Lowe’s Plant Return Policy: Complete Guide

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As one of the US’ most popular hardware and decor stores, Lowe’s is a great place to source pretty much any product you could ever need for your home.

They also stock a great selection of both real and artificial plants, shrubs, flowers, and perennials.

If you’ve purchased a plant from Lowe’s but are looking to make a return, this post has got you covered.

We’ll talk you through in detail what the return window is, how to make a return, what to do with no receipt, and much more.

Let’s dive in…

What is Lowe’s Plant Return Policy? The Short Answer

In short, for shrubs, trees, or perennials the return policy is 1 year from the original purchase date. For everything else, it’s 90 days from purchase. You will be offered a full refund or replacement.

You can return plants for all manner of reasons such as:

  • If they’re defective (i.e. are dead on arrival or broken etc…)
  • If you’ve changed your mind
  • Mistaken orders
  • Duplicate orders
  • Unwanted gifts

Can You Return Artificial Plants to Lowe’s?

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Yes, you can return artificial plants, flowers, succulents etc… but must do so within 90 days of purchase to secure a refund or replacement.

How to Return Plants to Lowe’s?

There are a couple of ways to return plants to Lowe’s.

The simplest way is to simply take the plant back to the Lowe’s you purchased it from but you can also take it to a different store if needs be (any store will accept returns countrywide).

You will need to:

  1. Bring the plant to any of Lowe’s hundreds of stores
  2. Take the plant to the customer service desk
  3. Hand the plant and an ID card to a member of staff.

You can also get a return barcode online to make things easier.

Another option is to start a return online.

You will then need to:

  1. Place the plant into a box
  2. Print the two returns labels you will be given when you start a return online
  3. Return your plant back to the address provided

Can I Return Plants to Lowe’s for Free?

Lowe’s provides free returns labels on all the products they sell.

You will also not be charged a re-stocking fee like some places charges.

However, you will not be refunded any initial delivery charges unless the item was delivered due to an error on Lowe’s part (mistaken orders etc…)

What is Lowe’s No Receipt Policy on Plants?

Lowe’s stipulates that for shrubs, trees, and perennials you will generally require a receipt before you can return them for a refund or exchange.

For other types of plants, they will usually offer a refund or exchange provided you have a valid ID. However, this will be in-store credit if you request a refund.

In most instances, Lowe’s should be able to track your order by tracing the credit/debit card you used, by looking up your phone number, or through your membership account if you paid that way.

How Does Lowe’s Plant Return Policy Compare to Others?

If you’re thinking of purchasing plants from a different store, it might be useful to see how Lowe’s competitors’ returns policies measure up.

Let’s take a look:

StoreReturn Window
CostcoReturn any time
Target90 days
Amazon30 days
Walmart365 days reduced to 90 days for artificial plants
Lowes90 days

Final Thoughts

Lowe’s 365 returns policy for shrubs, trees, and perennials is extremely generous and one of the lengthiest out there.

However, it is reduced to only 90 days for other types of plants including artificial plants.

But Lowe’s has an excellent selection making it an ideal place to source your next piece of greenery.

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