Costco Bike Return Policy Explained (inc bike equipment/scooters)


Costco is one of the most popular retailers in the USA and sells pretty much anything you could ever want to buy.

They even stock a range of bikes including children’s bikes, bikes for adults, electric bikes, and even exercise bikes.

If you’ve purchased a bike from Costco, whether that be online or at one of Costco’s many warehouses, and you want to make a return then you’ll want to consider Costco’s returns policy to make sure you don’t miss any limited window.

To help you with that, we’ve covered below what the returns window is, how to return your bike to Costco, whether you need a receipt, and have even provided a competitor comparison.

We’ve also looked at what the returns policy is for scooters and biking accessories such as helmets, gloves, and stabilizers.

What is Costco’s Bike Returns Policy? The Short Answer

In short, Costco’s returns policy for bikes and biking accessories is you can return your items to them at any time for a full refund or exchange as part of their 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

This means you can return your bikes and accessories at any time:

  • If you’ve ordered by mistake
  • The item(s) are defective or in disrepair
  • If the size is incorrect
  • If you’re not satisfied with the product
  • If it’s an unwanted gift

However, it’s important not to make very regular returns which can start to look suspicious and result in your account being flagged and even canceled.

Costco Returns Policy for Electric Bikes and Scooters?

Costco’s returns window is reduced to 90 days for many electrical appliances like laptops and TVs which some people would be correct to think could cover electric bikes, electric scooters, and even certain exercise bikes that have electronic functions.

However, having examined Costco’s policy, there is no mention of these items and therefore Costco should still maintain its 100% satisfaction guarantee policy with these products.

However, if you’re in doubt we’d suggest logging into your Costco online account and speaking to a member of staff using the online chat function.

How to Return a Bike to Costco?

You can either return your bike to Costco by presenting it to the front desk at any of their warehouses with your membership card, or you can return it using the online process.

To make a return online do this:

  • Log on to your Costco online account
  • Choose Orders and Returns
  • Complete the required requests
  • Print the pre-paid labels or schedule a pick up which you should be eligible for in the case of a large item like a bike

Costco provides free returns delivery for your bike and there is no re-stocking fee.

Can I Return a Bike Without a Receipt?

Returning your bike to Costco should be fine without a receipt as they can trace your sale through your membership.

If you ordered online and aren’t a member you will have been sent an invoice to your email registered with your online account.

Failing this, we’d recommend taking along the credit or debit card you paid on to your local Costco with the product you’re returning and they should be able to trace the sale.

Can I Return a Damaged or Used Bike to Costco?

damaged bike

Costco will accept the return of a used bike without issue, even if you’ve had it for some time and it’s seen some wear and tear.

This includes a damaged bike. For example, if it’s developed a fault or was defective in the first place but this is unlikely to include products that you have clearly misused – for example by modifying them or changing them in some dramatic way.

Costco’s 100% guarantee does not give you carte blanche to abuse the system whereby you make numerous and repeated returns.

Implementation of the policy is at the discretion of the manager of the warehouse where you make your return.

There are plenty of examples where membership cards have been revoked due to people returning too many items. Costco does track this within their system and will flag your account if they suspect you are abusing their policy.

However, if you’re only making the odd return, you should be fine even if the bike has been used.

What is Costco’s Returns Policy for Bike Helmets, Lights, Gloves, and Other Accessories?

Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee policy covers not only bikes but all biking accessories too including:

  • Bike helmets
  • Bike gloves
  • Stabilizers
  • Biking lights
  • Bike chains and padlocks

You can follow the same process as above to make your return, although for smaller items like these you will probably need to drop the item at the drop-off point as pick-up is reserved for larger items only.

The 100% satisfaction guarantee policy also covers exercise bikes and electric bikes.

How Does Costco’s Bike Return Policy Compare vs Competitors

CompetitorReturns Policy
Walmart90 days
Target90 days
Amazon30 days
Eriks 30 days

As you’ll note, Costco’s returns policy is far and away the best but that is to be expected given that it’s unlimited (subject to what we’ve said above).

However, Costco stocks a limited number of options and you’re unlikely to find top-end bikes in stock at your local Costco warehouse or even at

If you’re looking for the best online bike retailer with thousands of bikes to choose from, look no further than Eriks Bike Shop which stocks a more wider selection.

Final Thoughts

Costco provides an extremely generous 100% satisfaction guarantee policy on all its bikes, accessories, scooters, and even exercise bikes.

It’s a shame they don’t have a huge selection to choose from as their returns policy really is unbeatable.

However, if you’re just looking for a basic bike, Costco will probably be able to cater to your needs.

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