Newegg GPU Return Policy: Ultimate Guide

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With a yearly revenue of approaching $3 billion, Newegg is one of the country’s most loved computer hardware stores.

They stock everything you could ever need to build a PC on any budget.

They stock the entire range of graphics cards from Nvidia, AMD, and also Intel Arc units.

If you’ve purchased a new graphics card from Newegg but are thinking of making a return; perhaps the performance is underwhelming, it was a mistaken order or you’ve simply changed your mind, then you’ll need to get up to speed with Newegg’s returns policy.

To help you there, we’ve looked at what Newegg’s returns window is, how to make a return, when to expect a refund, and much more.

We’ve also covered Newegg’s more recent changes to its refund policy for certain graphics cards.

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What is Newegg’s GPU Returns Policy? In Short

In short, for GPUs “sold and shipped” by Newegg you can return them within 30 days of the delivery date. However, many GPUs now sold by Newegg are only eligible for replacement and not refund. We’ve covered more about this below.

Newegg’s returns policy for GPUs applies only to graphics cards that have been “sold and shipped” by Newegg.

You can find out whether your GPU comes under this by going to the product and clicking on the product listing.

You will then see a badge like this one in the top right:

This indicates Newegg’s returns policy will apply

However, if you see a badge like this one below, this means the GPU will fall under the third-party seller’s returns policy:

As you can see, this GPU is from Bitwork’s Marketplace and not Newegg

Will Newegg No Longer Refund GPUs that are Returned to Them?

Unfortunately, it would seem that Newegg now has a policy that it will not refund GPUs that are “sold and shipped” by them in most cases and will only offer an exchange for the same product.

This applies to AMD and Nvidia GPUs but mostly the latter from what we can see.

You can check an individual product by going to the product listing and heading toward the bottom of the page. You will see a section called “Warranty, Returns and Additional Information” like this:

As you can see, this Nvidia GPU is not eligible for a refund, only a replacement.

Some GPUs are still eligible for refund and replacement and you will see the 30-day hassle-free returns badge for these units:

However, the 30-day hassle-free returns label is fairly illusive and from what we could see it only applies to a limited number of GPUs now sold and shipped by Newegg.

It would seem from our research that the returns policies provided by third-party sellers on Newegg’s website are actually more generous in most cases.

For example, a GPU sold by the third-party seller “Yeston” below comes with a 30-day refund policy:

How to Return a GPU to Newegg

If you’re looking to make a return you will need to log in to your account, locate your order and then select refund or replace.

You can then select your reason for returning from the list. If it’s a lost shipment be sure to have all your tracking information.

If the item is damaged, include pictures of the damaged item.

Newegg will provide an RMA number which you will then need to include with your return.

You can also request a pre-paid returns label when going through the returns process which provides for free returns delivery for items weighing up to 50lbs (which will of course cover most, if not all, graphics cards).

You should note that Newegg does not charge a restocking fee for any of the items it sells.

Do I Need Packaging and Accessories to Return a GPU to Newegg?

Newegg stipulates that any product returned without all the original packaging and accessories such as the retail box, manuals and cables may be refused.

You will also likely be refused if there are any signs of modification or damage inflicted by you.

They can also refuse a return for missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable serial number labels, missing UPC codes, manufacturer model or part number labels, and/or warranty labels.

How Long to Get a Replacement or Refund for my GPU?

man with gpu

Newegg says to allow up to 2-3 days for your return to be processed upon receipt by them.

All in all, therefore, if your GPU is eligible for a refund (as above, most are not) then expect to receive your refund by around 7-10 business days after shipping it back.

Timings will depend on your bank/card issuer so it may be slightly longer or shorter than this period.

Replacement GPUs will be shipped within 1-2 days after your return has been processed so expect to receive your replacement around 5-7 business days after shipping it back to them.

You should note that Newegg does not allow you to replace your GPU with another type of GPU and can only be replaced with the same product.

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What to Do Outside the 30-Day Window?

If you’re outside the 30-day window then the best thing you can do currently is to sell your GPU on the secondhand market.

The pre-loved market for GPUs is booming right now and most of the time you can receive the price you paid for your GPU and even more for certain units that are in demand.

If your GPU has developed a fault outside the 30-day window, then you can always rely on the manufacturer’s warranty.

GPUs usually come with a guarantee of around 2-3 years in most cases. Here is a breakdown of the warranties provided by the main brands:

How Does Newegg’s Policy Compare to the Competition?

We’ve had a look at the competition to see how Newegg’s policy compares. Here is what we found:

Competitor Returns Policy
Amazon30 days
Costco 90 days
Best Buy15-60 days (60 days for Total Tech Members)
Micro Center30 days
Walmart30 days

Final Thoughts

Newegg’s returns policy is now fairly restrictive for most of the GPUs it sells and ships.

For most graphics cards, they now only allow a replacement within the first 30 days and will not refund you in most cases.

We understand this is in response to scalpers purchasing GPUs to try and make a profit from them, only to find they cannot sell them at the price they thought they could and then wanting to return them for a refund.

While Newegg does have an excellent selection and we understand Newegg’s reasoning, this change in policy is very much a dealbreaker for us and we’d only recommend buying from there if you’re confident you won’t be making a return or if you’re purchasing from a third-party seller on Newegg’s website.

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