Does Walmart Fix Phone Screens? Answered

Fixing Your Cell Phone at Walmart

As you are probably aware, Walmart is the biggest retailer in the USA, turning over a gargantuan $300 billion in retail sales every year.


Over the years it has expanded its product range massively and is now a one-stop shop for pretty much every item you could think of.

With the huge rise in the use of cell phones over the last 20 years and with over 300 million handsets owned in the USA, Walmart has become one of the leading retailers for mobile phones and their accessories.

They sell everything from handsets, to protective cases, memory cards and screen protectors and much, much more!


Does it fix cell phone screens?

Scroll below for the answer.

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Does Walmart Repair Phone Screens?

Unfortunately, most Walmart stores do not generally provide a phone screen fixing service in-store.

However, in the last few years, Walmart has partnered with the company Puls that has a number of pop-up cell phone repair shops or kiosks in many Walmart stores across the country.

Puls provide a bespoke cell phone repair service fixing not only broken cell phone screens but also phones with water damage, battery issues as well other phone repair services.

Their flexible service means you can book yourself in for a repair while you do your shopping and then pick up your repaired phone after you’ve finished.

You can book in advance or simply walk up to the kiosk without an appointment!

Puls kiosks are normally located near to the tech section in Walmart stores.

If you want to check whether your local Walmart has a Puls store available in store, you can download the Puls app from their website which includes a Puls store locator.

Alternatively, you can contact your local Walmart store to ask their customer service team whether a Puls kiosk is available in their store.

Check Walmart’s store locator here.

Puls also provide a number of other services like home appliance repairs, TV mounting services, disinfection services, smart home installation, garage door repairs, and handyman and plumbing services.

A full range of services and prices can be found on Puls website.

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