13 Creative Ways to Make $100 in a day: How to make quick money in one day

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Making my first $100 online was a bit of eureka moment for me. I remember thinking to myself that even if didn’t have a job to go to, the internet would always be there to provide that safety cushion if things got desperate.

I made my first $100 flipping computer hardware on a geeky computer parts forum.

I simply bought a graphics card for $150 and sold it on ebay for $200, making a mind blowing (to me at the time at least) $50 profit.

Hardly retirement level cash but it always struck a chord with me how easy it was to do. I did the same the day after and a few times after that until it got harder with “feebay’s” ridiculous charges.

From then on though, I knew I could make money fast and sometimes with a lot less effort than I was expending at my part time job.

I then went through a phase of doing surveys on sites like Survey Junkie. Although surveys can be tedious, if you do the right ones, they can be fun and pretty effortless.

The best thing was, I was just doing a few hours a night whilst watching TV and could bring in a comfortable $200 a month. That was like 50% on my part time student job wage at the time!

If you’ve only ever worked in employment, you’ll be surprised at the extra gratification you get from making money through side hustles.

You see, making money yourself outside your employment just feels so much more satisfying as you know it’s been your effort and your effort alone that has boosted your income.

In employment, you’re ultimately only earning because of someone else’s initial hard work which takes the buzz out of making money – for me at least!

Side hustles often require a bit of intuition but when you get it right and make money, there’s no better feeling!

If you have your heart set on making $100 from home, then my advice is to either focus on 4 or 5 easy tasks like surveys and build up your income in small pieces, or dedicate time to a more difficult, but ultimately more fruitful venture, like blogging.

So let’s have a look at a few ideas so you can make $100 today

Join Survey Junkie

Surveys are a great way of boosting your side income if you haven’t got much time to waste and want something care free and easy!

Doing surveys is all about joining up to the right survey sites so you can exchange your time for cash in the most profitable and effective way possible.

💡 Top Tip: Survey sites don’t always give you the best surveys everyday so you’re best to signing up to at least 5 quality sites so you can maximise your side income!

Here’s 5 of the best survey sites to have a look at:-

Survey Junkie : Expect to earn around $10 an hour as a guide but if you can get on focus groups they pay on average around $75, but they are normally in person or over the phone and it will depend on your location as to whether they are available for you.

Survery Junkie is easily my favourite survey site and they even pay by PayPal so it’s extremely easy to get your money out.

Survey Junkie pay by Paypal for easy use!
The best online surveys for money
Survey Junkie has an awesome 4.8* rating on TrustPilot

Other notable survey site mentions are:-

Vindale Research : Advertised as up to $50 per survey

Inbox Dollars  : $5 just for signing up (US residents)

Survey2Cash : Earn up to $50 on your first survey

Pinecone Research : Earn around $5 per quick survey 

Pick up and do Side Gigs

Did you know you can pick up side gigs that pay around $22 per hour to do pretty menial tasks for people.

Companies like TaskRabbit put you in touch with people who want small errants running like picking up laundry, shopping, assembling furniture or delivery jobs.

Here’s some examples with the rates of pay you might expect!

Review Music for Cash

If you love music, you will love this side hustle. There are now quite a few websites that pay you to review music!

Check out Slice the Pie which allows you to review tracks whilst listening to them. You get paid depending on the quality of your review.

You’re not going to earn millions doing this, probably a couple of dollars and hour but if you like music, it’s an ideal side hustle.

Start a Blog and Make up to $100k+ per month

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

It is but it’s absolutely true that you can make this sort of money if you work hard at blogging.

The cost to potential benefit ratio is amazing. Just look at what some of these bloggers are earning:-

  • Ryan Robinson at RyRob.com – $50k+ a month
  • John Morrow at SmartBlogger – $100k+ a month
  • Michelle at Making Sense of Cents – $100k+ a month
  • Alex and Lauren at Create and Go/Avocadu – $100k+ a month
  • Tim Sykes at TimothySykes.com – $1m+ a month

Starting a blog is so easy to do now and you can usually start making money from it within a few months!

Within a few months of starting this blog, I was making a few dollars a day from affiliate marketing, and I make a lot more now.

Bear in mind, I did that with zero experience of how to start a blog and just learnt as I went along, mainly from other bloggers in my niche!

Yes, it takes more effort than completing surveys for example but it’s a lot more passive once you have your blog up and running and are driving regular traffic to it.

The best thing is that it is cheap to do. A lot cheaper than other businesses!

All you really need to pay for is your hosting to host the blog and you can get up and running!

There are additional expenses later down the line but you don’t have to spend the earth to start making money.

Blogging is such a fantastic way to make money:-

  • You are your own boss and can commit as much time as you like;
  • A lot of the money you’ll earn is often passive once you’ve done the initial hard work;
  • Blogging gives you the flexibility to do other things in your life and effectively enables you to choose your hours of works;
  • Overheads are generally fairly low compared to other businesses;
  • Blogging is good fun and you’ll meet awesome people!

