10 Awesome Apps to Explode your Side Income

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Sometimes you just want to make money quickly and with hardly any hassle.

A lot of ways to make money online take time and dedication and are pretty much out of the question for people working full time or when there’s a few screaming children running around the house!

The good news is that there’s now quite a few apps out there that you can use to boost your monthly income without having to commit hours of your time!

I’ve found that by just spending an hour or so a day on these apps can make a genuine and noticeable difference to your monthly budget.

Imagine if you could just forget about one of your sizeable utility bills or your weekly food bill by just spending an hour or so a day making money on the side.

Without further ado let’s take a look at some of these apps to help ease your financial struggles!

Survey Junkie

I bang on about Survey Junkie all the time, but for good reason. They really are the best survey site available in my view.

They also have an awesome app that you can use so you don’t have to spend time sitting at a computer. Just firstly sign up below and then download the app on your phone using your login details!

You can earn up to $18 an hour with them and I’ve even heard of people earning up to $75 for just one survey when done as a focus group (i.e. in person or over the phone) – that is insane!

Their surveys are so easy to do as well and you can do them sat watching TV or even in bed!

There are plenty of people on their TrustPilot page who have earned $50 in a week with them. That’s $200 a month for very little effort!

No wonder they have a really high rating on TrustPilot:-

Survey Junkie score 4.8/5 on TrustPilot – MEGA!

Nielsen App

Why not make easy cash by installing money making apps on your phone like the Nielsen app.

There doesn’t get more passive than this app.

Basically the app just tracks your internet activity so Nielsen can monitor it for internet trend research.

It’s completely anonymous, secure and your personal details are kept separate from any registration you have to complete to join!

Simply download the Nielsen app onto your mobile and they’ll send you $50 a year.

That’s for each device too!

Does it get any easier?

You also get into a prize draw with prizes up to $10k – Bonus!


Swagbucks is a great company to work with.

Their website is awesomely designed and very sleek. A real pleasure to navigate.

They work on a points system whereby you earn points for each survey you complete.

To mix it up a little, they also allow you to earn points by watching videos, playing quizzes and playing games.

Not so mind numbing after all?

You can also redeem your points for things like gift cards and Amazon vouchers.

You get a free bonus usually of $5 when you sign up but I’ve seen they’ve actually increased that to $10 for a limited time.

They have an excellent rating on TrustPilot so you know you can trust them. Here’s what one user had to say.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone research is a great app to use.

Simply sign up and they will send you surveys and sometimes products to review which is an awesome way to get new products to test before they hit the shelves.

The good thing is, you can make good money with them unlike some product review/survey sites. Here’s one testimonial:-

“It does take a little time to learn how to navigate PineCone research and make money but the experience is great. I managed to make $350 last month.”

Pinecone Research User

$350 from one survey company is awesome! If you match what this guy did and join some more of my recommendations, you could be making $500+ a month quite easily!

Here’s what another person had to say about Pine Cone!


Ibotta ia great app to use when you go shopping. It allows you to secure cash back and earn points when you buy things you are going to buy anyway.

You can even send you receipts to the app when you’ve finished shopping to get your cash back and rewards then.

When you’ve reached $20 it gives you the opportunity to withdraw via paypal or to redeem for gift cards.

Ibotta is currently giving away a $20 cash back bonus when you redeem 10 offers!

Perfect for the savvy saver!


Similar to Ibotta above, ebates (now Rakuten) allows you to secure cash back up to 40% on items you purchase.

It can be used at over 2500 online retailers so you’ll have plenty of products to choose from.

The best thing is that they’re giving away a $10 welcome bonus in cash currently!

You get paid via paypal or by cheque to make it easy to cash out your returns.

They also have a handy browser extension which basically alerts you when there’s an applicable product on the website you’re surfing!

You can get the extension here

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars offers a number of ways you can make money online with their app.

You can earn by:-

  • Completing surveys
  • Surfing the web
  • Reading emails
  • Playing games
  • Reviewing Products

They are therefore a very versatile company to use meaning you’re less likely to render yourself brain dead by spending some time with them.

Their website is a joy to use and they offer a $5 sign up bonus just for entering your details.

It’s worth signing up for the sign up bonus alone!

Expect to earn about $10 per hour with Inbox Dollars!

Respondent App

Basically you sign up to their panel, provide some basic details about your location and profession and you are then provided with a list of studies to join.

This can involve completing surveys, being interviewed about a topic or simply just providing your opinion. They pay up to $350 for your participation too!

For some of the studies you do need to have specialist knowledge in that area but others anyone can join!

? Before you continue you must check out these amazing Quick Money Spinners to make $1000+ per month or up to $100 per day
Survey Sites:
Survey Junkie: Up to $75 per survey – by far the best survey company I’ve used – 5⭐ rating on TrustPilot!!!
SwagBucks: The second best survey company – $5 bonus and tons of ways of making cash
Vindale Research: Up to $50 per survey
Inbox Dollars/Pounds: $5 just for signing up
Survey2Cash: Earn up to $50 on your first survey
Pinecone Research: Earn around $5 per quick survey

Nielsen Mobile App: Just install on your mobile devices and earn $50 per year, per device!

Rakuten: Earn cash back on 100’s of items. Just sign up for $10 cash back bonus!
Ebates: Earn cash back on 100’s of items! Just sign up for $10 cash back bonus!

Sweatcoin App

I absolutely love this app!

It pays you to walk. Great for those of you who are keen to get your recommended 10,000 steps a day in!

Sounds too good to be true but it’s 100% genuine.

Simply add the app to your phone and it tracks the steps you take in a day and rewards you points which you can then redeem for special offers they have.

Approximately 5000 steps gets you 5 sweat coins which you can then redeem for various low value gifts, which change each day.

However, there are much bigger gifts you can redeem like iphones and Samsung TV’s. Obviously it will take you a lot longer to get there but the great thing is, you can pool your points with your friends so you can unlock these offers much quicker.

Vindale Research

Another fantastic app is Vindale Research.

You earn money by completing surveys and panels. The “panels” are basically third party companies that Vindale refers you to and you complete surveys for them instead.

A lot of “panels” provide opportunities to enter into prize draws which you are automatically entered into.

They do advertise that you can earn $75 per survey which are usually for products for you to review, which you can keep after!

Generally the more complicated the survey, the more you earn.

Their payments are usually higher than a lot of other survey companies so they’re definitely one to consider.

You generally earn around $1 to $2 for surveys that take around 5-10 minutes to finish.

Another bonus is that you get the cash rather than points so you know exactly where you are.

They also offer different ways of making money so you aren’t confined to battling your way through surveys alone and can find other more enjoyable ways to make extra cash.


I often supplement my side income with surveys and even earned $500 in one month last Xmas!

Surveys are a great way of boosting your side income if you haven’t got much time to waste and want something care free and easy!

Doing surveys is all about joining up to the right survey sites so you can exchange your time for cash in the most profitable and effective way possible.

? Top Tip: Survey sites don’t always give you the best surveys everyday so you’re best to signing up to at least 5 quality sites so you can maximise your side income!

Here’s my favourite survey site!

Survey Junkie

The best online surveys for money
Survey Junkie has an awesome 4.8* rating on TrustPilot


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