Does KFC Accept Apple Pay? All You Need to Know

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Can I Pay at KFC With Apple Pay: The Short Answer

You can pay instore at KFC with Apple Pay but there are some exceptions when it comes to using Apple Pay which we’ll cover below.

Paying With Apple Pay In Store

We visited our local KFC to find out whether Apple Pay was accepted.

Our local KFC has both an option for self-service pay, whereby you input your order onto a screen, and also the traditional way of paying where you pay at the till.

We found that KFC accepted Apple Pay, both at the till and using the self-service machine.

Does the KFC App Accept Apple Pay?

At participating stores, the KFC app allows you to input your order on your smart phone before picking it up at the collection area in-store.

We were also curious about whether the KFC app would accept Apple Pay so we downloaded it to take a look.

Unfortunately, after submitting our order on the app, we discovered that Apple Pay wasn’t accepted, although Google Pay was.

This is obviously a bit of let down for iOS users out there and we hope KFC resolve this in the near future.

Does KFC Drive-Thru Accept Apple Pay?

We tried to pay with Apple Pay at the drive-thru of our local restaurant and it was accepted with no problems.

As above, you can use Apple Pay in-store and the drive-thru is essentially the same contactless system so it’s not surprising that it is accepted.

Does KFC Self-Service Accept Apple Pay?

The first thing to note is that KFC self-service has not been rolled out in every KFC yet.

We’re lucky because in our location, the KFC is brand new and was actually only opened a few weeks ago so it comes with all the mod cons.

During our first visit to this restaurant we actually used the self-service and it accepted Apple Pay without hassle.

So the answer is yes KFC self-service does accept Apple Pay, but with the caveat that your KFC has to come with self-service in the first place and not all restaurants do yet.

We’re sure KFC will roll out self-service in all its restaurants in due course. However, as KFC is a francize, it might take some time for each restaurant to get up to speed.

Does KFC Accept Checks?

We made some enquiries with our local KFC to answer this question for you and the answer we got was that they don’t accept checks.

This is not surprising as most fast food restaurants don’t in our experience.

Not many places do in this day and age.

Other Ways to Pay at KFC?

If you’ve not got an iOS phone or you’ve not got your phone with you, don’t threat!

There’s still plenty of other ways to guarantee your fried chicken fix.

Here’s some other ways you can pay at KFC:

  • With good old fashioned cash (in-store and at the drive-thru);
  • With credit or debit card (in-store at the till or self-service, at the drive thru and on the app);
  • With Google pay (in-store at the till or self-service, at the drive thru and on the app);
  • With a KFC gift card (in-store and at drive-thru).

Should You Use Apple Pay At KFC?

We love using Apple Pay, mainly because it’s so convenient but it is also very secure and simple to use.

Obviously there’s some downsides like if you’ve got no or low battery on your phone, if you don’t have your phone with you and also if you’re wanting to use it on the app which isn’t supported yet.

However, we find Apple Pay much easier than cash and just as easy as credit or debit card but with the added security of it having multi-factor authentication.

So, yes, we thoroughly recommend you try it!

Bottom Line

In summary, Apple Pay is well supported at KFC and can be used to pay for your food in-store at both the till and self-service and at the drive-thru.

It’s a shame it’s not supported on the KFC app, especially when Google Pay is, but hopefully they’ll roll it out in due course.

Apple Pay is a fast, convenient and secure way of paying for your food at KFC and we love using it!

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