You can start a blog with BlueHost for the low price of only $3.95 per month with this special link. I have used BlueHost and a few other hosts in the past and have always found BlueHost to be fast, reliable and reasonably priced.

Take Part in Research Groups

One such company providing this service is Respondent.

Basically you sign up to their panel, provide some basic details about your location and profession and you are then provided with a list of studies to join.

This can involve completing surveys, being interviewed about a topic or simply just providing your opinion. They pay up to $350 for your participation too!

For some of the studies you do need to have specialist knowledge in that area but others anyone can join!

Get Cash Back on Common Purchases

Ibotta is great way to save money and get cashback on common items you buy everyday. It allows you to secure cash back and earn points when you buy things you are going to buy anyway.

You can even send you receipts to the app when you’ve finished shopping to get your cash back and rewards then.

When you’ve reached $20 it gives you the opportunity to withdraw via paypal or to redeem for gift cards.

Ibotta is currently giving away a $20 cash back bonus when you redeem 10 offers!

Perfect for the savvy saver!

Similar to Ibotta above, ebates (now Rakuten) also allows you to secure cash back up to 40% on items you purchase.

It can be used at over 2500 online retailers so you’ll have plenty of products to choose from.

The best thing is that they’re giving away a $10 welcome bonus in cash currently!

You get paid via paypal or by cheque to make it easy to cash out your returns.

They also have a handy browser extension which basically alerts you when there’s an applicable product on the website you’re surfing!

You can get the extension here


Walk Other People’s Dogs

This is a great side gig if you love animals and want to get a bit of exercise thrown in for your efforts.

There are now a few online services which hook you up with pooch owners so you can take their animals for a spin.

Saying that, my favourite app is Wag!

Wag basically hooks you up with nearby dog owners and when a dog owner registered on the app needs a walker, you get a notification which tells you how far the dog is away from you and directions to the owner’s house.

You can earn around $20 an hour for walking someone’s dog, which is quite good money for just an hour of your time!

Work as a Proofreader

Proofreaders analyse text for grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other written errors. Your job will be to note and correct those errors when identified.

You’ll be look through documents like legal transcripts, websites, contracts and even novels.

You will need to complete some training to become proficient but most of the time no university degree is required, although it can be beneficial to have one.

You’ll learn many great skills:-

  • You’ll learn to develop a keen eye for detail and an analytic approach to work;
  • You’ll improve your written English skills and develop a better understanding of punctuation, grammar, syntax and vocabulary;
  • You’ll learn how to work independently.

You can work on a freelance basis so you’ll be able to choose the hours you want to commit to – perfect for students or stay at home mums.

The salary is excellent too for a work from home job:-

How to earn money from home as a proofreader

Proofreading guru, Caitlin Pyle, has made a career out of proof reading court transcript documents, making 5 figures from the comfort of her own home.

She’s put together a free course that you can enrol in so you can learn how to become a professional proofreader.

How to become a Proofreader

Work is easy to find for a proofreader too. Check out these websites to get a feel for the amount of work out there for proofreaders:-

How I made $3500 on Facebook with affiliate marketing

In around 2015, I started affiliate marketing on the only platform I had available to me at the time – Facebook. I didn’t have a blog back then.

Even so, I still managed to make around $3500 just by using Facebook!

Better still, I only posted on my Facebook wall around 20 times to do this. That’s the power of affiliate marketing!

I have written a full post about exactly how I did it.

Drive People Around for Cash

If you’ve got a car and a driving licence, why not drive people around for extra cash.

You’ll have probably heard and even ridden in cabs provided by both these companies – Uber and Lyft.

They both operate in similar ways and it couldn’t be easier to get started.

You basically join as driver, pass a background check, download the app on your smart phone and start driving ( you’ll need to be at least 21 years of age to do this).

Uber advertise that you can earn around $25 an hour and Lyft say up to $35 an hour.

However, it’s probably more like around $18 per hour after expenses.

Test Websites

Did you know you can supplement your income by testing websites. Pretty amazing!

Companies pay people like you to simply browse around on websites, complete a few forms and then provide feedback afterwards.

They pay handsomely too!

The company UserTesting will pay you $10 per test and you only need to commit around 10 – 20 minutes of your time. That’s an awesome $30 an hour for little more than browsing the net, which I am sure you do plenty of anyway.

There are companies out there who are willing to pay you for your insight and experience of using products, services or your knowledge of a particular topic.

UserTesting comes well recommended!

Teach English to Foreign School Kids

You can now use the internet to teach children, mainly in Asia, how to speak English over Skype.

VIP Kid offers this is exact service. You will need to be eligble to work in the USA or Canada, but once you are set up, you can earn money with just a laptop and a webcam.

The best thing is you can do as much or as little as you like and earn up to $22 per hour plus referrals for your trouble.

Rent Out Your Car

If you’ve got a spare ride or perhaps you don’t use your vehicle all the time and can go a few days without it, then why not rent it out to people for cash.

The website Turo lets you rent out your vehicle at a rental rate of your choice.

Simply register on the Turo’s website and start offering out your car to someone for money. You even get $20m of motor liability insurance


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