Costco iPad Return Policy: Ultimate Guide

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The iPad is one of the most successful pieces of gadgetry this century, with over half a billion shipped in the last 10 years alone.

And where better to purchase it from than the USA’s best-loved membership store, Costco.

Costco stocks the entire range of Apple iPads including the Pro, Mini, and Air varieties.

If you’ve purchased an iPad from Costco but are looking to make a return; perhaps the performance is lacking, you’ve changed your mind or it’s an unwanted gift, then it’s important to get up to speed with what Costco’s policy is.

Most companies have a reduced returns window for electronics and different rules for Apple products and Costco is no different.

To help you there, we’ve looked at what Costco’s returns window is for iPads, how to make a return, what to do after the returns window, and much more.

Let’s dive in…

What is Costco’s iPad Return Policy? In Short

In short, you can return an iPad to Costco within 90 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange but there are a number of things to be aware of which we’ll cover below.

You can return an iPad for any number of reasons such as:

  • If it’s defective or faulty
  • If you’ve changed your mind
  • If it’s an unwanted gift
  • If you’ve ordered by mistake
  • If the performance isn’t up to scratch
  • If it’s a duplicate order

Costco is extremely flexible with returns and will accept pretty much any reason for returning an iPad.

How to Return an iPad to Costco

Before you return an iPad to Costco you must remove the “find my device” function from the device and also from iCloud.

You can do this by following these instructions:

You also need to factory reset your device which can be done by following the factory reset guide.

Once you’ve done that, you can then either return your iPad in-store by taking it to any of Costco’s warehouses and presenting it to the counter (even if you purchased it online) or you can use the online returns process.

It used to be that Costco wouldn’t accept Apple returns online but this appears to have been removed from their policy from what we can see.

To initiate a return, do this:

  1. Log into your Costco account
  2. Head to the menu and choose Orders and Returns
  3. Pick the returns option and complete the necessary steps
  4. You can then print off the USPS return label
  5. Place the label on your item and drop it off at your USPS drop-off location

Does Costco Provide Free Returns for iPads?

Yes, you can return an iPad to Costco for free as they provide a pre-paid USPS shipping label.

There is no restocking fee to pay either.

Costco also refunds any shipping charges from when you first purchased the product as well as refunding the original purchase price.

This means there is absolutely nothing to pay.

I Have Lost the Box and/or Accessories, Can I Still Return an iPad to Costco?

lady with ipad

Costco is usually very flexible when it comes to returns so you’re unlikely to have much of an issue if you’ve lost minor packaging.

If you’ve lost key accessories such as the charger, case, or cables then we’d advise reaching out to Costco to discuss this as they may deduct the cost of these items from your refund.

What to Do Beyond the 90-Day Window?

If you’re only just beyond the 90-day window, then we’d reach out to Costco to explain the situation.

Costco may be able to extend the window slightly if you explain your situation.

If your iPad has developed a fault outside the 90-day window, then another option is to rely on the Apple warranty you receive with the product.

Apple provides a 12-month guarantee with all of its iPads which you can use to secure a refund, replacement, or repair.

However, bear in mind that if you’re outside the warranty, repair costs do ramp up very quickly:

A third option is to simply sell your iPad. Apple products have excellent resale value and you can often get close to retail price for iPads that are in good condition.

How Does Costco’s iPad Return Policy Compare?

If you’re thinking of purchasing an iPad from somewhere other than Costco, it’s probably worth looking to see how other stores’ returns policies measure up.

Here is what we found:

StoreReturns Policy
Target15 days
Amazon30 days
Walmart30 days
BestBuy 15 days
Apple Store14 days

Final Thoughts

Costco’s returns policy for iPads is pretty much unbeatable and a lot more generous than most, if not all, other stores.

Together with free returns, flexible application of the returns policy, and the full range of iPads on sale, Costco is the ideal place to purchase your next iPad.

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