10 Ways to Make Money When Stuck at Home

We’re all perhaps feeling a bit fed up at the minute and perhaps even a tad bored.

If you’re bored then why not fill up your time by making some extra money at home!

The internet is a lifesaver at times like this because you can still make cash online even without having to leave your sofa.

If you’re strapped for ideas to make a bit of cash then hopefully this post will get a few cogs turning!

Let’s take a look and make some extra cash whilst staying safe!

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Survey Junkie

survey junkie

Taking surveys is a tried and tested way to make a bit of extra cash on the side!

They’re accessible, easy and don’t take up too much time!

You’re not going to become a millionaire taking surveys but it’s realistic to expect a few hundred bucks extra a month if you commit time to the best ones.

Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites out there with a 5* rating on TrustPilot so they’re always my go to site when I want to make a few extra dollars.

Expect to earn around $10 per hour, so not bad for answering a few easy questions.

Sign up with my special link and you’ll even get a few extra points to get you started, which you can then convert to cash when you’ve completed a few easy surveys.

The best thing of all, Survey Junkie is completely free and pays by PayPal.

Do Research

There are tons of companies out there looking for you to test their products.

This can be done over the phone, over skype and even in person (although perhaps not at present).

You might be asked to complete surveys, answer questions and even test products. These can be for all manner of topics such as consumer goods, health, politics and even media like movies, games and magazines.

Expect to earn up to around $300 if you manage to get selected for these focus groups.

Here’s a few companies that offer focus group opportunities:-

Play Games and Watch TV

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it but with websites like Swagbucks and MyPoints they will actually pay you a small amount to do this, along with other micro tasks like surveys.

It’s absolutely free and one of the most enjoyable ways to make money when you’re bored out of your mind!

Swagbucks and MyPoints allow you to cash out the points you earn into vouchers as well as PayPal cash.

You even get a $5 bonus when you join Swagbucks for free.

Use Money Making Apps

Smart App is money making app that pays you to gather data about your internet use on your cell phone.

It’s super easy to use. Just follow these steps:-


Want to get paid to test websites and games? Check out Userlytics.

Simply sign up, download a recording tool which takes down your actions and audio as you do the tests. You then provide feedback as you proceed through the tasks.

Each test takes up to around 50 minutes and you can earn up to $90 for each test.

You can do this on desktop or mobile:-


Qmee is a cool little app that attaches to your web browser and pays you small amounts of cash when you do web searches and click on links to products they are affiliated with.

Just add the app to your browser and you get paid every time you their links. You don’t even have to buy a product! You can also make money by doing surveys with them.

You can also withdraw via PayPal at any time.

You aren’t going to make a lot of cash doing this but it’s about the little wins sometimes.

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Start a Blog

This is going to take you a lot longer than the others above, but believe me it’s definitely worth it.

I started this blog about 10 months ago and within a few months I was making cash.

I work on this blog around 10 hours a week at the minute and it makes me well over $1000 a month on top of my day job.

Setting up a blog isn’t that difficult. I have no specialist blogging knowledge but still managed to make a success of it. Dedication is key.

You want to use WordPress.org for your blog, which is pretty much the industry standard. You do have to pay for hosting (i.e. somewhere for your blog to live) but WordPress.org is free to use.

You can get blog hosting for as little at $3.95 per month with my special link here with BlueHost. I set my blog up with them and have had no issues with them whatsoever, although I have now moved onto a local, but more expensive provider.

BlueHost are great for beginners.

Check out my 5000 word guide here which will tell you all you need to do know about starting blogging!

Do Crowd Tasks

Crowd tasks are where companies use the power of a lot people on the internet to get jobs done.

This might be things like product testing, completing surveys, translating, data entry, form filling and search engine work. When you’ve completed the task, you’ll be paid a fee direct into your Paypal account.

Check out:-

Sell Your Stuff

When you’re stuck at home it’s a great time to declutter and get rid of old stuff that’s being hoarded around your home.

I made over $500 just getting rid of crap I don’t need last year.

Sites like Declutter and Ebay are perfect to make some cash on the side and free up some space.


10 ways to make money when stuck at home

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