailer, always start off by asking for them to beat the price you’ve seen elsewhere, rather than to just match it. Sometimes retailers will agree to beat the price and save you some money.

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Does eBay Price Match Best Buy?


If you’ve seen an item on Best Buy that you want to price match at eBay then you’re in luck as eBay will price match items sold at Best Buy, where the item you’ve purchased at eBay shows eBay’s “Best Price Guarantee” logo.

eBay’s price guarantee actually goes one further than most as it actually offers to beat the price you’ve seen by giving you 110% of the difference.

By way of example, if you’ve purchased an item for $50 on eBay and then see it for $40 on Best Buy, eBay will give you $11.

Please note that the item must have been purchased off eBay within the last 48 hours and needs to be either new, unopened, or manufacturer refurbished.

Final Thoughts

Whilst Best Buy’s price match policy does seem to exclude eBay, there may be certain stores that will still do so. However, this does seem to be a common policy as we found when we looked into whether Staples Price Matched eBay and other stores.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that every Best Buy will do, it seems from our research that the managers have a degree of flexibility.

If not, then we recommend looking for the item on Amazon as they will often have similar priced items to eBay and Best Buy will price match them under their price match guarantee.

Another option is to check whether the store on eBay has a brick-and-mortar store within 25 miles of a Best Buy.

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