9 Legit Ways to Get Free Money Mailed to Me

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Like the idea of free money?

Who doesn’t?

It’s probably not wrong to say nothing in this life is totally free but there are certainly a few things to do that will get you pretty close!

If you’re looking for legitimate ways to get free money or even just easy ways to make extra cash then this post will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Whether you’re looking for extra dollars to pay off debts or just have a particularly expensive month ahead, hopefully a few of these ideas will bring in some extra doe without too much hard work.

So without further delay, let’s look at some awesome legit methods of getting free money!

Sign Up to Free Survey Sites

Genuine survey sites are an easy and completely free way to earn some extra cash for the month.

You aren’t going to become a millionaire from taking surveys but there’s not many easier ways to make cash than completing free surveys!

Expect to earn about $10 an hour on average, although some survey sites do occasionally provide opportunities for focus groups (i.e. surveys/market research in person/over the phone) that can pay up to $150.

Focus groups are essentially where a bunch of people are brought together to provide data for market research purposes. They are a lot more lucrative than even the best highest paid surveys but opportunities are fewer!

My favourite free survey sites are as follows:-

  • Survey Junkie – Completely free with average earning around $10 an hour but they do provide focus groups (i.e. surveys in person/over the phone) where you can expect on average around $75 if you’re able to get on them (although this is difficult);
  • My Points – Again, completely free. Expect to earn a few dollars per survey. You can also do other things like play games or watch videos for cash;
  • SwagBucks – These offer a free $5 bonus and plenty of opportunities to make money. In addition to surveys you can make cash browsing the web, playing games, testing products and watching videos.

Use the Trim App

The Trim App is like a savvy saver’s best friend. It’s like having your own mini finance PA that is constantly trying to save you money.

I absolutely love Trim and class it as one of the greatest money saving apps I’ve used.

Essentially Trim negotiates your bills for you on your behalf by analysing what you are spending.

The average Trim user saves $276 per year on bills so it’s an awesome way of getting money you weren’t expecting.

Using apps like this are a great way to build up small financial wins that add up to a lot more in the long run!

Download the Dosh App

Dosh is another legitimate money making/saving app to get money back that you weren’t expecting.

Essentially Dosh is a cashback app.

You install it on your phone and link your debit or credit card to it. Then when you purchase various items at participating stores with that linked debit/credit card, you can then secure cashback which is rewarded to your Dosh app for withdrawal.

You even get a free $5 sign up bonus.

Unfortunately Dosh is only available in the US but there are plans to expand to other regions in the future.

Flip Goods

One of the most inventive ways to make free money is to flip items for a profit.

You obviously do have to buy the items first before you sell them but there are ways of guaranteeing a profit before you buy the thing you’re selling.

For example, I used to buy computer parts on a geeky PC forum and sell them on ebay before I’d actually finalised the purchase on the forum.

You can buy products to sell on for a profit in numerous different places:-

  • Garage sales;
  • Closing down sales;
  • Antique shops;
  • Ebay;
  • Amazon;
  • Craigs List
  • Facebook market place
  • Poshmark (for clothes)

I whole heartedly suggest checking out Rob and Melissa’s course “Flea Market Flipper” which shows you how to flip goods like pros.

They make over $100k per year doing this, which originally started out as a side hustle.

?Want to make up to $300 extra each month? Check out these free websites!
Join Survey Junkie: Expect to earn on average around $10 an hour. However, their focus groups (i.e. surveys in person or over the phone) do pay on average around $75 when available and are subject to your location – I earned $300 one month with them – 5⭐ rating on TrustPilot!
? Get a free Survey Junkie registration bonus when you sign up
Join SwagBucks: The second best survey company. Make money completing surveys, watching videos and playing games – up to $10 per hour – $5 bonus and tons of ways of making cash!
Join MyPoints: Again, make money completing surveys, watching videos and playing games – up to $10 per hour.


This one of my favourite free money making apps out there.

You simply download the app and connect it to your email accounts.

Whenever you purchase something from qualifying stores and then the price of the product you bought drops, this app secures you a refund for the difference.

Pretty cool!

I love it because it’s completely free and there’s nothing better than surprise cash hitting your bank account each month.

(Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links provided.)

Smart App

Smart app is a cool money making app that pays you free money to gather data about how you use your mobile phone.

Simply complete a survey, install the app on your devices and then you can earn $5 for every 30 days your devices stay connected.

You can also make money by taking surveys they provide.

Not a bad way to earn some extra cash.

Change Your Bank Account

This is definitely one of the most foolproof and straight forward ways of earning free cash.

I did this two years ago here in the UK and secured the equivalent of $150 for simply moving my money into a different bank account. The easiest money I have ever earned.

For example, if you’re in the US if you open up a bank checking account with “Chase” you can earn $200 or up to $350 if you open up a checking and savings account at the same time.

There are tons of banks offering this type of enticement!

You will usually need to transfer and maintain a certain amount of money in the account for a qualifying period but there are few easier ways to get fast free money than doing this.

Rent Out a Room

Got a spare room that you don’t ever use?

Perhaps you even have a spare home such as a holiday home.

If so, Air BNB allows you to rent that room or home out in a hassle free fashion so you can make profitable use out of space you don’t even use.

People who stay in Air BNB properties spend on average 5.5 days there and the average income of an Air BNB host is $924 a month. Obviously if your property is worth more, you can charge more.

But just think – if you earn $924 a month, that’s probably most of your mortgage paid off just by renting out one room!

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is a very reputable and easy to use reward site.

You can make cash by doing surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading emails and cashing in coupons.

It’s completely free to use and very easy to make money with. You aren’t going to make thousands but it’s quite easy to rack up $50 or so every month by using them!

They even offer a $5 signing up bonus at the time of writing this so you can just redeem that and forget about them if you don’t fancy doing any of the tasks.


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